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Macskasy: “innocent until proven otherwise”

Frank Macskasy is a stalwart at The Daily Blog. Yesterday in response to comments he said:

So, Jollo, the guy has been charged – but not convicted of any offence?

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Police versus The Daily Blog, free speech and censorhip

A clash between bloggers and business, with claims of heavy handed attempts at censorship – from a blog renowned for censoring comments.

On Thursday Martyn Bradbury posted overdramatically… 1,271 more words


Rejection Sucks

Part of being a writer is being rejected. Part of being a good writer is not letting rejection get to you.

Damn. I must not be a good writer yet. 346 more words

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Stink bombing Mediaworks

Martin Bradbury seems to be very sour about Mediaworks – in fact bitter about media in general.

How’s this for a stinker of a bombing? 490 more words


Bradbury versus The Standard, continued

Martyn Bradbury at The Daily Blog has been feuding with The Standard for several months. It seemed to be as a result of  bitterness after Internet-Mana’s demolition in last year’s election. 1,001 more words

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A chapter in my story

“Lost at Sea” by Julie Marks

It was sometime in late September of 1974 when Bob Marks vanished off the coast of northern California. The Coast Guard in San Francisco spotted the Teddy Jo, Bob’s 45-foot fishing boat, bobbing 50 miles offshore from Obispo Bay. 146 more words

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LIFE101: How (not) to Write Lists

To be a high-functioning human being, you must understand the utility of writing lists.

Sure, we are all experienced list-writers, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying we are all high-functioning human beings. 332 more words

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