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The Ukrainian Crisis is a beginning of Cold War. The battle for hegemony.

People all over the world are observers of what is happening in Ukraine in our day. More than 10 000 deaths, most of them were innocent people. 414 more words


You Can Murray, Love.

*Plagiarism Alert! I’ve had this post done and in the can (Some of it was done while in the can) and have been polishing it for months just waiting for the right time to drop it onto the internet like a bag of sun-warmed manure. 1,788 more words

Something you may not know about me

First of all, I am old enough to remember not only the day John Lennon died, but the day Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy was shot, and the day he died. 523 more words

Top Eight Cold War Issues

In my history class, I decided to mix things up and try something different this year when dealing with the Cold War. We decided to create a “TV Series” entitled “Cold War Episodes” in which we outlined the biggest issues and events that everyone should know about the Cold War. 236 more words

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I am reviewing the nuclear war drama Threads which is very good. I watched this on dvd and think I would recommend it. It was made in 1984 and was the first drama about nuclear war to depict a nuclear winter. 230 more words


How Great Mao Aren't

I’ve been called a lot of things reader including Baby-kins, Cuddles, Poopsie, and Chunky-Bunny. But enough about my 17┬áhours in county jail. I’ve also been called pro-Western in my posts by several readers. 1,452 more words