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★★★ Review of Maud Dromgoole's 'Acorn' at The Courtyard

Acorn is a modern reworking of two Greek myths, and tells the stories of Persephone and Eurydice without the distraction of their male counterparts. It isn’t an Angry-Young-Woman play, railing against the patriarchy; it’s a clever use of an ancient tale that provides an amusing insight into the lives of modern women. 408 more words


Acorn, The Courtyard

Tatty Henderson’s production is visually and technically strong but Maud Dromgoole’s content as an adaptation of Persephone and Eurydice is baffling at times in this short play. 417 more words


Loose Moose Theatre Company: Mortal Kombat | Sep 27th, 2016

The battle between the Gods and the Mortals arrives on the improv stage. Scenes will be directed by the humans and then, through dodgy magic, the Impro Gods will have their turn using the performers like pawns to create stories on stage. 484 more words

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Festival Recovery At The Courtyard.

A wonderful opportunity to sit down with out of country friends and compare notes (and babies). The Courtyard is an eatery embedded in Southsea Castle, with prices perhaps slightly on the steep size but with the quality (and historical surroundings) to back it up. 44 more words

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The Courtyard - Alan Moore

I stand by everything I said in my review of Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales. Alan Moore is a literary genius and The Courtyard is yet more evidence of that. 111 more words



Regular followers of this blog will know that I am recently back from five days’ cruising aboard the wonderful Black Watch, fondly remembered by many as the legendary R… 883 more words

Fearless, the Next Wave of Iranian Art at Total Arts, Dubai.

Until April 30th you can walk into a space hidden in Dubai’s industrial district and examine a series of works that collectively point out how outdated mainstream curatorial considerations often is, of what is being made in the field of Iranian art today. 935 more words