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UMP Review - The Comedy

Don’t be mislead by the title – The Comedy directed by Rick Alverson is nowhere near a chillling laugh-out. Starring an Adult Swim comedian Tim Heidecker, this indie drama is a bitter look at a life of a “forever young” stereotype – beware those who praise that though, because there is not much to actually laugh about. 374 more words


The Comedy (Part 2)

The Comedy is not so funny.

It is a movie that makes you think.   The film is a Rick Alverson production.

The movie explores the world through the character Swanson.   99 more words

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The Comedy (2012) Movie Review

Rick Alverson’s The Comedy is not a comedy. It is an anti-comedy. A satire of a self-destructive generation gazing on their own broken world. The film opens on a group of people, mostly slightly overweight men, drinking and dancing, spitting beer and stripping nude. 494 more words

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Summer Without End: The Comedy

“As a small child, something crystallized in her character, making her clear and finished, and as impervious as crystal…She was always grown up; she never really grew up.” 663 more words

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'Entertainment' (2015)

Rick Alverson’s “Entertainment” is a film that subverts all connotations surrounding its title, and rather than directly entertaining us, actually challenges us by inspiring these questions: “What is ‘entertainment,’ why do those who seek to entertain do so, and what do we, the ‘entertained,’ expect from our entertainers?” 670 more words


THE COMEDY Review - An Examination That is Just as Shallow as it's Characters

It’s not often that a movie makes my stomach turn, makes my brain matter want to set itself on fire. I have a pretty high constitution when it comes to to tolerating things “I don’t like.” In fact, I often go out of my way to engage with things that, in general, I disagree with. 949 more words