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Social Networking and the Gift Economy

To say the internet has revolutionized the social sphere is an understatement. The way we relate to friends, family, and even perfect strangers is constantly being shaped by a new era of instant, seamless interaction on a scale never before seen. 3,050 more words


Late Night Food: The Commons vs. Carm

For those of you who are unaware, a new addition has been made to the late night food community here at Tufts, and that is Carm. 397 more words


Photography101 -Shot 13 - Moment & Motion

Easter at our place this year and while trying to catch my nieces in a nice photo- this effect happened – kids in motion – A speedy spiderwitch is the blur and a little Belle is a tad dazed and confused!

:) Sares

Photography101 -Shot 12 - Architecture & Monochrome

This one made me feel like I was part of history as well as what an opportunity to restore this piece of Hahndorf history

Monochrome version – brings out the details

From grace to grace

From grace to grace
we fall
we rise
receive and sacrifice
each death
unto a newer life

Piece by piece
and slice by slice
all bear and bring… 26 more words


A key difference between open data and open source

In “left-pad and the data commons” I tried to identify some lessons for the open data community based on recent events in the Javascript/NPM world.  639 more words

Open Data

left-pad and the data commons

Yesterday, Javascript developers around the world were affected by broken builds and failed installations due to a number of open source packages being removed from the… 919 more words

Open Data