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Is Adriana 'Cohen Away' from the Boston Herald?

Sharp-eyed readers of the feisty local tabloid might have noticed a few changes this week at Boston Herald Radio.

First, though, here’s what the lineup looked like as recently as last Friday. 178 more words

How Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Spread Fake News - The Daily Beast

When during the campaign Trump said that the election was rigged, he was right. It was rigged by him and his campaign. With the help of Russian hackers and 400 pound guys in their bedroom Donald Trump was able to steal the election. 99 more words

NFB doc follows Canadian freelancer on volatile front lines

The father simply wants to know why the son can’t be content covering city council meetings in his native Toronto. But father should know better. Son Jesse Rosenfeld has spent the last nine years covering the realities and revolutions in the powder keg that is the Middle East. 1,114 more words


Hillary Destroyed Her Own Campaign

(This is the title of an article by Betsy Woodruff in The Daily Beast, as posted on the MSN.com website.)

I have never been a part of the inner workings of any political campaign, but I am under the impression that a lot of people do a lot of planning over many months, if not years.  412 more words

John Oliver: We Must Fight Trump, a 'Klan-Backed Misogynist Internet Troll'

John Oliver, like most liberal comedians, did his damnedest to prevent Donald Trump and Mike Pence from reaching the White House. He tore apart the former reality show host for bragging about sexually assaulting women, explained how his scandals were far worse than Hillary Clinton’s, and even offered up his Emmy to Trump if he’d deliver a concession speech and ensure a peaceful transfer of power upon losing. 57 more words

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What Did You Expect? Donald Trump's Final 48-Hour Hate-and-Lie-a-Thon.

I always forget this between elections, but it’s true: We really do learn from these unbearable gruel-a-thons who these candidates are at their core, and the results usually reflect our collective conclusions about them. 91 more words

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