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A Government in power for over half-a-decade with a 12.4% lead over the opposition in the opinion polls; everyone expects the Government to win the upcoming General Election and plans are already afoot within his own party to replace the opposition leader once the anticipated defeat occurs. 1,100 more words


A Tory Myth and its Unravelling

by Colin Alexander Storrier

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Let’s take a step back in time. It’s 2015 and Prime Minister Cameron is about to face the electorate. 1,830 more words


The Left-wing papers of Britain are already doubling down.

The Independent cracking down on its ideological stance of ‘anyone more right than Corbyn is a NAZI BIGOT!” Jeez, guys. We are British, pop on the kettle and calm down. 67 more words


The lady is for turning (away)

UK politicians have lost the plot. They are all suffering from collective amnesia when it comes to the duty they owe to the people they work for. 508 more words



Well, I wonder, have the ravens flown the Tower? Not as far as I know, but the sky isn’t raining a shower of bank notes down on the populace either. 1,060 more words


U-Turn if she wants you to

At the Conservative Party Conference in 1980, Margaret Thatcher boldly stated “You turn if you want to. The Lady’s not for turning.” It was a response to pressure for her to abandon her plans to liberalise the nation’s economy after it was heavily criticised by some of her own Conservative colleagues. 468 more words

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