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Condoms Provided during the Summer Olympics: By The Numbers

By this point, it’s no secret that Olympic Village is famous for hook-ups. (Though whether athletes are partaking before or after their events, who can say?) It makes sense: Throw together thousands of elite athletes from all over the world who are in peak physical shape who’ve trained most, if not all, of their lives, for a sport with a laser focus that more than likely excludes almost everything else. 285 more words

By The Numbers

Veganism for children?

This morning my husband sent me a link to an article that I thought I would share here with all of you, as it seems to be such a problem that laws in Italy may go into place. 987 more words


Journalistic Integrity vs. The Daily Beast

Last week, The Daily Beast put up an article about the use of social dating and hook-up apps by Olympic athletes in Rio. Real Woodward and Bernstein kind of stuff… 699 more words

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It's all fun and games until some of those Olympians live in countries where homosexuality is illegal

When I worked at Washington Square News, I oversaw¬†the group of writers who contributed to the paper’s opinion section.

One of my central aims was to have a wide variety of writers — nothing overt, but I liked when my two-page section had pieces from across a spectrum of human experience. 417 more words


Daily Beast Outing Of Olympic Athletes Is Gay-Shaming, Not Journalism

This year in Rio, a record breaking 49 LGBT athletes are competing, as compared to 12 in Bejing, and 23 at the London games. Rio also marks the first time a transgender model has been used at an Opening Ceremony, after Brazilian model Lea T rode into the Maracana stadium pedaling the bicycle that carried Brazil’s name ahead of the host team marching out. 918 more words

Straight Journalist Downloads Grindr To Out Closeted Athletes At The Rio Olympics

Nico Hines, a reporter for The Daily Beast, thought it would be a good idea to out members of the LGBT athletic community competing in Rio. 332 more words