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The Corrections

“And meanwhile the sad truth was that not everyone could be extraordinary, not everyone could be extremely cool; because whom would this leave to be ordinary?” … 515 more words

Bunbury Book Club

What Started As a Review of Jonathan Franzen's New Novel, "Purity," but Turned Into an Essay About How Terrified I Am of Other People's Talent

While it isn’t always the case that a novel will be good just because the writer took a long time with it (Norman Mailer’s once-ridiculed and now-forgotten  2,590 more words


The Internet Hates Jonathan Franzen Again

In 2010, when Jonathan Franzen’s last book, Freedom, was published, Twitter was in its infancy, and so critical takes on his work were limited to newspaper think pieces. 368 more words

Insecurity State: Jonathan Franzen Loses His 'Purity'

Jonathan Franzen, like it or not, is America’s premier novelist of insecurity. 1,141 more words


#43 The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen

As I neared the end of Infinite Jest, my lovely boyfriend and fellow voracious reader began The Corrections. I finished Infinite Jest, just before he finished The Corrections, which tells you something about the two books relative lengths versus readabilities. 526 more words


I AM NOT GOING TO READ THAT: Purity by Jonathan Franzen

Or: Why Hate Reading Has Its Time and Place, but You Shouldn’t Make a Habit of It.

I read The Corrections. I read a lot of profiles and think-pieces about Jonathan Franzen.  621 more words

A correction

You know that feeling when you decide to reread a book after many years? You know how you look forward to a comforting, familiar read, perhaps with new insights this time round, but mostly, you want to revel in a familiar story? 267 more words