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Walt Sent Me Episode 66: The Crow

Return with Kristen and Todd to the dark brooding 90’s with a 1994 release from the years that Disney owned Miramax, The Crow. They also look at the 1933 Silly Symphony… 11 more words


Trash & Treasures: The Crow

This week, a flick somehow infinitely more sensitive and heartfelt than the thousands of other Manpain Revenge Movies that ripped it off.

I cannot believe I somehow missed watching this as a teenager. 115 more words


Great Scenes in Great Films

This week’s great scene from a great film comes from 1994’s cult classic superhero flick, The Crow. Brandon Lee’s eerie performance is great, and gives us an early look at Heath’s Joker, but the special effects steal the show here. 14 more words


On Horses

Source: http://pitchinternational.com/

My nephew got married at Ascot, top hat and in a fancy carriage with his newly wed wife. My ex had come from Wales, where everything is so green in the valley and everyone so alike, she went to the races with her brother, it’s a hobby that costs a fortune. 262 more words

Creative Writing

Weird celebrity deaths.

2016 has been a year of loss. David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey….¬† I mean the list feels endless this year. As someone obsessed with pop culture and music, it has been tough. 771 more words


The Crow

Directed by Alex Proyas, 1994

Another one I missed as a teen even though I was caught up with Brandon Lee’s death. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,¬†Brandon Lee the lead here, was accidentally shot with real blanks during the filming process. 157 more words

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