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Killed by the Mafia at 7, Nicholas Green's Heart of Gold Finally Stops Beating

How a 7-year-old American boy, murdered by Mafia hit men on a lonely Italian highway 22 years ago, changed a nation.

Nicholas Green was a thoughtful, imaginative 7-year-old boy touring southern Italy with his parents, Reg and Maggie, and younger sister Eleanor. 1,080 more words

Human Rights

Where's the evidence?

Pardon me:  just fact checking.

Homeland Security on AP’s National Guard: ‘Absolutely Incorrect’

An explosive report that Secretary Kelly wanted to use troops to “round up” undocumented immigrants gets serious pushback.

228 more words

7th February 2017: Music from Libya

Today I have chosen a few songs from Libya, as well as some really informed articles written by people with a far greater knowledge of Libya than I have. 230 more words

An influential Kiwi!

The other day Adam became aware, via Kiwiblog, that corporate leader and Kiwi Chris Liddell had been appointed to a role in the Trump White House. 211 more words


Get in the Know

A how-to for mornings: Step 1, coffee. Step 2, more coffee. Step 3, ugh.

But honestly – my average mornings really do go a lot like the one Viola Hastings has on the day of the Cornwall vs. 737 more words