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Attention Whores love Attention Whores!

Headline from CNBC:

‘We are both dragon energy’: Kanye West and Trump rekindle their bromance on Twitter

West and Trump share the same desire to suck out all the oxygen in the room and focus all attention on themselves. 

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Don't worry, Dems will either screw it up or not do anything!

Headline from Slate:

What Democrats’ Overperformance in Special Elections Means for November

There is no saviour for America in the Democratic Party.  They have no spine, they have no vision and the only people they enjoying beating down are the lefties in their own party.

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Oh Yeezy, Henry Ford loved Hitler and Walt Disney was a fascist!

From Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Kanye West said on Wednesday that he had fired his manager and suggested he may run for U.S. president in a frenetic Twitter spree in which he promised four new albums and compared himself to Henry Ford and Walt Disney.

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Quote of the day!

From Salon here:

And once again a white man who commits mass murder is captured alive, while black and brown people who are unarmed, talking on telephones, sitting in their cars, sleeping or generally minding their own business are killed by America’s police nearly as a matter of routine.

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Cuomo puts on his lefty hat as he fears Nixon can win on hatred towards him

From the New York Times:

The proposal comes a year after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo blocked a 5-cent city surcharge on the bags and as he has tacked left since Cynthia Nixon began a primary challenge.

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Please God, don't buy the incoming Amazon house robot!

From CNBC here:

Amazon needs to get into our homes because it needs more information about its customers that it can’t get elsewhere.

“Amazon needs more data to better serve its customers by offering the best Prime products and services exactly when they need them,” Patrick Moorhead, president and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy told CNBC.

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Such praise for batshit crazy Giuliani!

Headline from CNN:

Giuliani is the guy you call as a last resort

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