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It's not a benefit, it's a right, you cocks

From CNBC here:

But the GOP bills polled poorly, and Trump never tried to sell them to the country. Meanwhile, Obama’s law grew steadily more popular, and Republicans learned anew that a benefit, once given, is hard to take away.

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Shouldn't bank honcho be embarrassed that he's been key in bringing on garbage politics???!!!

Much ink was spilled this weekend over Jamie Dimon’s statement that he’s almost embarrassed to be an American due to our dysfunctional politics.

Our politics are an embarrassment but if one were to make a list of the 25 people most responsible for creating this situation I would put Dimon on that list. 110 more words

The Collapse Of Civilization

Quote of the day from Mumia Abu Jamal!

From here:

Remember, capitalism needs racism, and utilizes it to create false consciousness in millions of white poor and working people who live in the illusion that they have something in common with Trumpites.

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Will the people who made the Iraq mess ever be held accountable?

From the New York Times:

The United States spent more than $1 trillion and lost about 4,500 troops in the effort to make Iraq the cornerstone of a Western-facing Middle East.

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OMG, rare sighting of a corporate honcho shitting on Trump!

From CNBC here:

Barry Diller, chairman of IAC, told CNBC on Wednesday that Donald Trump‘s presidency has been a “joke.”

“He hasn’t done anything, really.

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Quote of the day from the Redneck Revolt!

From the Guardian here:

“The history of the white working class has been a history of being an exploited people,” he wrote. “However, we’ve been an exploited people that further exploits other exploited people.

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I'm betting Trump has been dipping his dinky in this scam

From CNN here:

Law enforcement agencies and congressional oversight committees have long warned of the money laundering and terrorist financing threat posed by the infusion of 

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