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The Crossing Season 1 Episode 8: The Long Morrow Recap

In episode 8 of The Crossing, we finally get official confirmation that Emma was fridged way back in episode 4. No one onscreen cares much about her death, but I’m pretty pissed off about it. 2,670 more words


These 7 Shows Died On My DVR

Criminal Minds

I used to use Criminal Minds as an example of what you should watch if Lost was too complicated for you. Then I stumbled across A&E reruns. 639 more words


Review- The Crossing episode 4

Yes, this was an episode of television.
And to think I was really feeling the first two episodes, I wrongfully thought it would at the very least stay on that level. 192 more words


Review- The Crossing episode 3

The highlight of the episode is Georgina Haig (FRINGE).
Okay, review over.
…Oh all right…
My notes while watching this one started out very optimistic and quickly went off the rails. 364 more words


Author Interview: Jason Mott

Today I am interviewing Jason Mott, author of the new dystopian novel, The Crossing.

◊  ◊  ◊ 1,777 more words


The Crossing Season 1 Episode 7: Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream Recap

In case anyone hasn’t heard yet, there will only be one season of The Crossing. This episode is an example of the uneven writing that probably turned viewers away and got it cancelled, along with a main character who’s a patsy and a screw up, and not even charming while he’s doing it. 2,731 more words


Review- The Crossing episode 2

After the pilot, I had this idea that it would take a couple episodes to really feel like the show is moving and building on itself. 322 more words