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It won't stay thankfully.

It’s just as warm today as it was yesterday but not nearly as nice to take walks, the winds are blowing hard and the forest is the only place to be if one wants to avoid the winds. 395 more words

This And That.

You can thank me later :-)

I’ve done what I can to make winter leave northern America and most likely arrive here instead, I’ve shaved my head again :-) The predictions says it will stay fairly warm and my hair just got too long now, it’s impossible to get rid of the powder paint on my scalp. 658 more words

This And That.

A Weekend in the Texas Hill Country

February 13-15, 2015

So David planned a special weekend for us in the Texas Hill Country. All I have to say about it is we both really enjoyed it, and I thought if anyone else is looking for nice, fun, cool places to go, I’d provide a list. 358 more words


Finally we reached it!

We have just come back after an hour and half walk this morning. I trusted the hunters wouldn’t come today since tomorrow is the last day for field hare hunting and the hunting leader said that would be their last hunting day for the season. 735 more words

This And That.

It looked like fog.

I had two things I had to buy on my way home today, fire logs and The old boys medicine. There are two towns I can go to if I want to be sure to get both and a third if I’m willing to take a chance but only get the fire logs if unlucky. 578 more words

This And That.

Soon it'll be daylight when I drive home from work.

It was almost as warm today and I missed it because I had to work and really wanted to eat mu lunch without stress, yesterday I had to go out to buy lunch so that’s why I could feel how wonderful it was. 398 more words

This And That.

Too bad I have to work on days like this!

I went out on my lunch break to go to the grocery store because I had forgotten to make dinner at home yesterday and I also forgot to order any at work. 319 more words

This And That.