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About that Christopher Nolan directing 007 film thing

There’s been another breakout of “Christopher Nolan directing James Bond fever.”

The subject comes up every so often. It’s well known the London-born Nolan likes James Bond movies… 415 more words

James Bond Films

Hardy says being 007 with Nolan directing would be cool

Actor Tom Hardy gave an interview to The Daily Beast website where, in effect, he says playing 007 with Christopher Nolan would be cool.

Before anyone’s blood pressure rises, here’s the key excerpt: 362 more words

James Bond Films

McConnell: We Won’t Tolerate Dems Blocking SCOTUS Nominee - The Daily Beast

Who is he to tolerate or not tolerate what Democrats are going to do. He’s the majority leader not the king of the Senate. What a hypocrite. 86 more words

Just Talking: My "Conversations with ..."


 Looking back to the mid-Eighties when I stumbled unto the opportunity to publish a hip downtown magazine  I am not clear on how I fell into the habit/practice of arranging conversations/interviews with contemporary writers, photographers, film directors, cartoonists, poets, painters and all manner of creative individuals. 193 more words

When the Trolls Turned to Trump

We can now see that in December of 2015 there was a change: Putin praised Trump for the first time during the election and his army of trolls began to support Trump. 295 more words