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Tory grandee Ann Widdecombe has slammed conspiracy theorists in her weekly Daily Express column.

With the title- ‘Take it from me, conspiracy theorists will never change their mind,’ the overweight spinster ridicules those of us who believe that Dr David Kelly was murdered by secret forces, that Lady Diana was killed on the orders of the Royal Family and that Neil Armstrong ever walked on the moon. 128 more words

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Jonathan Bowden, Lancashire BNP meeting, Sept '09, Pt. 3


He would think that they were persons who needed a wash! And when Alec Douglas-Home, who was regarded as being very – quote unquote – “out of touch,” was asked, on the equivalent of Panorama in nineteen-sixty-three, “What do you think of the recent rise in unemployment?” He said, raising a stick, “Oh, well there’s room for a new game-keeper on my estate.” That was when the Tories were something different, weren’t they really? 1,841 more words


Financial Stability Is Burning

(it was surprisingly hard to make that title work with the singular ‘is’)

At this point, the only response to George Osborne’s debt-raising, student-frakking, ball-kicking budget is to apply these twisted policies to Bad Religion’s superlative… 249 more words

Things That Annoy Me

A painful night...

I really do need to get into the habit of blogging more (even if I do type a load of rubbish).

It has been a few weeks since the General Election was decided, but I have had to take my time in posting anything about it. 275 more words


Shame on Parliament and shame on our Queen.

Britain is the paedophile capital of the world.
Margaret Thatcher covered up child-abuse while in government.
Tony Blair did the same; as did Gordon Brown and now David Cameron. 75 more words

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