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Memorial Day, 2017: We Remember

This Memorial Day, there is reason for hope, yet you don’t rest easily. How could you? The America for which you fought and died is in jeopardy. 654 more words


Ryan Needs to Show What He's Made Of

Alan Zendell, May 26, 2017

Were I to write to House Speaker Paul Ryan, I could say everything I needed to in three words: “Grow a pair!” 655 more words


The Unlucky Country: Unfinished Australia needs a new Constitution

The outdated Constitution of Australia is indeed “unfinished business” and system change is long overdue, writes Dr Klaas Woldring.

Source: The Unlucky Country: Unfinished Australia needs a new Constitution

Australia's Shame

A Critique of The Godless Constitution: The First Amendment & The Case For Religious Liberty

In The Godless Constitution, two Cornell University professors by the name of Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence Moore lay out a case for readers to prove that the United States Constitution is a godless document. 1,464 more words


Where's It Written?

This morning I picked up my Wall Street Journal and read the following quote from a college classmate, former Watergate Special Prosecutor, and long-time Democratic Party mouthpiece – Richard Ben-Veniste:  “The president of the United States should not be involving himself in an ongoing investigation by soliciting details about that investigation from the head of the investigative agency. 604 more words


Meme: Check & Balance His Ass!

We are in the midsts of a Constitutional crisis. We need our institutions to stand up to our budding autocrat, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, now more than ever! 35 more words


The Definitive Reason Why the Electoral College Must be Revoked

History offers many valuable and undeniable lessons. One of the greatest mistakes was the establishment of the Electoral College. The fight to remove the election of the president by the people was led by James Madison, and supported by Andrew Hamilton. 715 more words