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"Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all"

I am a great lover of quotations. I recently came across the below quotation by Arthur Balfour, which struck a chord with me:

“Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all”. 155 more words


Is the Conservative Party losing the plot?

The Conservative Party is losing members, it appears that the membership is below 70,000 that is an unconfirmed figure but also not denied.

Why is this happening? 139 more words

The Conservative Party

Old Friends before Brexit.

In the days before becoming members of the EU The UK had a healthy trading relationship with friends in the Commonwealth. Many of us had cousins, siblings and other close relatives in these countries as well as The United States of America, these relatives of ours could not understand why we were deserting them but in time they got used to it. 171 more words

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Where is Our Future

It is becoming apparent that the Civil Servants are having a greater influence on the Brexit negotiations than the Brexit favoured MP’s in spite of what the referendum result was. 76 more words

E U & Politics

JRM - Brexit champion? Yes. Committed MP? Certainly. Prime Minister? No.

Firstly, this article is no attack on Jacob Rees-Mogg, I have been to hear him speak a number of times – what a speaker he is too – and strongly believe he makes the Conservative Party better for his inclusion in it. 499 more words

Daniel Kawczynski - MP for Shrewsbury, and the Conservative Party.

Words cannot begin to express my contempt for this man. He is the very epitome of the selfish, career politician who cares only for the advancement of that career, and not for the people he is supposed to serve. 2,320 more words


#16Days: Officially Recognise Online Abuse as a Form of Violence Against Women

We ask The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and the Women’s Equality Party to recognise online abuse & harassment as a form of violence against women and demand better self-regulation from social media companies. 254 more words
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