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The Da Vinci Code 71-73: More Annoying Scavenger Hunt Clues

Previously on The Da Vinci Code, our numbskull heroes jumped on a plane to Britain and flew about for a bit. While they were doing that, Teabag hinted strongly that he wanted Sophie to give him the cryptex, because they are still clutching that thing and no closer to solving what it’s about. 1,591 more words

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code 68-70: An Underwhelming Sixty Nine

Last time on The Da Vinci Code, the promised chaos at the Chateau Villette proved disappointing when our heroes easily escaped in a Range Rover with Silas duct-taped in the back. 1,568 more words

The Da Vinci Code

Hot takes on hot reads: July 2017

Since graduating from college and therefore required reading, I’ve actually wanted to read. I know you want hot takes, so I am offering my hot takes on all 12 books I read in July. 1,037 more words


7 Books You Have To Read Before You Die

There is nothing better than sitting on your chair out on the veranda or on your balcony, or sitting in the corner of your room, snuggled up beneath the sheets, and reading an exciting book to keep you turning page after page. 654 more words


The Da Vinci Code 65-67: Cue Yackety Sax

Time to come clean: I’m struggling with the last quarter of this book.

This is due to a lot of things, the main one being that moving house is very expensive. 2,578 more words

The Da Vinci Code

30 Day Writing Challenge: Favorite Books of all Times

My classes will be starting soon. And I don’t know if I will be able to dedicate enough time for my blogs anymore. But I will surely try my level best for all you guys who read my blogs. 961 more words


Friday Five: Good Books Gone Bad

You’ve experienced it before. The book. The hype. Maybe it even becomes a movie. And then, for some reason, the meteoric rise of a novel has a Milli Vanilli level fall. 1,099 more words