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The Da Vinci Code Pt. 1

I didn’t get much reading done today; instead I fell asleep using the book as a pillow and got sunburn. So today I learned that tanning oil and no sun screen is a no no for me. 143 more words


Five Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Romantic Voice

Admit it, you were expecting my Barry White impersonation. No such luck! Instead, after reading a whole pile of submissions, I’ve put together pointers for you as you write that proposal/manuscript/and even that Powerpoint presentation. 624 more words

An entertainment website "paranormal crucible"

So the other day I was really bored and while browsing through the newspapers I read of a site called http://theparanormalcrucible.blogspot.com

Later that day, while sitting in the loo, I tuned into that site and was seriously laughing my shit out. 99 more words

An attempt for open-mindedness: The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Was Mary Magdalene really a prostitute or was she someone more to Jesus? A secret held for centuries by the Knights Templar, the Priory of Scion is now endangered from being  discovered. 296 more words


Book Review – Deception Point by Dan Brown

My extra blog for this week looks at Dan Brown’s 2001 novel, Deception Point, one of his few non-Robert Langdon tales. Full spoilers for Deception Point… 875 more words


Printing brush strokes

Lying in bed, gushing noises of the air conditioner, faded comments of the cricket match in the background, yellow light, reading. Reading Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ curled up in bed under the blanket. 170 more words

I Find No Fault in Him

Pilate said unto them, You take him, and crucify him: for I find no fault in him.  (John 19:16)

I was born in the midst of the New Age movement when Jesus Christ came under scrutiny in every imaginable way, and traditional Christian doctrines were watered down and seasoned to make them palatable on the same plate as Eastern religions.

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