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Second Semester; Prologue#2

The Fourth Kitten

Sam Turnbow deftly manuevers through the streets of his little London suburb, not knowing the fate that will befall him. He waves to Miss Everstream, even though the batty old lady has a tendency to ‘visit’ him at inopportune moments. 975 more words

The Council

Playing the Field – The Council

Playing the field – The Council

The field we are referencing is what many call the All That Is. You have many other names for it, and wars have been fought over whose name for it is correct. 1,024 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

AAA Cover Story: Five Steez Breaks Down Heatrockz EP [Jamaica]

There is an unofficial saying that people involved in the entertainment dealings never  really sleep, they just blink their eyes a few times randomly and wake up, dust their coats and continue with their chores. 987 more words

A Week In The A

On Alan Jacobs's Christian intellectuals

At Harper’s Magazine, Alan Jacobs has a lengthy essay, “The Watchmen,” more or less bewailing the disappearance, as Jacobs has it, of Christian intellectuals from the American scene. 2,811 more words


Fallowfell; The Drummer Of The Depths (Fallowfell 1.75)

The Drummer Of The Depths

Ring. Ring.

Aristomache Soaliokos, Branch-Leader of Norrland, Sweden’s most northern province grabs her phone, annoyed beyond belief that her sleep has been interrupted. 2,430 more words


Fallowfell; Gifts (Fallowfell 1.25)


“Why didn’t you save me?” Elena’s turquoise eyes bore into me.

A spreading stain of blood expands over her blouse. “Now I am gone”, she says with great finality. 3,377 more words