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The first butterfly!

Yesterday the sun shone, it was very warm (over 12C, 54F) and the wind was weak. Angels flew in the sky praising the spring and the arrival of new life and then the first drop of rain fell and they all left :-) No angels praising in the sky today though, it’s rather chilly and the wind would probably blow them away and the rain really doesn’t help. 381 more words

This And That.

She's not fond of me at the moment :-)

Nova isn’t happy with me at the moment, not only do I clean out her ear and drop medicine in it I also scold at her when she takes a roll in wild hog poop and not only that I shower her too :-) and I didn’t allow her to shake all the water off in the hall way either! 437 more words

This And That.

It might be her ear again.

Once again the night was pretty cold and today it took a while to get temperatures above 0C (32F), there was still ice on creeks when we walked around after 1pm. 485 more words

This And That.

An hour of constant complaining!

It has been a truly wonderful morning and it could only have been better if the wind had calmed down some. The sun is shining, birds are singing, swans, both mute and trumpet pass by in big numbers up in the sky and I saw two cranes but heard several while we were out walking. 749 more words

This And That.

It won't stay thankfully.

It’s just as warm today as it was yesterday but not nearly as nice to take walks, the winds are blowing hard and the forest is the only place to be if one wants to avoid the winds. 395 more words

This And That.

You can thank me later :-)

I’ve done what I can to make winter leave northern America and most likely arrive here instead, I’ve shaved my head again :-) The predictions says it will stay fairly warm and my hair just got too long now, it’s impossible to get rid of the powder paint on my scalp. 658 more words

This And That.

A Weekend in the Texas Hill Country

February 13-15, 2015

So David planned a special weekend for us in the Texas Hill Country. All I have to say about it is we both really enjoyed it, and I thought if anyone else is looking for nice, fun, cool places to go, I’d provide a list. 358 more words