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50 years: thirties

Part four, a memory for every year I’ve lived. First decade, second decade, twenties. Here are my thirties.

31.The best Valentine anyone ever gave me was when Kevin (the cool bass player from last decade) surprised me by renting a car and driving from Chicago to Strong City to bring me our cats. 1,234 more words

From Rachel

action figures based on East of Eden

I read The Corrections because a friend recommended it because they said that I should read some pop fiction and I was all like, “Like what?”I don’t know if this qualifies as pop fiction because while it’s not a hard read it’s pretty deep and sometimes emotionally wrenching. 482 more words

Great American Novel

This Jonathan Franzen Troll Is the Perfect Way to Start the New Year

It’s only January 3, but we already have the year’s first great troll.

Aside from being an award-winning author (of The Corrections and Purity, among others) Jonathan Franzen is also a vocal critic of social media. 214 more words


Jonathan Franzen: A Good Writer Except When He's Not

I love family dramas. On the surface they’re the most boring things ever, because it’s literally just following what you/your family just literally does every day. 1,093 more words


Purity--Book Review

Like a lot of other people on the planet, I loved The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen’s acclaimed 2001 novel about a dysfunctional Midwestern family.  I hazard to say that I liked 2010’s Freedom somewhat less, and now that I’ve just finished it, 2015’s Purity a little less still. 578 more words

Book Review

The Corrections - deep cut into family life

I finished The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen, last week, the story of an American family living the Capitalism era. Published in 2001 and expected to be “The Great American novel”, the novel enjoyed very much success in the US and abroad, but it hasn’t managed to be that great American piece everyone was waiting for in those days. 602 more words