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Could it be genetically?

Sune just can’t stay still right now, I’ve just boiled some beef for the older guys and the smell drives Sune slightly insane :-) He won’t get any beef himself but I will pour the water the beef was in over his food so it’ll taste a┬ábit like beef :-) The others don’t seem to care about the smell though, they just lay on the floor sleeping. 361 more words


Dubai's Creek

Dubai has become synonymous with extravagant shopping malls and high-rise buildings, not least the current tallest edifice in the world, the Burj Khalifa. But when I have had free time in the city I have always gravitated towards the Creek, in the old city centre, which is one of the few places that hasn’t changed much in the 30-odd years that I have been coming here. 223 more words

Long weekend.

So off to the hospital I went yesterday and in good time, I only had to stop at the grocery store to buy something so I could get coins to pay for the parking at the hospital and I had to stop at the recycling place to toss away some old newspapers and glass jars. 606 more words

This And That.

It'll most likely be a long night.

I’ve mowed half the lawn and the parts I usually mow outside my garden too, like around the dog yard and the tiny piece of road that ends in a fence towards the cow pasture. 305 more words

This And That.

Lots of birds.

The kitchen door is open and I can hear all the birds singing in y garden and by the field outside my fence. It is a truly wonderful but slightly chilly morning but the sun is shining straight towards the door so it neutralize the cold a lot. 728 more words

This And That.

It is after all the workers holiday.

It rained all day yesterday and after that the cold came with the fog. So I woke up to a rather white world covered in frost. 666 more words

This And That.