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Did Dan Brown write Ready Player One?

Some of you may already have heard of Ready Player One. It is a speculative fiction novel which was released a few years ago with the name Ernest Cline on the cover. 264 more words


What is YA? (Book Talk)

Call me late to the party, but I had a good laugh a while back when I discovered that Dan Brown is rewriting his hit book… 1,314 more words

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Harry Potter spells booktag

At the moment, I actually should be doing other things but you know what they say: Harry Potter tags always come first. Always.

1. Expecto Patronum  641 more words

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Why Dan Brown is Great

Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code get an awful lot of criticism from scholars because there are some quite significant inaccuracies and some frankly ridiculous exposition of texts which people hold as special or holy. 698 more words

Biblical Studies

Book review- The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown


The Louvre, Paris: The elderly curator of the museum has been violently murdered in the Grand Gallery. Harvard professor Robert Langdon is summoned to decipher the baffling codes which the police find alongside the body. 740 more words

A flurry of polarizing opinions decides the top six films that critics and movie-goers agreed to disagree on

Just because critics dismiss a film doesn’t mean movie goers will.

Take the strange case of Suicide Squad: the anti-superhero flick had a lousy Rotten Tomatoes critical rating, but the production based on DC Comics super-villains is already closing in on a $500 million world-wide box office mark. 629 more words


5 lý do khiến tiểu thuyết Dan Brown được yêu thích

Dan Brown là tác giả của nhiều tiểu thuyết bán chạy, và quyển đầu tiên của tác giả này mà mình được đọc là “The Da Vinci Code”. 1,344 more words