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Inferno Box Office Prediction

The combination of Dan Brown’s novel, Tom Hanks’s star power, and Ron Howard’s direction melds together for the third time as Inferno hits theaters next weekend. 259 more words


Diabolical Angels

Angels & Demons (2009),  Blu-ray

Hmm. What exactly was this film about, exactly? Some Irish priest who wants to usurp the Catholic church for Reasons Unknown and become the Pope by stealth, murder and intrigue? 398 more words


Inferno - Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is back in mystery mode!

Director Ron Howard is returning to the Robert Langdon franchise based on the bestselling novels written by author Dan Brown, and so is composer Hans Zimmer. 1,786 more words


Film: Inferno – tripe for dumb people to feel smart

Inferno, the third film based on Dan Brown’s horrible books following Robert Langdon, is yet another slice of absolute tripe made for dumb people to feel smart. 725 more words


movie review: INFERNO

jadi gini, setahun lalu waktu gue harus menghabiskan sebulan penuh di banten (re:kkn) banyak tontonan baru diluar “gue banget” yang gue tonton. dari sekian banyak, seri-seri dari novel inferno lah yang paling membekas di benak gue dan sudah sangat sangat meannti film inferno ini! 545 more words


This review must open with the confession that i have yet to read any of the Robert Langdon novels. I have attempted to read The Da Vinci Code as well as Inferno, the literary source of todays film, but have quickly given up out of sheer boredom. 303 more words


Something's missing in the code...

The Da Vinci Code (2006) (Blu-ray)

With Inferno coming to the cinema next week, it seemed timely to revisit the earlier films in the franchise, so to make a start I dug out my old blu-ray of… 533 more words