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Wes Anderson Designs a Bar for Prada

Following months of anticipation, the doors to the new Fondazione Prada in Milan will be opened this past Saturday. Alongside galleries and an education center designed by students at the prestigious architecture school of Versailles, the Wes Anderson-designed Bar Luce sat sweetly, crying out for fans of the director to daydream away their afternoons amongst the candy-colored furniture. 47 more words


The Dude Abides Emoji Translation

You’re Out of Your Element Until You Read the Emoji Translation of The Big Lebowski

As far as quotable cult classics go, it’s hard to find a better example than the Coen Brothers’ … 43 more words


We Will All Be Killed And Baby X Will Be The One To Do It

In a project that marks the end of the fucking world, a researcher for the Auckland Bioengineering Institute Laboratory for Animate Technologies in New Zealand asks a computer generated program to identify a series of pictures and words, which the program correctly identifies. 100 more words


Hey, look over here…#4 – Hayao Miyazaki

“My process is thinking, thinking and thinking—thinking about my stories for a long time,” he said with a wink, through a translator. “If you have a better way, please let me know.” – Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese filmmaker/animator (Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle) 14 more words

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The Creators' Project Dance and Rituals

In anticipation of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, YouTube worked with creators & directors to celebrate some of the most defining moments of 2014. This video, showing a variety of different dance moves and styles to the same song, is strangely fascinating although it’s receiving a bit of a mixed response. 25 more words