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The Council's Upcoming Release

Hey, everyone! I’ve got a little over a month and a half to go before The Council launches officially ~does a happy dance~ and as a result, there are lots of things going on for it at the moment! 119 more words


Pay Attention – The Council ~ Jan. 7, 2017

You have now moved into the space and energy that you identify as your new year. In this year, you will need to pay attention as never before. 773 more words

Some political meditations

We do not delude ourselves: our discussing endlessly the interpretation and consequences of Amoris laetitia must be tiring for you, dear reader. And, if we are being honest, it is tiring for us at times. 3,097 more words


New Years Solution

Just as if the hands of time running out. The world can change in one minute and that minute happens from 2016 to 2017. I could be making a Resolution, but I am making a New Years Solution, but I will not be responsible for that list as some would think, but the 8 will and they will be coming soon and they are not happy I am only a messenger and should you decide to kill me you will be sentenced 10 x more then I was sentenced and if you think hell is bad and Hell in the Cell is bad you have no idea what is lower then hell and only a few souls are left in that place. 408 more words


Ward's Corner CPO challenge- Information

Please share. This concerns the future of Seven Sisters town centre.

From Ward’s Corner Coalition

Dear friends,

The time has come to challenge the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for… 125 more words


A moving reflection from Matthew Schmitz

There is something going on at First Things. Yes, Rusty Reno and Mark Bauerlein jumped on the Trump bandwagon, but we’re not talking about that. 1,472 more words


New Release: The Council

Hey, guys! So after much debate, I’m proud to announce I’m moving forward with putting The Council on the market. I’m working on the cover and will hopefully get arrangements for the edits made soon as well. 149 more words