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Why Americans Believe that Bombing Hiroshima was Necessary

Gary G. Kohls, MD


An estimated 80,000 innocent civilians, plus 20,000 weaponless young Japanese conscripts died instantly in the Hiroshima bombing raid. Hundreds of thousands more suffered slow deaths and disabilities from agonizing burns, radiation sickness, leukemia, anemia, thrombocytopenia and untreatable infections.

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The Incredible Hulke

Currently in its 36th year and just a few months shy of its 500th issue, Doctor Who Magazine is a remarkable publication, often carrying journalism of the highest calibre – but every now and then, it runs something quite exceptional. 217 more words

Throwback Thursday-Blast From The Past (1999)

The Cold War was a scary time in The United States. Americans genuinely believed that the Soviet Union were at any moment aiming nuclear rockets, ready to kill millions. 213 more words


The Guilded Cage

The Guild-ed Cage.

Detention Facility at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand

“You’re kidding!” I had been told by this New Zealand immigration officer that I was refused entry and had to be flown back on the first available plane. 1,863 more words


Get To Know Your Nukes - It's Fun And Easy With The 2013 Monogram USA/USSR Missile Set

They’re out-of-sight and out-of-mind these days but they’re still ready to do business when called. Yes, those Cold War classics, the U.S.A./U.S.S.R. nuclear missile collections, are still as relevant today as they were in the 20th century. 503 more words

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10 Strange And Obscure Incidents From The Cold War

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The Cold War was a period of distrust and hatred between the western Allies (most notably the United States) and the members of the Eastern Bloc, specifically the Soviet Union. 2,309 more words

Berlin's Guestbook

As we drove from Schönefeld Airport to our hotel in Berlin, I was struck by how modern and industrial the city felt. The skyline and neighborhoods lacked the elegant old buildings we had grown accustom to in other parts of Europe. 297 more words