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And Uncle Sam is looking in the Terror Mirror realistically?

From here:

“There is a broad sense within Washington that Egypt isn’t viewing the terror threat that it faces realistically and therefore is unable to fight it effectively,” said Eric Trager, an expert on Egyptian politics at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

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This holiday season give the slaves/forced laborers a break

From NBC News here:

As Americans take advantage of Black Friday deals, human rights advocates say most shoppers are unaware that everything from sapphires to soccer balls could be among over 130 products on U.S.

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Obama and Hilz offer kind words (no action!) to po po shot African-Americans

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“The mothers I met recently in Chicago are right: we cannot go on like this,” Clinton said. “All over America, there are police officers honorably doing their duty, demonstrating how to protect the public without resorting to unnecessary force.

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Black Friday can f*ck itself!

From CBS News:

Analyst: Black Friday, Cyber Monday shoppers to spend $80 billion

“We listen to what our customers are saying,” said Jamgochian. ‘They’ve told us they want something to do after Thanksgiving dinner.”

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The Collapse Of Civilization


From here:

We’ve wasted too much money and spilled too much blood fighting a war on terror that clearly isn’t working.

The only candidate that’s not advocating more bombs, more killing and more war.

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All the fascists hiding behind fascist Donald Trump

From here:

Addressing thousands of people in Columbus, Ohio, the Republican frontrunner praised waterboarding, an interrogation method that has been called torture. “I would approve more than that,” he said.

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Didn't Obama support Egyptian dictator's rise to power?

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“The ISIS guys would come and tell everyone these nonviolent means don’t work, that Western countries only care about power and the Egyptian regime only understands force,” Soltan says.

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