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The Korean War

With the Korean Peninsula being ever present in current media I feel it is necessary to understand some background of both North and South Korea. The Korean War is perhaps the greatest level of tension the world has experienced since World War II. 1,366 more words

20th Century

The Shape Of Water Movie Review

The story of a romance between a human female and a non human or super human male is not new to readers or audiences.  This basic narrative has been rebooted many times over in many different ways for generations. 243 more words


World War I, World War II, and The Cold War

Hey Lovelies!

This week we’re going to talk about some specific wars as stated in the title of this post. However, there is a lot… 1,849 more words

Thoughts On The Anniversary Of the Assassination of JFK

Today is the 54th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

For many, he is emblematic of his era. Charismatic, charming, handsome and well spoken, he accomplished a lot in this short three years in office.  155 more words


"Kant" Revisited: Rationality Won't Save Us

“Rationality won’t save us”, as Robert McNamara warned us in “The Fog of War”. That’s probably my favorite quote regarding the nature of warfare.

It can’t save us because it’s beholden to the irrational. 2,567 more words

Baron Viktor Gutmann: Final Comments

The above landscape is a favourite. The composition is masterful and so is the choice of colours and a remembrance of pointillism.

Today must be devoted to domestic affairs. 669 more words


"Kreuzberg": Why The Berlin Wall Fell But Never Really Collapsed

Few people know how nostalgic I am for The Cold War. How cold it was, the 70s and 80s. How close and comforting it was. How us vs. 215 more words