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The Cold War in The War of the Worlds

Although written before the Cold War, HG Well’s The War of the Worlds is almost clairvoyant in the way it echoes the foundations of the tense conflict that took the earth to the brink of nuclear annihilation. 525 more words


The Proletariat: Divided and Conquered

There was once a time, that if someone ever brought up Karl Marx, someone else would inevitably have something to say about it. If I bring up Marx today, who cares? 1,019 more words

BBC Panorama - If The Bomb Drops (1980)

A thoroughly fascinating and horrifying look at the state of British civil defence in 1980 hosted by a strikingly young Jeremy Paxman. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 triggered a new age of fear in the west about the possibility of a nuclear confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union with Europe sandwiched in the middle. 164 more words

7 June

Grachan Moncur III — New Africa (1969, BYG Actuel)



Sometimes you encounter a record and wonder, where the hell has this been my entire life? 280 more words

Album Review

The Space Race AND a Field Trip to Io!

Obviously we’ve done a lot of field trips lately. And although we’ve learned and experience new things on all of them (because we are always learning, all the time) the most academic field trip so far this year was our planetarium trip to finish up our Space Race section in history. 940 more words


Communism, China, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War... In Two Weeks.

Does is sound like I’m shoving a bunch of stuff into the last few weeks of school?

Yeah, well maybe I am.

Of course we started with Communism back during our… 1,954 more words


How Did the Cold War End?

By Alicia Dawn Peterpaul

The result of the end of the Cold War was a combination of many things. First, I will explain just how destructive nuclear weapons have the potential to be when used. 2,342 more words