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Things to consider at the start of Brexit negotiation

Following a year of political upsets, the Brexit negotiations have finally begun. Before we say more on this, it has to be noted that we were against the UK leaving the EU. 823 more words

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The Grenfell Tower Fire

The tragedy caused by the Grenfell Tower fire has exposed a well known truth about London. In this beautiful city, the most expensive houses on the planet and the most poverty stricken building blocks are side by side. 770 more words

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Post-election review: Will politicians finally listen?

The current political climate doesn’t leave much time for contemplating what’s around the corner. One political misstep after another, and we are all suffering from political stress disorder. 748 more words

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An Election without winners

Following the UK’s 2017 General Election, no party was able to win enough seats in order to command a parliamentary majority. It looks very likely that the Conservatives, who won the most seats (318) will use the 10 MPs from the Northern-Irish Democratic Unionist Party, to get them over the line and able to pass legislation.  469 more words

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The Youth For Today

So I’m pretty sure that everybody is sick of hearing about the General Election, because I know that I am but do you know what I’m also sick of? 392 more words


Election 2017: The Fallout Begins

Ladies and Gentlemen, It Actually Happened. In a shock to not just a shock to the public but a shock to the world. Today the UK is still governed by the Conservatives. 174 more words

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Even a face that gives away as little as possible as Theresa May’s couldn’t conceal the immense disappointment and disbelief at the catastrophic failure of her gamble last night; watching the declaration in Maidenhead, it was evident the PM couldn’t quite believe the General Election she could have waited another three years to call hadn’t seen her sweep all before her. 782 more words