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The Crying Game (1992)

Ok, champs now here’s the deal. My last review… which ironically was also my first review (mind officially blown) I went out of my way to not provide any spoilers because I wanted you to watch the film yourself and rejoice. 2,199 more words

The Curious Case of Forest Whitaker and Why 'Ghost Dog' is the Best Role of His Career

by Jason Koenigsberg

Last week when the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer premiered online, one person really stood out that caught my attention. Forest Whitaker has a few scenes in the trailer and we can assume has an important supporting role in the film. 1,724 more words


Memories are made of this - 1992 - London Docklands, I Drove All Night with Roy Orbison - The Crying Game

Welcome to 1992 and we have just celebrated our fifth Christmas in our house in South Woodford. I was  job hunting and at the same time helping a couple of friends with their respective business start-ups. 1,091 more words


The crying game

There are lots of things in life that can make you cry. Not getting any chocolates for Valentine’s Day, very sad animal stories, breaking your toe on one of your dog’s stupid bones that you have asked her quite nicely to put away a thousand times before and the simple fact that even though McDonald’s is now serving breakfast 24/7 you still can’t get any biscuit options past ten unless you live in one of a handful of states, none of which I would ever choose to live in, despite my love of all things biscuit-y. 988 more words

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Laytown puddle to be upgraded to lake

A 32-year-old puddle in Laytown, Co. Meath is to be given lake status in a geographical ceremony later this month. Lake Meade 573 more words
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The 2016 Blindspot Series

The Blindspot  Series is something I was really intrigued by when I started blogging last year but couldn’t get involved in as I had missed the date for joining in. 101 more words


Soundtrack of my Life: "The Crying Game" by Boy George

Boy George never gets enough credit as a singer. He nails songs that cry- “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” is a classic for a reason and it has nothing to do with the cheesy 80s production surrounding George’s tearful voice. 266 more words