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FOUND: Insecure Blogger with Creek Addiction.

Well hello. Remember me? I’m Chick A, the one who writes about her ongoing weight loss journey, cocktail drinking, her dog who’s 68 years old and getting rid of your road rage…you know, stuff like that. 660 more words

Day 4

We woke up this morning to fog enveloping the ridge. It is one of my favorite sights. In the early morning hours the land and the river change temperatures at different speeds.  318 more words

Tales of the Bottomless Feeder

Hey, Y’all-

I can say “y’all” now that my rear is firmly rooted back in The Woods . I can’t even begin to explain the feeling this place gives me. 723 more words

The Creek

I fell in love in the creek near my house
with weeds and mud and rocks and sand
the things I found there as a boy, 351 more words

J.T. Carlton

I won't complain about the weather today :-)

The temperature took a giant leap upwards today and it didn’t stop until it reached 27C (80,6F) :-) It’s always a bit shocking when it jumps up high like that when it has been autumn cold for such a long time. 441 more words

This And That.

Embracing Dubai

We flew from Lhasa, Tibet, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in one day, so the least we could expect was a dose of culture shock.  We went from one of the least commercialised and underdeveloped countries in the world to one where retail malls are touted as major tourist attractions and development includes building fake islands.in the shape of a palm.   466 more words


It's sort of warmish!

Today has been so much nicer than yesterday or any day for over a week to be honest. It has been mostly cloudy but the wind is weaker (still strong though) and it has been warm and nice all day. 464 more words

This And That.