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Let’s face it – this hasn’t been the best of weeks for Tory leaders past or present. A day after the incumbent coughed and spluttered her way through what was supposed to be the moment at this year’s Conservative Party Conference when she reasserted her authority, a predecessor not even alive to combat his critics has seen his name dragged through the mud once again by a provincial police force desperately seeking straws to clutch that it hopes will justify the vast expense squandered on its futile investigation into him. 1,012 more words


What is the next step for the Conservative Party?

The annual Conservative Party Conference occurred in Manchester today, following on from last week’s Labour Party Conference Party in Brighton. Typically, (well according to me), a party conference is supposed to map out the policy commitments and objectives of a political party for the foreseeable future, sort of like a pre-manifesto and give the perception that a party is ‘unified’ in the hopes of attracting some potential voters in the future election. 733 more words


Theresa May doesn’t want to be surrounded by Yes Men, and it seems she’s got what she wants. Not that she appears to listen to members of her Cabinet, anyway, whether or not they tell her what she wants to hear. 1,065 more words



Hard to believe now, but ITV’s late afternoon schedule once consisted of programmes aimed at an audience of schoolchildren, programmes regularly of the same high standard that appealed to the same viewers over on BBC1. 1,107 more words


Jacob Rees-Mogg & the media

On Wednesday morning (06/09/2017), Jacob Rees-Mogg, the MP for North-East Somerset, was interviewed on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ television programme (available here) – primarily regarding the current state of the (faux) Conservative party. 690 more words



The most unwelcome endorsement a football manager can ever receive when his team’s results are going against him is that of his club chairman; a public statement that a boss has the full support of the board is traditionally a prelude to the chop. 918 more words



£40 million – it’s one of those unimaginable amounts that humble folk such as me and thee regularly hear being bandied about by the powers-that-be, yet its sheer immenseness in comparison to what most of us handle on a daily basis renders it almost meaningless as a number. 944 more words