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I bought another camera.

-3C (26,6F) here this morning and once again I had to scrape the car windows before I left for work. Thankfully the car didn’t fog inside as bad as yesterday so I could actually see where i was driving already after a few hundred meters (much the same in yards) :-) The daylight started to show even if it would take a couple of hours before the sun actually rose and I do like mornings like that. 486 more words

This And That.

It isn't especially nice this morning.

It isn’t a nice morning here, windy, high humidity and around 15C (59F). I have actually turned on the radiator in the livingroom but It’ll only stay on as long as it feels this chilly. 578 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Camera Dump - It's July

A collection of pictures from the last week or so. The weather has been pretty good lately.

Velvet antlers.



Erosion and tracks.

Sun peeking under the clouds. 25 more words



So it’s summer and that means less writing and more lazing around the house, reading all the books and trips to the creek.

This is my last summer before both my girls are in school. 223 more words

Monday Blogs

We even got some sunshine.

It has rained, I have to give them that but not even close to the predictions they had yesterday, we even got some sunshine when we were out walking after work :-) I’m not complaining but the humidity is nasty high and when the weak wind stops to blow it does feel like I’m walking in a steam bath :-) 430 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Our national day.

Today is our national day and it’s a holiday. We have actually not had a national day for especially long, before it was our Flag’s day. 588 more words

My Dogs And Cats.