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It'll be a lazy day.

According to the weather sites it is raining here right now but as far as I can see through the windows it doesn’t. Showers are of course always hard to predict, it might in fact rain on the other side of my cottage without me knowing it. 555 more words

This And That.

It can be so easy some times.

Summer returned today but it will be gone by tomorrow again. It will however show on Thursday just to be gone on Friday :-) The weekend might be like summer again but they say one thing on tv and it sais one thing on the net, both predictions are made from the same company :-) 413 more words

This And That.

I hear it in the distance.

The day has so far been rather lovely, sunny and rather warm with a cool breeze. I can however see the cold front coming and it begins with thunder clouds. 411 more words

This And That.

Another fantastic day :-)

‘It is warm today, it went above 21C (69,8F) already at 10 am and it looks like it will continue to rise for yet some time, yesterday we reached 24C (75,2F) and that was a few degrees higher than predicted. 595 more words

This And That.

So far it has been rather nice.

It is supposed to be raining here right now, it doesn’t. I’m not complaining, just saying that they haven’t been quite accurate in their predictions :-) They also predicted, when I checked this morning, that we wouldn’t get any sunshine today, we did :-) It is a low pressure that gives them problems with their predictions, they just can’t figure out how fast it will move eastwards. 599 more words

This And That.

I think I'll celebrate the coming weekend :-)

Even though the weather predictions said sunshine all day with no or few clouds it showed not to be entirely true. Yes we’ve had sunshine, every now and again and it did get reasonable warm too but the wind did its best to make it colder. 350 more words

This And That.

To the creek!

It’s our spring and summer battle cry, and even when it’s not something we planned to do on a particular day, when the creek is involved, fun is ahead. 230 more words