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Boombox Sculptures Color the History of Hip-Hop - The Creators Project

Since its conception in the mid 1970s, the boombox portable cassette player has become a symbol for urban communities, youth culture, and the unifying power of music. 118 more words


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Yes, Baby Chickens Can Be Heavy Metal

By Beckett Mufson — Apr 2 2015

Images courtesy the artists 

A loudly bellowed “ROCK CHICKS!” is the only chorus a band of metal-loving baby chickens needs to thoroughly trash a mini stage, reject selling out to a mini record label, and summon the grim reaper in… 148 more words


Installation Video Art

This is a cool example of cutting edge technology mixed with art. This video by The Creators Project profiles the art of Chris Milk, an installation artist that has created an interactive video piece. 10 more words