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Stephen Colbert Officially Puts Donald Trump On Notice For Stealing His 'On Notice' Bit

Yesterday morning Donald Trump tweeted out that he was putting Iran “ON NOTICE” for firing a ballistic missile, noting that they should have been thankful for the “terrible deal” the United States made with them — one of many tweets Trump lobbed at the middle eastern country this week. 192 more words


Yes, Throw the Celebrity Clowns Away

Regular readers will know that one of the most unfair and purist things I do on this blog is to quote people like John Oliver… 2,087 more words


Stephen Colbert Worried He Couldn't Maintain His 'Colbert Report' Character 'Without Hurting Someone'

While CBS turns its Tuesday night programming over to its news team for election night coverage, Late Show host Stephen Colbert will report on and ridicule the results… 408 more words


How to force a celebrity to talk to you

So you want to write a profile of your favorite celebrity? Good for you, there’s nothing easier! All you need to do is get the star to agree to do an interview with you, ask them some questions, and write something fawning and opaque. 804 more words


Stephen Colbert Gives A Friendly Reminder About An Offer He Made Trump On 'The Colbert Report'

Monday was the night of lava-hot reactions to Donald Trump’s infomercial from Friday that included his “major” revelation on birtherism. If there was a topic that was going to set people off, it seems that the long-running rumors about President Obama’s birth would be the issue. 204 more words