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Corporate Lawyers: Best Friend To Stephen Colbert Fans?

The 2016 political conventions will be remembered by Stephen Colbert fans as the time he emerged, if briefly, from his Celebrity-Suck-Up-Interviewing-At-CBS period, and got back to doing that which he does best: thumbing his nose at authority. 613 more words

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Viacom Wishes the Real Stephen Colbert Would Leave the Old Stephen Colbert Alone

Like any late-night host, Stephen Colbert has always been something of a character. Now his former employer wants to know which one it’s going to be. 738 more words


Stephen Colbert Introduces Identical Twin Cousin of Colbert Report Persona

Stephen Colbert faced legal woes following the return of his Colbert Report persona on the July 18 edition of The Late Show. As a result, the CBS funnyman retired the character on Wednesday, and in his place introduced his identical twin… 285 more words


The Real Stephen Colbert Came Back; Will It Last

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we got to see the classic Stephen Colbert who portrayed a character on the classic Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.   128 more words

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Stephen Colbert Revives 'Colbert Report' Host, Joins Jon Stewart On RNC Night 1

UPDATE with video: Late Show Stephen Colbert brought back his sorely missed Colbert Report character to kick off Late Show‘s first live show of the RNC. 381 more words


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