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Wanderlusty Wednesday: Ile d'If

Do you remember the first time you saw water that was so many different shades of blue and green it looked fake? I do. I grew up in New Jersey, less than a mile from the beach, so the ocean was always a navy-grayish color to me, and I still prefer it that way, big waves, dark sand, cold most of the year. 144 more words


How A 6-Ounce Crustacean Almost Killed Me

Mother Nature likes to play cruel jokes on us. I woke up on a bright Sunday morning and got up to feed Kiwi some crickets and check on Crabbie to see if he had eaten his dinner or needed more turtle pellets. 525 more words


No Apologies Project // 78

Last night one of my best friend’s gave me a shirt that has all of The Count of Monte Cristo written on it.

Yeah, it’s amazing… 12 more words


Reading One By One

For the first time in months I’m only reading one book.

And it’s heaven.

I’ve tried to be one of those people that can multi-task their reading. 218 more words

Taking My Time: The Count of Monte Cristo

Do you remember that time about 10 years ago that I asked you to choose a book for me to finish reading by the end of the year? 367 more words

Bible vs. The Count of Monte Cristo

Today I want to talk about The Count of Monte Cristo. This isn’t a post about the book, though the book is a great read, and I may eventually even post about the book in an effort to get people to read it. 1,363 more words


What Should You Do On Rainy Days

Don’t you hate the feeling of planning to go to the beach or the park or the Tet festival and then it rains?

One second you say ,”Let’s go to the ______today!” but then you look outside and say “Oh no…, my rain coat is in the washer!” Humor aside, depending on where you live, you probably have developed a strong emotion towards rain.

707 more words