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‘Electronica’ is the first single to be taken from The Code’s upcoming project .  In a new format that we think will be the source of a lot of fantastic new music to come, the track was premiered via Soulection’s new radio show on Beats 1.   105 more words

New Music

Below is a little snippet of an exception-handling article published by Microsoft in 1997. The syntax on this…is like “WTF”.

Check it out:

 ;     struct _EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION *prev;
 ;     void (*handler)(PEXCEPTION_RECORD,
 ;                     PEXCEPTION_REGISTRATION,
 ;                     PCONTEXT,
 ;                     PEXCEPTION_RECORD);
 ;     struct scopetable_entry *scopetable;
 ;     int trylevel;
 ;     int _ebp;
 ;     PEXCEPTION_POINTERS xpointers;
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C++ Bank Program

Just dug this console prog up from the bowels last fall. It’s a C++ bank program with some basic withdraw, deposit, and balance functions. I needed part of the code for another application I’m currently working on. 382 more words


Demo Series: Strings in C

C-Type strings are a fascinating beast. Continuing trends from my previous post, I’m following along with the Book on C to show the innards of a string (really just a char array) and as such, manipulating the string and treating it numerically (which C also does). 101 more words


Demo Series: Running Totals

Below is a C program I’m rewriting from a book called “A Book on C” by Kelley and Pohl. It is a relatively simple program that keeps a running total and average of a series of numbers. 142 more words


The Code

The Code

Have you dabbled in numerology, but found that the numbers never add up right? Are you enamored of feng shui, but find its overgeneralized process coupled with its rigid application and innumerable fixes to be indecipherable? 37 more words