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Ikshu and his machine gun

To celebrate his new year Ikshu went to play “beyond to beyond” (abbreviated as BOB) with his friends.

BOB can be described as follows : 364 more words

Anubhav Sachan


YouTube series “The Code.”  The Creator/ Producer:  Thalia Rivera. Topic for “The Code:” “What is your number?”  Would your ever reveal your true number of sex partners in your past? 6 more words
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The Demo Series: Console I/O, Errors, and Exception Handling

This week I’m covering exception handling when it comes to user errors, specifically with console input. I’ll be using a Scanner class object to read in an int and will implement a try-catch-finally block to handle exceptions, and print a nicer message out to the console instead of the typical stack trace. 408 more words



Everything is in Time

As everything is on Time.

Time changes everything,

And Time waits for no one.


Regulation and public protection by @JackieSmith_nmc

Regulation and public protection

The regulation of nurses and midwives has never had a greater profile. Countless high profile inquiries and investigations have changed the landscape forever.  

541 more words

The Demo Series: File IO

In this series I’ll be talking about and showing off demo programs I’ve written in Java.

For today’s post, I’ll be covering some source code that deals with the File class in Java. 315 more words