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He is fighting the November chills.

In the quiet night streets, his face glows with the streetlights that throws a detailed view to his wasted features.

The sandy brown hair and his bony face with his brown eyes are the spectacular view of his face. 469 more words

Daily Blog

Sessional and Burger.

Trying to live up to my own expectations.

24th March 2017,

I am not a morning person, so I woke up one hour before my college starts. 445 more words

College Life

Blog armies and militia

I don’t know if whale Oil does their ‘Whale army’ thing much any more but they included a reference in The Whaleoil Dictionary last year: 212 more words


Werewolf on leftwing misogyny

Two stonkingly good posts over at Werewolf this week – both superficially about the ongoing tantrums of Martyn Bradbury, but more fundamentally about the direction for the left and the role of women within a leftwing movement. 394 more words

Sex And Gender

Why Is Bomber Bradbury Bludging off Kiwi Unions?

One of the most frustrating things about our current employment law is that there is no protection against non union workers freeloading off the deals paid for by union members. 288 more words

Unity: a poem inspired by Martyn Bradbury

After a weekend of checking Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury’s latest diatribes – against women’s marches, Green Party voters, liberals, cyclists, the Labour Party, tourists, millennials, Nazi punchers, identity politics and Guy Williams – for personal attacks against myself or my union comrades, I decided this whimsical thought-experiment-slash-poem, assembled over an idle evening or two, deserved to see the light of day. 929 more words


Bitter Bomber bums out

In wonder if Santa might have given the Bradbury house a miss, the turkey was burned, the sherry was drunk before it made it into the trifle and the sauce was made with imitation brandy. 887 more words