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Beware incoming fascist fanning the flames of war!

Headline from Huffpo:

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Heads To Washington For Congress Speech

We gotta blow up Iran!
We gotta blow up the West Bank!
We gotta blow up Israel’s democracy!

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Crappy telecom Verizon reveals their key to customer service

From here:

Verizon issues statement in Morse code to protest net neutrality ruling

It is a stunning nugget of corporate propaganda that Verizon would protest net neutrality rules because it stifles their ability to offer great services to their customers.  

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A perfect post-9/11 headline

From Bloomberg:

JPMorgan Goes to War

The bank is building a new facility near the NSA’s headquarters to attract new talent


“Convinced that it faces threats from governments in China, Iran, and Russia, and that the U.S.

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Israelis starting to see Netanyahu as the dangerous fascist he is

From the Guardian here:

A former head of Israel’s foreign intelligence service Mossad is urging voters to oust Binyamin Netanyahu in the next general election, accusing the prime minister of endangering the country’s security with his stance on the Iranian nuclear programme.

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And Scott Walker wants to the rightwing, fascist Sock Puppet President!

From here:

Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin who is considering a Republican presidential run, has promised to sign into law an anti-union bill targeted at the state’s private sector workers that is an almost verbatim copy of model legislation devised by an ultra-rightwing network of corporate lobbyists.

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So if the Greeks can't repay their debts…..

From CNBC here:

European officials should accept that Greece may never repay its $366 billion debt, analysts told CNBC, even if the troubled economy secures a bailout extension.

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Pantaleo should have been indicted and the chokehold should have been made illegal

From the Guardian here:

A majority of New York police officers called the re-training program they were ordered to undergo after the death of Eric Garner a “waste of time”, according to the New York Post.

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