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“…change occurs through many independent agents operating in a holistic living system …”

David Bollier, co-founder of the Commons Strategies Group


Beyond the Prototype: Libraries as Convivial Tools in Action

How important are the technologies found in a library to the actual library? Are libraries simply places where various tools and technologies are used, or can libraries (themselves) be viewed as tools?

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Designing for the open digital commons

I wanted to share some thinking I’ve been doing around how to create products and services that embrace and support the digital commons. The digital commons is… 1,505 more words

The Commons

Exiled on Main Street: Urban Utopian Insurrection by Mark Mason and Susan Cain

by Mark Mason and Susan Cain
Guest Writers, Dandelion Salad
Mark Mason, PhD
crossposted from Dissident Voice, May 18, 2016
May 23, 2016

The dynamics of capitalism is postponement of enjoyment to the constantly postponed future.

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Transparency is vital in local government

Dealing with complicated issues can be difficult and town councillors — who are unpaid volunteers — can find themselves out of their depth.

Congleton town councillors lost £20,000 when they tried to buy a digital display unit and found it was harder than just nipping round to Curry’s for a telly. 927 more words

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acequia poem

Anyone who has farmed in New Mexico can tell you any myriad of stories about the acequia  culture that exists there. Acequias community-managed irrigation ditches that, when stopped up, flood fields along their length. 413 more words

Echo chamber on

He hardly imagined
Doing this job
But those that craved,
By the shortness of their slug-bitten roots,
The glamour of understudy to the leading Tory part, 554 more words