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The Not-So-Daily Blog (Episode#2 | 15-10-2017)

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Hie, everybody!

First of all, I would like to thank all the readers for the positive feedback on the Pilot episode. 897 more words


Evolving a Multi-Party Democracy — The Daily Blog

Mainstream journalists continue to struggle with multiparty governance. And the amplified rhetoric resulting from their struggle creates doubts amongst the captive consumers of mainstream media. While we wait for the votes to be counted in our 2017 election, now is a good time to review the evolution of party-based government in New Zealand, and to…

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If NZ First go with National it’s a suicide note for their party — The Daily Blog

NZ First will almost certainly cease to exist as a party if it props up a National government over the next three years. On nearly every significant economic and social policy the NZ First policies differ little from Labour.

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Blame Labour’s low polling where it deserves to be blamed – on the mainstream media — The Daily Blog

If there is a disappointment with the Labour and Green vote on election night, let’s put that blame where it deserves to go, the right wing corporate mainstream media.

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10 reasons why there will be a Labour-NZ First-Green Government and why it will take a month — The Daily Blog

I’ve communicated briefly with Jacinda, I’ve spoken to some of the leading members of Labour’s negotiating team and I can assure you all, any suggestion Labour are just going to roll over and allow NZ First to go to National without a fight is utterly wrong.

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Blogs hard out on attack

Political blogs tend to cater for their own audiences much of the time, but in an election campaign tend to put a lot of effort into attacking the other lot. 541 more words


An Illusionist.

He was an illusionist,

Kept tricks under his sleeves,

Bunnies and birds inside his hats.

Brought smiles to the passerby,

And wonders to the children . 106 more words

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