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Arif Gets Streisanded

The Daily Beast picks up my story about Turkish court-ordered takedown requests by Trump’s Bayrock business partner Tevfik Arif re: his 2010 arrest in prostitution sting… 451 more words

Law And Politics

Transgender ‘Girl’ Is Upset with Straight Guys, Says They ‘Need to Work Thru’ Not Being Attracted to Trans Women — Young Conservatives

Zinnia Jones is a transgender activist who has been featured by CNN, New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post and Buzz Feed Jones thinks that straight men not wanting to be with transgender women is discriminatory and something that they “need to work through.” I don’t see a problem with telling straight guys who…

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SPI Steps Out: (Literary) Beauty and The Beast

As NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute entered its third week, students were invited to visit magazine and digital media companies to get an inside glimpse of their offices, missions, and methods for engaging audiences. 1,100 more words

Summer Publishing Institute

The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

This week, we’re sharing stories from Caity Weaver, Marisa Meltzer, Jiayang Fan, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, and Jeff Maysh.

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How One Porn Mogul Made His Fortune and Ruined Everything

Despite riches, power, and respect, some people are never satisfied. A poor North Carolina kid named Michael Thevis turned paperback smut and peep show machines into a million-dollar empire, and he shaped America’s porn industry right as laws started to relax around the ownership and production of sexually explicit material. 292 more words


Transformers: The Last Knight Reviews Are Filtering In…

I’m politically liberal, which I mention because it mystifies me when people fall for a fairly obvious ideologue/fake populist like Donald Trump.

The same reasoning process extends to the movies I enjoy in that the Transformers have always been terrible (I give a pass to the first–it wasn’t great by any means–but it was at least new and novelty matters) but enough people don’t seem to think the same way–especially internationally–that they seem to make lots of money quite reliably, hand over fist. 139 more words


Editor’s Rant: Write Every Day or Quit Now

Or, Some Nutjob’s Opinions on What it Takes to be an Author

A few days ago—ahem, May 26th at 12:01 AM ET—a highly unpleasant individual named Stephen Hunter blogged about what they think it takes to be an author. 2,099 more words

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