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A Guide for Action

Note: This is a very rough and choppy essay. It all follows, but this is not polished at all. I’m publishing it now because I’ve had the draft open all week and have reached a sort of conclusion, but this is not my best work. 1,695 more words


The Parties

President Washington warned the nation of the dangers of political parties and their potential for disrupting the system the Founders had created. Nevertheless, it was built into the structure of the Constitution (not to mention the human psyche) that parties would exist: there is naturally a Federalist and an Anti-Federalist party, one in favor of a stronger and the other in favor of a weaker central government. 1,270 more words


Be An Influence For Good!

Here at Constitution Me one of our goals is to create unity within our nation, and our local communities.  We believe that each individual has an important responsibility to rally others to the cause of freedom and limited government.   1,792 more words

Monthly Featured: July 2016-Defending Religious Freedom

Here at Constitution Me we will post a monthly lecture, video, or article that promotes freedom, the Constitution, or unity.  The intent of this post will be to focus on a new concept each month.   3,298 more words

Trump Is Telling World Cruz Is Correct To Distrust Him, But Trump Supporters Refuse To See Anymore Than Obama's Or Hillary's

My last post explained how logic dictates that those Trump supporters who booed Cruz for urging people to vote for those who will uphold the Constitution actually demonstrated they do not care about principles, the rule of law or the Constitution.  468 more words

Logic & Reason

Laura Ingraham Rocks the Convention!

In case you missed it, Laura Ingraham gave the stemwinder speech of the year Wednesday night at the 2016 Republican national convention.  Her beaming smile made her tenacity all the more electric as she grabbed the delegates, and millions watching on TV, by the throat with her conservative common sense and razor wit.  509 more words


Making America Great Again

There is much to like about Donald Trump’s campaign theme, “Make America Great Again.” That America is great has been observed since the very beginning, and only the wretched leadership and constitutional apostasy of the past decade or two have brought us to the point of needing to make it great again. 231 more words