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While showing THE CONFORMIST to students — a depleted bunch just now, as they’re all off making films, the swine — I suddenly realized that the above sequence, with its creepy fascist flunkies leading Trintignant to his Important Appointment — was a Fellini swipe. 174 more words


Communicating with lines, stripes and everything nice!

Il Conformista or The Conformist is such a scenery to watch! Its display of lines, shadows and lights makes the elements of the film stand out. 316 more words

Best Art Direction - 1970

Official Nominations: Patton. Airport. Tora Tora Tora. The Molly Maguires. Scrooge.

This, like Best Costume Design, is always a difficult one to argue against. You can add films to your list of nominations till the cows come home (damn cows always going AWOL), but generally the official nominations are fine.  178 more words

The Oscars

Best Foreign Film - 1970

Official Nominations: Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion. First Love. Hoa-Binh. Paix Sur Les Champs. Tristana.

Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion was a worthy winner this year, a film which was touted for a remake starring Pacino and Walken – a lost classic no doubt. 453 more words

The Oscars