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A Reckoning

A Reckoning After Trump’s Border Separation Policy: What Kind of Country Are We? by Time

What kind of country, indeed. Not that I thought I would ever see a time like this, I believe it was bound to happen- a test of our ideals and values- it does well to remember we are a very young country. 322 more words


The United States Constitution is Anti-Christ

Earlier today I saw a video on social media of parents fist fighting each other at a high school girls softball game. As I watched I felt sorry for the poor girls. 1,323 more words


Remembering The Forgotten Man

Having entered the interesting period of life known as “semi-retirement”, I finally am finding time to catch up on some of the unread books on the shelf. 655 more words


I’ve felt tired and uninspired, which seems a bit Carole King-ish.  Then, my mood lifted and I found my inspiration.  She arrived via a documentary “RBG” and for those of us who don’t usually think of the Supreme Court Justices by their initials alone, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the consummate rock star.  214 more words

The West Is Dying of Natural Causes

Jonah Goldberg, a well known “conservative” on National Review and Fox, is out with a book claiming that liberal western democracy is under assault by the forces of tribalism, nationalism and populism. 115 more words