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The Da Vinci Code, Prologue and Chapter One: Straight out the gate with the dick jokes

My first favourite thing about The Da Vinci Code is the artfully deployed H covering Vitruvian Man’s dong. I suppose I can understand why you might not want to put a penis on a book cover, but this particular penis? 1,781 more words

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Welcome to The Best Bad Books, celebrating 15 years of The Da Vinci Code

Many years ago I picked up a book called Holy Blood and Holy Grail. It began in a small French village named Rennes le Chateau and began with a priest’s tomb and mysterious Latin inscription. 750 more words

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The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown is best known for The Da Vinci Code. Of course, after loving the fast-action code-breaking of Da Vinci, I started reading other Dan Brown books. 397 more words

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Other Movie Franchises That'd Benefit From R-Ratings

In the wake of the success of Logan opening higher than any other solo Wolverine movie as well as Deadpool, movie studios may have finally learned that restricting a film’s rating to make a good film doesn’t restrict box office receipts. 1,306 more words

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While this isn’t my favourite book, it’s a good book and I also enjoyed the movie. I read this book (and multiple others) when I was bed bound for 4 weeks a couple of years ago. 206 more words


4 days Scotland road trip: #1 Fort William

If your holiday time and your money are short, this is the perfect Scotland itinerary for you!

Me and another 4 friends have made this amazing trip together; we… 954 more words

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