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Day 1368: Good, better, best

Today’s post title is inspired by this equipment from the Mayo Clinic, designed to prevent pneumonia after major surgery:

It would be good, according to my health team, if I breathe into that plastic instrument once every hour I’m awake. 189 more words

Personal Growth

Michaeline: Nixie Voss and the Culture of Secrets

I’ve been thinking about my “villain” this week. I put it in quotes, just like David Bowie’s “‘Heroes'”, because she’s not really a villain (See… 850 more words


Transgender Misrepresentations in the Media: Part 2: The Deceiver

Have you ever watched a show where the main male character meets pretty girl, takes her home, only to find out she’s trans? If so, is this portrayed as a joke, embarrassing, or otherwise negative? 912 more words

Transgender Stuff

The Crying Game (1992)

Ok, champs now here’s the deal. My last review… which ironically was also my first review (mind officially blown) I went out of my way to not provide any spoilers because I wanted you to watch the film yourself and rejoice. 2,199 more words

The Curious Case of Forest Whitaker and Why 'Ghost Dog' is the Best Role of His Career

by Jason Koenigsberg

Last week when the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer premiered online, one person really stood out that caught my attention. Forest Whitaker has a few scenes in the trailer and we can assume has an important supporting role in the film. 1,724 more words