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When Politics Come to Sport: A History of Protest and Boycott at the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Politics and professional sport have forever been intertwined. Recently this has become more apparent with a number of news stories demonstrating this relationship. The American footballer Colin Kaepernick has made headlines and received a great deal of harassment for kneeling during the American national anthem at matches in protest of police violence against African Americans. 1,347 more words

20th Century



By William Bain: History Columnist


After WWII, the relationship between the eastern and western bloc deteriorated. Mainly due to ideological difference, the two superpowers began a long, drawn-out conflict that lasted almost until the end of the century. 946 more words


Vancouver Fringe Presents The Berlin Waltz At The Cultch September 8–18, 2016

So if you haven’t guessed it already, we are big fans of the Vancouver Fringe Festival and all the great talent that gets showcased during this event. 201 more words


FIVE RANDOM FIVE (Back To School Edition)

Five Embarrassing School Memories

Spit Up Milk On Teacher – 9th Grade

Mispronounced “Comfortable” When Narrating Film Strip – 1st Grade

Fly Open During Oral Report – 11th Grade… 180 more words

Five Random Five

Diana Johnstone | Hiroshima: the Crime That Keeps on Paying, But Beware the Reckoning

 Since we are all-powerful, we must be a force for good. In reality, we are neither. But we seem incapable of recognizing the limits of our “exceptionalism”.  

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Military Madness

Did Cold War Doping Ever Stop?

As the 2016 Rio Olympics draw nearer, the focus of the games is no longer on the athletes taking part to do their country proud, but the poor facilities, the Zika virus and political turmoil within Brazil. 514 more words

20th Century

The Anglosphere Revisited

by John Brian Shannon | July 29, 2016

Britain survived the 20th century despite two British-economy-wrecking wars (WWI and WWII) and the follow-up to those wars, the Cold War. 525 more words