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Bitter Bomber bums out

In wonder if Santa might have given the Bradbury house a miss, the turkey was burned, the sherry was drunk before it made it into the trifle and the sauce was made with imitation brandy. 887 more words


Blogger of the year

Political blogs in New Zealand serve as a useful enough niche in discussions on democratic matters but are waning in influence and newsworthiness.This is largely due to the growing dominance of Facebook as a forum for just about everything, but is also an effect of ‘Dirty Politics’ on the two largest blogs. 1,498 more words


Clark on RM poll

The December Roy Morgan poll had National down 4.5to 45%, and Labour up 5.5 to 28%. These weren’t out of the ordinary movements but were predictably heralded by left wing blogs. 533 more words


Daily Blog and Whale Oil

Some tweets on Whale Oil and The Daily Blog from @JJPalethorpe :

I don’t think WO or TDB are hard-left or hardright. They’re conservative and nasty, but not exactly centres of political thought.

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Debating Castro's legacy

There have been contrasting responses to the news of the death of Fidel Castro. A hero who stood up to the US, or a brutal dictator? 548 more words


My Placement 

It was never guaranteed but at the end of the six months with NJ More Field Guide College and you had done well, you had the chance of being placed placed at one of the More Lodges and other lodges as well. 347 more words

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