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Sound Of Music

Secret or Sacred Music

Some music is only played on special occasions and some types of music have, throughout history, been hidden from all but what we may call the ‘initiated’ – for whatever reason. 1,297 more words


The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Spending my junior year of college abroad in Ireland has given me the incredible opportunity to travel across Europe fairly cheaply. I recently visited Paris for 67 euro. 789 more words


Saint Sulpice – Paris

While in Paris last year, we revisited the church of St Sulpice, where you can see the gnomon that appears in Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code. 44 more words


Movies... I Can't Believe They Were Banned

It emerged today that China has banned the movie Deadpool, claiming it is too violent. Reading about this made me curious about other movies that have been banned throughout history, around the world. 256 more words

A Clockwork Orange

John Moore: You're 'Making a Movie,' too

Every few years a cultural phenomenon comes along that becomes such a juggernaut you dare not ignore it lest you become estranged from the zeitgeist. I was so late to the party on the Da Vinci Code craze that I used a fake book cover while reading it on the bus. 820 more words

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Judul : The Da Vinci Code

Penulis : Dan Brown

Kategori Buku : Fiksi, Detektif, Thriller dan Teori Konspirasi

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On Many Literary Things

I have spent a ridiculous amount of my time these last few weeks with my laptop and books, (I just have a season of Merlin left. 1,635 more words

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