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Music from my teens

Okay, so it turned out to be impossible to choose just ONE record. If it would’ve been easier to come by I probably would’ve ordered an album before the weekend was over, but for anyone shopping for physical music these days, you know it’s never easy. 271 more words


Hangman's Joke


Hangman’s Joke is the fictitious rock band that Eric Draven was in, until he was murdered, in the cult-favorite movie, The Crow. This is an awesome tribute to the movie and the late Brandon Lee. 15 more words


The Crow - Intro

It was noontime when Abby woke up from last night’s plunder. Her entire being revolts against the waves of unfamiliar sensations that went through her. A sudden awareness of guilt and of remorse, of exultation and of woe, then suddenly, of the harmonious rhythm of the head and of the heart. 220 more words

Creative Writing

The Crow [Reboot]

This is one of my favorite films and I will get around to reviewing it properly for you guys some day soon.  I think they need to leave this film  506 more words


3.a The Crow Companion Video - Makeup Tutorial

For your viewing pleasure, we have made a super professional makeup tutorial. So serious. Please remember to rate and review us wherever it is you listen! 26 more words


Creator of Spawn and Director of New The Crow Have News on Their Respective Properties.

Image Copyright McFarlane 1992/Miramax Films 1994

Are you ready for two movie remakes that have been in the pipeline for what feels like forever, and which have different levels of being ready, should they ever find their way out of developmental purgatory? 529 more words