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Pro-DAPL pipeline folks issuing forth horseshit!

From CNBC here:

North Dakota’s leaders criticized the decision, with Gov. Jack Dalrymple calling it a “serious mistake” that “prolongs the dangerous situation” of having several hundred protesters who are camped out on federal land during cold, wintry weather.

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There goes Wall Street's honeymoon with El Trumpo!

From the Daily Beast here:

In a series of tweets early Sunday morning, President-elect Donald Trump warned U.S. companies that ship jobs overseas that they would face a 35 percent tariff.

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New Treasury Sec. is a double victimizer just like his boss, President GropeNutz!

From here:

IndyMac was one of the most notorious fraudulent lenders in America. It specialized in making liar’s loans – and again, I want to emphasize that there’s testimony in front of the Federal Reserve by the top attorney generals, state attorney generals, who investigated these kinds of frauds.

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In addition to making you sick to your stomach will President Cheese Doodle make you even more ill?

From CBS News here:

WASHINGTON — Only about one in four Americans wants President-elect Donald Trump to entirely repeal his predecessor’s health care law that extended coverage to millions, a new poll has found.

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Health and Human Services Trump-a-lumpa has been chosen!

From the Guardian here:

Donald Trump selects Tom Price as secretary of health and human services

He’s a surgeon and if you disliked Obamacare wait until you see what TrumpCare looks like! 

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Will Petraeus sign up to be a Trump-a-lumpa?

From the New York Times:

David Petraeus, a retired general and former C.I.A. director, has emerged as a new contender for secretary of state amid internal feuding over the post.

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Evidence, schmevidence!

From CBS News:

Donald Trump, citing no evidence, claims “millions” of people voted illegally in the 2016 election

It’s extremely sad that we have such a ghetto voting system where states are allowed to create and administer and manipulate the vote in their states. 

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