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LIFE101: How (not) to Write Lists

To be a high-functioning human being, you must understand the utility of writing lists.

Sure, we are all experienced list-writers, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying we are all high-functioning human beings. 332 more words

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The Manifestation of Stress

Stress. Stress is the bubbling acid burning the base of your esophagus. Stress is the blinding pain behind your left eye, sentencing you to a room of darkness. 161 more words

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Stories In Numbers

A scattering of red, blue, and green dots is displayed between two axes, representing numbers–my numbers. I’m looking for a pattern.

They look like polkadots. The kind of polkadots you’d find on kid pajamas. 121 more words

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Dear Julie

You wrote a letter to yourself today. Not because it was a special day, not because it was a day worth remembering, but because you needed reminding. 175 more words

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The Daily Blog spike

The Daily Blog is has congratulated itself for a record month of hits last month, beating Kiwiblog on the April Open Parachute blog ranking, the first time a left wing blog has done this. 725 more words

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I Cannot Explain My Fear

“Hi, can you help me? I’m looking for a bike–but I’m really nervous. I’m not a good bike rider. I’ve only ridden a few times before.” 394 more words

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Shanna Reeder: Key is a sexual harasser who "should resign immediately"

Shanna Reeder, a Hotel organiser from the Unite Union, has implied that John Key could be a serial sexual harasser and has said “in my view this behaviour is abhorrent and he should resign immediately”. 1,195 more words