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I think women are bullshitting themselves....

Headline from the New York Times:

Women See a Female President Lifting Them All

Women who think this should talk to all the African-Americans who thought Obama was going to do the same for them. 

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Given Clintons' corporate ties I will bet dollars to donuts this is a future lie!

From the Washington Post:

The prepared text for Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech describes her “primary mission” as “more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages” in the U.S.

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Why are black men dying over loose cigarettes, CDs, and shoplifting?

From the Guardian here:

“He doesn’t want to shoot, he doesn’t want to kill, but he has no choice, because Mr Chapman will not get on the ground,” James Broccoletti, Rankin’s attorney, told Portsmouth circuit court during opening arguments in Rankin’s trial.

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See, you're gonna get four years of bait and switch with the Hilz Clinton!

From here:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday night that, if elected president, Hillary Clinton would likely support the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal she previously opposed.

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Joe Biden is wrong, I'm not voting for Clinton

From Daily here:

Vice President Joe Biden said he believes staunch Bernie Sanders supporters will, in the end, vote for Hillary Clinton. “If you’re as moral and centered as you say you are, I know you can’t vote for Trump.

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Ah, two healdines that sum up Obama era perfectly!

From CBS News:

Obama counting on Clinton to build on his legacy


All charges dropped against cops in Freddie Gray death

An amazing legacy, no wait, things didn’t change much at all, in fact they got worse for black folks.

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This would be poor police management

From the Guardian here:

A Virginia police officer who will stand trial for murder this week told a witness “this is my second one” after shooting dead an unarmed black 18-year-old, a court heard on Tuesday.

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