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Moore Morality

One of the advantages of writing this scruffy little blog, compared with, say, being a “journalist,” is I am not generally off in mad pursuit of deadlines.
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The 'Real' Miracle In Philadelphia, 1787

By Frank Hill ~

A young person said this recently:

“The Founders were all white privileged men”

To which the answer was:

“Yes. And your point is?”

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Public Opinion

Just Wondering

As I read the news, I often wonder why people do or say things that makes no sense at all.  Just a few examples:

  • People gather, look upward at the sky, and scream their hearts out!
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America Burning

Okay, seriously.

In the last several months, my life has been strangely on hold in a sort of suspended animation as I became progressively more obsessed with the news, especially national political news. 947 more words


Turnbull must urgently clarify whether or not he is entitled to Israeli citizenship.

The S44 citizenship saga has thrown up possible queries concerning the citizenship status of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The first is this interview with the Times of Israel in September 2015, 408 more words

Malcolm Turnbull

How Is This Democratic?

Our government is supposed to be a Democratic Republic. The founding fathers drafted all those documents to assure this. Either they failed miserably or they had a different idea of what democracy means. 953 more words


Laws are for little people

Every time I try to move away from the 2016 scorched earth information war, more news breaks taking us back to 2016.  So, I’m going to rehash some of the 2016 campaign messaging battle. 1,726 more words

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