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The birds believe spring has sprung.

We’ve had a rather nice day here, at least until around 1pm when the clouds finally put an end to the sun shining. It is still quite warm though and if one can stay out of winds range it still is quite nice out there. 349 more words

This And That.

If I would think like a forest owner....

We’ve had a cold and sunny day here today, even after I had come home from work. Normally the sun is behind clouds when we get out on our walk but today it showed itself several times even if it was just for a few minutes at a time. 465 more words

This And That.

A do nothing day.

We had a rather wide rip in the clouds where the sun would be able to shine through when it finally would rise but naturally that rip closed together as soon as the sun was about to rise above the mountain :-) I’m not surprised at all, that’s the way nature works when I want something, like sunshine :-) 280 more words

This And That.

They sure weren't going to make it easy for me.

I woke up around 4am today by the nasty smell of cat poop. It is impossible to ignore so up I went and down to the bottom floor. 670 more words


Not a sound could be heard.

It was pretty cold here this morning but since there was no wind it actually was quite nice outside. I thought the hunters would come today as they have lately on Saturdays so I hadn’t planned to walk in the forest today but they didn’t so we’ve been out there a couple of times today. 482 more words

This And That.

It is very brittle.

It wasn’t as cold as they had predicted this morning, only -14C (6,8F) but I saw on the thermometer that it had dropped down to -21C (-5,8F) after I had left. 445 more words

This And That.