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Defending America

In 1993 Newt Gingrich produced a wonderful video course called Renewing American Civilization. My wife and I had the privilege to serve as local representatives of the course, persuading two local public TV stations to broadcast it (one of them re-broadcast it six times). 135 more words

Have You Considered - Presidential Succession

If the drive to impeach President Trump is successful some interesting scenarios develop.  Here are some things to consider in the line of succession to the Presidency. 476 more words

Rep. Ralph Norman Defends Gun Rights

I was with Congressman Ralph Norman Friday morning for his “coffee visit” town hall at the Rock Hill Diner.  When we went to the reserved area, a group of women in red t-shirts (Moms Demand Action) planted across from us, intent on dominating the event with their radical anti-gun agenda.   771 more words


3 Most Effective Activism Methods in the Age of Trump

I’m struggling to find the most meaningful ways to gain political influence.

I’m not a lobbyist,  hedge-fund operator, PAC donor, or member of a dynastic political family. 337 more words

Forget Politics - Think Economics

Politics is too much.  It’s just too big.  So many issues, policies, personalities, feelings, fears, doubts, lies, propaganda.

Everything is hyped and overstated.  The political and cultural divide grows wider and deeper by the day.  714 more words

Our Economic Mess

Abridging the Freedom of Speech

I’ve found myself digging through my pocket copy of the US Constitution again, and, once again, discovered it was just as I had left it before. 712 more words