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Why I Waited Decades To Tell Anyone I Was Raped

Safe Harbor It was 32 years ago, last week, than I was pulled from a dimly lit hallway into a darkened high school science lab. I did not yell, I did not scream as he pressed me against the wall and forced his tongue into my mouth. 61 more words

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Bill Maher Blasts Leaked Trump Tape: 'Making Sexual Assault Great Again'

On Friday evening, The Washington Post released their “October Surprise”-and it came from a very unlikely source. The paper released a video of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has a well-documented history of rank misogyny-and whose own ex-wife, Ivana, once accused him of a violent rape-bragging about his ability to sexually assault women due to his fame. 44 more words

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Samantha Bee Rips Apart Trump’s Debate Sexism: ‘Now You Have a Problem!’ - The Daily Beast

I don’t watch Fox News. But for the first time I wish I had seeing their post debate coverage. It seems that Megyn Kelly threw some really good shade, noticing that Donald Trump was speaking to Sean Hannity and she asked in retort if he was planning on speaking to any journalists. 65 more words