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51: Mr. Wislydale Bonne

Edmund looked at the small apple in his hand. It didn’t look like it would hatch, soon or otherwise. He was about to take a bite when he remembered Ung’s reaction to Junapa’s sweet, so decided instead to slip it into his pocket just to be safe. 517 more words

The Macabre Tale Of Edmund Moulde

Did you know there is 'AnneX' East Japanese?

Have you been to East Japanese Market Place at Constant Spring Road’s mid town branch as yet? It’s called AnneX East Japanese. It’s only logical right? 425 more words


50: Mr. Kolberman Popomus

The man was dressed in a fine and modern-cut coat, bright red and rimmed with silver like a circus ring-master. His top hat was a matching red and slightly floppy. 526 more words

The Macabre Tale Of Edmund Moulde

49: Mr. Tricknee Bonne and Googoltha

Edmund turned back to the coach, only to see a wrinkled old face not half a foot away from his. The face was framed by a thick stick-like plume of white hair, large bushy eyebrows, and a long chin that stuck out like the bow of a ship. 510 more words

The Macabre Tale Of Edmund Moulde

Georgina Morton

I had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous and lovely Mompreneur, Founder of Studio Dubai, Georgina Morton.

Georgina is a mother to her beautiful boy and the owner of the amazing & fun studio located in The Courtyard, Al Quoz.  626 more words


48: Mrs. Junapa Knittle

The next cousin was tall, and older than Tunansia by a good deal. She had a black parasol that was open to keep the sun out and a thin pair of glasses that perched on the end of her nose. 486 more words

The Macabre Tale Of Edmund Moulde

47: Miss Tunansia Charter

Next came a young girl, at least a teenager, Edmund guessed. Her hair was jet black like his, and straight, but the similarities ended there. Her hair was long, almost to her waist, and her skin was a healthy tan. 538 more words

The Macabre Tale Of Edmund Moulde