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Attention to Detail

It’s quiet now, I think.  I’ve dimmed the lights and drawn my breath.

A creaking rodent wheel sings in the night.  The bubbling of fish tanks serves as tempo.   540 more words

The Conflict

I've got a Migraine

The entire day has plagued me with this troubling pain just behind my temples.  I think I’ve been staring at screens far too long; the back-lit kind with the pixels.   415 more words

The Conflict

Hollow as the Autumn Evening

Where were we?

Ah, yes, we last reported in early spring.  Alas, spring has sprung past.  Summer flew by, and I never took a moment to write.   555 more words

The Conflict

Palestinian Professor Confronts the Holocaust

By Lauren Zehnder

(Jerusalem, Israel and Washington, D.C. ) — Growing up in East Jerusalem, Mohammad S. Dajani Daoudi was part of a society that blames the Holocaust for the Palestinian dispossession from their land. 1,529 more words

The Conflict

Harnessing the Palestinian Sun: Energy independence in a hot political climate

By Josh Newell

(Bethlehem, West Bank) — Two Palestinian brothers are attempting to harness the sun in the land where Jesus walked — a land that now sits in a hot political  ‘climate’.   617 more words

The People

The Conflict.

One of the greatest conflicts of my life are these 2 opposing things inside me, that make up a significant part of who I am. If you know me well, you know what I’m talking about. 860 more words


A discussion with Jerusalem artists -- seeing the world change through art

by Jacqueline Dobbins

(Jerusalem, Israel)  — Artists in Jerusalem are working together to understand the unique culture of the city and to create art that reflects and confronts its complexity. 1,385 more words

The People