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I guess they really do believe we’re stupid. True, if one were to gauge the IQ of the masses by, say, monitoring click-bait and being unsurprisingly struck by the insensible numbers who find half-naked synth-faced freaks on red carpets inexplicably interesting, it’d be hard not to come away concluding that we… 1,115 more words


Beowulf's Brexit


Nigel Farage: Beowulf

Westminster’s political elite: Grendel (The Monster)

The EU: Grendel’s Mother

An English inscribed stone cross circa 7th century. 542 more words

Is this a Conservative Party or the Conservatives parting?

If this was a perfect world, we wouldn’t need political parties. In fact, we wouldn’t need politics at all. Things would just get done without reference to anyone. 611 more words

National Politics

Why I've Joined the SDP - A Renewed Party for a Tired Britain

I remember the night well. It was March 1981 and I received a phone call from a fellow political activist in the Labour party asking me to come to a particular venue to prepare for the launch of a new political party – the Social Democratic Party.  1,326 more words


Yeah, I remember (remember) the fifth of November. How could I forget? One fifth of November not so long ago mine eyes did see the light – to paraphrase the final speech of a late lamented orator – and this wholly secular illumination finally toppled a distant and previously unchallenged blink of elation from its long-held pole position in the memory banks. 1,308 more words


The 'People's Vote'

You literally cannot get away from any Brexit- related news at the moment. Whether it is through social media, the news or TV in some way or form, everyone is being updated with some snippet of the latest Brexit developments. 454 more words


I’m still alive, which surely proves I’m not spending all day watching the telly whilst not here. I don’t watch much TV as it is and certainly wouldn’t before 7.00 in the evening, anyway. 1,307 more words