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Government, Civil Society and The Commons

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Democracy in the 21st century. 485 more words


Britain Lost

Unravelled Isles
Wrapped in a flag
To dress a shame

Each flower
On its burning cross

In acrid air
All blame is prayer
That lands as loss
And wounded, wears


Uncommon Perspectives at the Commons

Anything but Common.

     Today I found myself sitting inside the Commons of downtown Columbus, Indiana for three hours, working on a couple projects I’ve been stepping into on the side. 1,701 more words


The Light of our Love

When the worst of us takes the best of us
Let not that bright embodiment of Hope be lost
But pour the Light of our Love into the void… 7 more words


especially in times of dark

but especially in times of dark,
encroaching space,
my hope alights and leans
on an enduring faith
in the human spirit
and the myriad illumined pockets… 46 more words


Michael Lebowitz: What is Socialism in the 21st Century?

Dandelion Salad

GreenLeftTV on Jun 14, 2016

At the ‘Socialism in the 21st Century’ Conference held in Sydney in May 2016 and organised by the Socialist Alliance, Michael Lebowitz, a world leading Marxist author who writes and researches the problems and possibilities of building a socialist alternative, here presents a paper on what Socialism might look like in this century and the differences with 20th Century Socialism as represented by the developments in the Soviet Union.

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What 3 Words? Jog on mate!

The OpenAddresses.io website notes that “Address data is essential infrastructure“. Geography underpins so much of the data we collect and is collected about us, making address registers important parts of national data infrastructure. 692 more words

Open Data