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Wall St. Money Pigs have full hard on for Trump's State of the Union!

From USA Today here:

The “Trump Rally,” which has been powered by the president’s promises to jump-start U.S. economic growth, has produced $2.9 trillion in paper gains for the domestic stock market since Election Day…

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Send the rapist Trump and the Jesus Freak Pence!

Headline from CBS News:

SpaceX Plans to Send Two Tourists on a Trip Around the Moon in 2018

They can make space great again!

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Did Steve Bannon go to Home Depot???

Headline from Bloomberg:

Trump Administration Makes Its First Move to Build Border Wall

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Poor fucking Milo, fuck the fuck off!

From CBS News:

”This last 48 hours has been a horrible and degrading experience for me” said Yiannopoulos about widespread censure of his child sex comments… 20 more words

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Mexico goes the anti-colonial route!

From the Guardian here:

Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s foreign minister, was responding to Donald Trump’s plans to enforce immigration rules more vigorously against undocumented migrants, which could lead to…

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Looks like Gay Nazi Milo f*cked hisself!

Headline from the Guardian:

Milo Yiannopoulos book deal cancelled following outrage over child abuse comments

Poor Milo, free speech pedophile — looks like that bank account just took.

Fuck that white monkey Milo!

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Oh my, Trumpheadz rewriting history!

From Salon here:

“They’re stonewalling everything that he’s doing because they’re just being babies about it,” Patricia Melani, a 56-year-old New Jersey transplant who attended Trump’s campaign rally in Florida on Saturday, told 

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