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I have a new best friend. We’ ve known each other for some time now, but we haven’t always been on the same page. I wasn’t always a fan of the way he looked, so much so that I couldn’t really see who 60 more words

The Crafty

Mom Was Right… Great Things Do Come In Small Packages!

Reviewing The CRAFTY

Storz and Bickel are leaders in their field, they certainly know what they’re doing and they like to do it well. They are to vaporizers as Apple are to smartphones. 1,019 more words


Wow, it’s december…How did that happen? I just got used to saying 2015 and now I have to start saying 2016. Maybe if  125 more words

The Crafty

As you might know, or read, I live in Amsterdam, that’s in Holland by the way, not the other way around (just a little dig to all those geographically challenged people out there). 177 more words

The Stylish

To beach or not to beach

Sunlotion, flipflops, something to read, something to drink, something to eat, a change of clothes, other shoes, housekeys, phone, wallet and 142 more words

The Crafty


Presented by 420 ACCESSORIES 613 Somerset St. West – Ottawa, Canada 

(Well, it’s been awhile since we ran this segment, but we’ve been off and running with a few other projects.   423 more words

Fuck 'n Right