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So it’s summer and that means less writing and more lazing around the house, reading all the books and trips to the creek.

This is my last summer before both my girls are in school. 223 more words

Monday Blogs

We even got some sunshine.

It has rained, I have to give them that but not even close to the predictions they had yesterday, we even got some sunshine when we were out walking after work :-) I’m not complaining but the humidity is nasty high and when the weak wind stops to blow it does feel like I’m walking in a steam bath :-) 430 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Our national day.

Today is our national day and it’s a holiday. We have actually not had a national day for especially long, before it was our Flag’s day. 588 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Gold Ide.

I’m always nervous before the annually vehicle inspection but this time it was horrible, I sat and shivered just before I had to drive in :-) :-) I have no idea why I react like that but have been since the first time I had to go there. 697 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Who knows when we'll get weather like this again.

The morning is just as wonderful as the ones we’ve had since early this week. It is warm, the sun is shining and a weak wind i blowing, today however the wind is a bit cool. 344 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

The beaver is back.

We didn’t have frost during the night but it was a close call, still since the sun was shining it still was a rather pleasant morning walk. 750 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

I have a new printer.

The weather is so nice compared to yesterday, lots of sunshine and pretty warm (Scandinavian warm that is, almost 15C (59F)  :-)  ).The predictions for the weekend has changed so often that a hummingbirds wings doesn’t move that fast when it hovers :-) The two big weather sites show rather different predictions, it can either be partly cloudy and up to 20C (68F) all weekend or cooler and cloudy all weekend and rain on Sunday :-) 440 more words

My Dogs And Cats.