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"Truthinews!" Telling ourselves what we want to hear and when we want to hear it.

By Nathan Parker

September 19th, 2017

Watch the video here.

In a 2013 piece called “The Word” on Steven Colbert’s The Colbert Report, Steven discusses the inadequacies of news networks by relying on their audience to relay to the news networks, what they want to hear and when they want to hear it.   482 more words

Comedy; It's No Laughing Matter

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about script ideas when I mentioned I was working on a romantic comedy. The response I got was pretty much “why don’t you aim higher?”. 956 more words


The Colbert Report: Evan Osnos & Cashmere


Evan Osnos discusses many of the externalities that arise from the increased production of Cashmere in China over the past decade. Osnos explains that cashmere goats in China have sharp hooves that tear up the landscape and create dust, which then travels to the United States and reduces air quality, particularly along the west coast. 56 more words


Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye To Bill O'Reilly By Bringing Back His Alter Ego, Stephen Colbert

In case you hadn’t heard, Bill O’Reilly is having a hell of a bad week. After decades of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, Fox News… 314 more words

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Stephen Colbert Channeled 'The Colbert Report' To Address Bill O'Reilly's Latest Scandal

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, fearful of anything remotely related to the news of the world, then you probably know all about Bill O’Reilly’s latest scandal… 513 more words

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'Daily Show' Correspondent Jordan Klepper Is Getting His Own Show

Fresh off the news of Comedy Central’s strange, Daily Show-hacking new talk show The President Show, the cable channel announced its popular news program would be getting a new spin-off. 327 more words

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