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Hot War to Cold War

When Foreign Minister’s Togo initially learned of the Hiroshima atomic bombing from the Domei News Agency, he believed that it was time to give up and advised the cabinet that the atomic attack provided the occasion for Japan to surrender on the basis of the Potsdam Declaration. 4,008 more words

Book Review: Farewell: The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth Century by Sergei Kostin

The book didn’t start off promising. It started in fact with a foreword written by Richard V. Allen. This name meant nothing to me, but when I approach books outside of my usual stalking grounds this tends to be the case. 669 more words

Book Review

Update on the restoration of Meteor NF.14 WS788

Graham Buckle provides an update of the project to restore Meteor NF.14 WS788. If you missed the interview back in April where Graham gives more of an introduction to the project you can… 1,635 more words


A Nuclear Coming of Age | Atomic Bombs and Pepsodent Toothpaste

History is a great teacher. Reading recent media rumbles of a return to the Cold War era with Russia took me back to my beginnings… 346 more words


Part I/July 1, 1958/Chapter 2

The California sun…

seemed to be free of its cage as Baker made the drive out to Echo Park from his studio apartment in the heart of Chinatown. 1,124 more words


The Two-Sided Coin

As mentioned in the introduction, the state of international politics is such that the United States is in a multipolar situation against four other major powers (Britain, France, Russia, and China). 420 more words

The Americas

Frozen but Alert in North Dakota

Out of sight, out of mind. Unless, the ground starts to rumble that is. The cattle won’t know what is happening, and frankly, a portion of the local community may not either. 1,140 more words

Atlas Missile