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Consultation: Have your say on the Council's Supplementary Planning Document on basements

On 21 January 2015 the Council adopted a new policy for dealing with planning permission for basement development, Policy CL7: Basements, which forms part of the Local Plan. 102 more words


02/25/2015 Wednesday Warfare

Wednesday Warfare | February 25, 2015
Los Angeles, California

The show opened up with the new FFP World Champion Adam Hyatt coming down the isle with Madison Castle by his side. 1,368 more words

Nina Fox

Emily Hart Presents The Council

The official FFP Twitter broke the news earlier today that FFP Vice-President has taken over a couple of wrestlers’ contracts not only becoming their manager, but welcoming them to her new group. 259 more words

Austin Briggs

Child Wants to Stay Home from School

This post is inspired by a question from Susan who asks if it’s more loving to let her son stay home from school when he doesn’t feel well or to force him to try to walk through his anxiety and go to school. 2,006 more words

Questions & Answers

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A few weeks ago, Little Man and I had a particularly difficult morning. I wrote about it here: Push Me Pull You. While I was struggling to deal with the situation, I decided to ask The Council for their wisdom. Bob and Cynthia have a blog that is full of people's questions and the advice that Cynthia brings through from The Council to help these people reach a higher level of understanding. The Council came through for me on this one in a very big way.

The Council via Ron Head - We Mean To Tell You That You Are Members In Good Standing Of These Councils - 2-10-15

The Council: We Mean To Tell You That You Are Members In Good Standing Of These Councils, Channeled through Ron Head, Oracles and Healers, February 4, 2015… 740 more words


And what you are, the one next to you is, as well. – The Council | Oracles and Healers

February 4, 2015

The Council

We would speak with you on this day regarding several concepts that underlay our messages during this time. These will be familiar to many of you. 686 more words


Many will look back and say, “What happened?” – The Council | Oracles and Healers

January 31, 2015

The Council

We will illustrate today’s message by asking you to picture a drop of water falling into the bottom of a wooden bucket. 377 more words