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Brexit Trouble for the Prime Minister Again.

The government is in trouble with its own members yet again.
I believe that the main cause of the continued problems is that the MP’s chose a leader who it is known is a remainer and what did she do when picking her cabinet, she chose mainly remainers as her cabinet with just one or two so she could say that she had Brexit covered. 121 more words

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True Democracy?

I see that Jeremy Corbyn is being criticised for insisting that the Labour Party Central Office select a candidate for the safe Labour seat of Lewisham East. 103 more words

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The Future of the Conservative Party

With Sajid Jarvid replacing  Amber Rudd as Home Secretary it means that one remainer has been replaced by another.
This also means that Amber Rudd will be on the back benches where she will be free to speak on her beliefs. 174 more words

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National Health Funding.

Theresa May hinted that the way forward for funding the National Health Service would be to give each person a sum of money and let the participant decide how it would be spent. 157 more words

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Brexit again and again.

Why is it that we always seem to be in the wrong in the Brexit negotiations yet the E.U. has more to lose than us if everything goes sour? 165 more words

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"Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all"

I am a great lover of quotations. I recently came across the below quotation by Arthur Balfour, which struck a chord with me:

“Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all”. 155 more words


Is the Conservative Party losing the plot?

The Conservative Party is losing members, it appears that the membership is below 70,000 that is an unconfirmed figure but also not denied.

Why is this happening? 139 more words