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Why is this driver of American anger not covered much?

From here:

When we speak about “outsourcing” and “free trade,” we speak in abstractions. Here is what these terms look like in practice.


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Looks like Cleveland is run by a-holes

From Gawker here:

The City of Cleveland has devastated the family of Tamir Rice several times over, and seems to have no intention of stopping.

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That's really too bad....

Headline from CNBC:

Wall Street’s nightmare candidates leading race

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Israel's Netanyahu is not a racist!

Headline from the Guardian:

Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from ‘wild beasts’

Smells a little Trump-y, no?

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Two middle fingers have been raised!

While I’m seeing extensive press about ‘outsiders’ winning and the ‘establishment’ taking a good hard look at itself, I think the feedback is much more direct and less flattering to those in charge. 117 more words

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Israel is a rogue, scumbag nation!

From here:

From October to the end of December, roughly 14,000 Palestinians were injured in suppression of protests or in raids by Israeli occupation forces, according to OCHA.

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Our peace loving Democratic ally, Israel!

Headline from Salon:

74% of Gaza homes destroyed by Israel in summer 2014 war have not been rebuilt, as violent repression escalates

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