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Pack Light

Go to come back.
Again and again,
through the Gates.
Pack light:
the weight of Conscience
is limitless.


book: land justice: re-imagining land, food, and the commons

“Hunger and poverty are perpetuated by undemocratic systems of power. Now, this great new resource lifts the veil hiding the history of dispossession and unequal land access in the US.” – Frances Moore Lappé

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Global Ag Issues

Not right or left, not market or state reliant, the only way to survive and prosper?

Will the old guard of politicians and economists be superseded by the household, the local community reclaiming the Commons?

Not right or left, not market or state reliant, will the only way to survive and prosper in a climate ravaged future be a further development of self-management of forests, farmland, and water, and in open source software communities, open-access scholarly journals, and “cosmo-local” design and manufacturing systems (Bollier), by decentralized, self-organized networks (Monbiot)? 13 more words

The Commons

The Commons, George Monbiot

After graduating in zoology, Monbiot joined the BBC as a radio producer, making natural history and environmental programmes. He transferred to the World Service, where he worked as a current affairs producer and presenter, before leaving to research and write his first book. 1,056 more words


The Commons

Located at: 39A Flower Road, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

Visited on: 23 Sep, 2017

The Commons has always been a great hang-out spot, with its laid-back set-up and ambiance. 697 more words

Food Review

Rich + Julie = One Brain

Facebook can be very deceptive. It doesn’t reveal what happening beneath the surface. What proceeded or followed the smile, home improvement project, or trip. With that in mind, here’s a rare glimpse into the world of “rajalary.” 1,954 more words


Oh, snowflake

Oh, snowflake, how unique your delicate heart
That glistens in communal blizzards
Of parched intellect

Whose crystalline shards
And feathered spaces
Shape imperfect synecdoches

And bring your frozen deserts… 48 more words