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Colours are important features in our daily lives and they mean different things to different people, colours also reflect situations and may serve as an indicator to a person’s mood or state of mind. 1,315 more words

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So... The Literary Cafe (TLC) carried out a survey on colors and why we like them... Lol... Some of the reasons will blow your mind... Literally 😀

*NEW VIDEO* The Commission - Wineva Hills

Toronto, ON based duo The Commission (Lex Leosis x Patrik) are back and they come bearing gifts! A video for a cut from The Commission EP… 96 more words

European Commission to apply anti-money laundering rules to virtual currency exchanges

The European Commission has published an Action Plan to strengthen the fight against the financing of terrorism.

The plan includes a proposal to bring virtual currency exchanges within the perimeter of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, so that exchanges have to apply customer due diligence controls when they exchange virtual currencies for fiat money, ending what is widely (but sometimes wrongly) regarded as the anonymity associated with virtual currencies and their exchanges. 108 more words