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After the Raid

The Dungeon Club was raided by the police during an all-nighter on Sunday March 12th 1967 at 1.45 a.m. The club had been losing some of its clientele prior to this and so was redecorated and relaunched as ‘The New Dungeon’. 950 more words


Bloody Mary Brief Part I: The history of the ultimate mid-morning beverage!

Ah, the Bloody Mary. No cocktail is so quintessentially mid-morning—what with its bevy of veggies and tomato juice, it’s practically a healthy option in the way of brunch beverages! 433 more words

Boules Blitz 2017 Dinner Cork International Airport Hotel

Olivier Chedhomme, Trish Murray, Kate Chedhomme

Catherine Powell Berz

Peter Powell Berz

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Boules Blitz 2017

TheThe 25th Anniversary of Frankfield Pétanques Boules Blitz took place on 26 & 27 August. With participants from North Down, Dublin, Waterford, Kinsale, Kent, Bath, Isle of Wight, French players living in Cork, we had an eclectic mix of personalities, accents and cultures at this renowned event in the Pétanque calendar. 230 more words


Club Barbecue 3/9/2017

Sheila Broderick, Helen Callahan, Mary Ruff, Catherine Powell Berz, Peter Powell Berz

Chairman Patrick Ruff


Mock Blue Plaque

Call for Recognition

The Dungeon Club in Nottingham was open in the 1960s, a place to showcase the emerging soul, Motown, jazz and r&b music and the many bands and artists playing in the country as well as those visiting from the States. 2,538 more words

Dungeon Club

WWE Raw Review 8.28.17 – with Heather

ONE WEEK REMOVED from a lackluster Raw following what I thought was a pretty good Summerslam WE ARE IN MEMPHIS and so so is Jerry Lawler while Booker T deals with the Hurricane situation at home (we’re with ya, Houston!).  1,953 more words

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