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A Mexican barber is responsible for Trumps awful hairpiece

From here:

On The Situation Room, Trump said his facts were coming from a Fusion article.

“If you go to Fusion, you will see a story: About 80 percent of the women coming in, you know who owns fusion?

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The Collapse Of Civilization

The people in charge are a-holes (pretending to care about you)

From here:

Greece’s finance minister tells Bloomberg TV he’d rather cut his arm off than agree to a deal without debt restructuring.

Once in a while somebody will type a comment into the search engine for my blog. 

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I guess idiots travel in large packs

Email I got from a conservative radio station in Boston:

Were Donald Trumps Mexico comments offensive?

How can saying that Mexican immigrants are drug dealers and rapists not be offensive?

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At least Bill Gates has the decency to wipe out a disease or two

The messianic Mark Zuckerberg:

I’ve made enough money. At this point, I’m just focused on making sure I do the most possible good with what I have.

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The Collapse Of Civilization

The cops in Ferguson incited the protesters? I can't believe that

From Reuters here:

Police responding to race-related protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer made a series of missteps, including antagonizing crowds with attack dogs and military-style tactics, according to a U.S.

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NJ Stalin/Christie fires up the bully machine for Prez today!

Caption from a picture at the Guardian:

New Jersey governor Chris Christie: according to his constitutents, he’s a ‘bully’ and a ‘liar’, with ‘a tongue forked like a serpent’s’.


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Oy, and from the status quo pricks at the New York Times

From the front page of the NY Times website:

From Berlin to Brussels to Washington to Athens, the same question was asked about Greece’s debt crisis: What kind of game is Alexis Tsipras playing?

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The Collapse Of Civilization