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Books, Family Time and Diet Complains

I like schedules. Neat and productive schedules. I like it when it actually goes to plan. Study time means study time and not ransack the fridge for fruits. 732 more words


We Need to Talk About Dan

If you’re a writer, critic or just a general cultural pundit, there are certain literary truths that you must accept… or else.  Joyce was the greatest writer of the 20th century.  1,164 more words

Book Recommendations for Beginners

I am a Reader. Not an avid or voracious. Not a bibliophile or bookaholic. I’m just someone who enjoys books. They are my best and most loyal friends. 1,258 more words



” Where did we come from and where are we going.”  The ultimate mystery?  Creation versus evolution? God versus science? What is waiting for us?  Big questions, but not for a… 162 more words


Flashback Friday-The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Dan Brown’s 2006 novel, The Da Vinci Code was nothing short of a bombshell when it hit book stories 12 years ago. Depending on the perspective of the reader, it was either a thriller that kept you reading, or it was blasphemous/utter nonsense. 128 more words


Hailey's first English blog post


Hello everyone,

My name is Hailey Cai. I am an international student from China and currently a freshman, studying in Lehigh University.

I am taking Dr. 132 more words



Don Everts and Doug Schaupp tell what skeptics taught them about their path to Christ.

“Evangelism is a process and God is the author of it.” I learned that proverb the hard way in the 1980’s when, as per my seminary’s requirements, I tried each week to lead total strangers to Christ using a four-step presentation of the gospel. 337 more words