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Lots of free tv channels to fall asleep to.

We have a sunny afternoon here after a rather grey and dull morning. The night was actually slightly less cold than the night before because clouds arrived so the little warmth we had here stayed. 588 more words

This And That.

The world was frosted.

I woke up to a rather chilly morning, the predictions were actually spot on when it comes to the temperature!!! -8C (17,6F) Guess if I’m surprised :-) :-) The rain and high humidity that we’ve had lately helped to frost everything outside so the world was rather sparkling white and lots of it sparkled in different colors when the sun every now and again managed to shine through gaps in the cloud cover. 570 more words

This And That.

Concrete ice.

It is a cold day and the fire is burning in the stove. We never got any snow but we did get lots of rain and then the temperature dropped, so I had concrete ice all over my car this morning. 454 more words

This And That.

A few hours of sunshine.

I woke up this rather wonderful but chilly morning to the news about what had happened in Paris yesterday evening. I was looking at facebook and wondered why I saw all these comments about us all being French today but no explanation to why. 475 more words

This And That.

Works in Progress Wednesday

Hi all!  What am I up to?  I am working on the Christmas ornaments this week.  Variations of burgundy and gold.  Lots of fun and quick to do. 223 more words