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Summer Without End: The Comedy

“As a small child, something crystallized in her character, making her clear and finished, and as impervious as crystal…She was always grown up; she never really grew up.” 663 more words

Essays And Analysis

'Entertainment' (2015)

Rick Alverson’s “Entertainment” is a film that subverts all connotations surrounding its title, and rather than directly entertaining us, actually challenges us by inspiring these questions: “What is ‘entertainment,’ why do those who seek to entertain do so, and what do we, the ‘entertained,’ expect from our entertainers?” 670 more words


THE COMEDY Review - An Examination That is Just as Shallow as it's Characters

It’s not often that a movie makes my stomach turn, makes my brain matter want to set itself on fire. I have a pretty high constitution when it comes to to tolerating things “I don’t like.” In fact, I often go out of my way to engage with things that, in general, I disagree with. 949 more words

Rick Alverson's The Comedy (2012) - a poignant tragedy far beyond simple hipster bashing

Tim Heidecker plays an ageing hipster (Swanson) whose father is close to death.

The opening scene is primal, grown men bonding but also yearning for a new beginning, getting naked as a means to simulate rebirth (there’s nothing pretty or glamorous about their orgy of booze and body (it’s a kind of fight club for ageing hipsters)) . 664 more words

The Comedy (2012)

Throwing down the gauntlet in its opening shots, The Comedy begins with a sexlessly homoerotic dance party. Naked schlubs grind against each other to a sensual R&B soundtrack, pouring cheap beer down their pale, soft bodies, tucking their genitals between their legs. 453 more words



Furtively slithering from the dank depths of our withered canal on 9/28/13, the “This Likers” take on the popular Fox animated comedy BOB’S BURGERS, an assignment genially extended to Stover from Jera, and in return Stover offers the unkind, willfully exasperating Tim Heidecker character study thingy THE COMEDY, a movie for which the term “like” almost has no meaning.   48 more words