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Bomber promotes war, fear and terror in NZ

Fear, terror, hate, evil, war.

Don’t worry, what this Bomber promotes is unlikely to be felt by anyone. He is as lethal as a water bomb using a hundred year old balloon. 226 more words



Home is where everyone belongs, be it a poor man or a rich man. It is like a deck of
playing cards where sorrows and happiness are shuffled together and it is what you pick and make use of it, that counts. 39 more words

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Filling the Fairfax/NZME gap

Talk of a merger between Fairfax and NZME has prompted discussion about opportunities to fill the gap left by an expected further contraction of MSM news and analysis. 812 more words


You can't just whack wings on the devil and call it an angel

Another lament from Chris Trotter, who seems to have resigned himself to needing divine intervention to rescue the mess of the left.

An Opposition Worthy Of The Name?

650 more words

'Town hall meetings would fix Labour

Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick

Lord but Bomber talks some nonsense. ‘Town hall meetings would fix Labour’. Most people couldn’t tell you where their townhall even is…

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Why Bomber's claims are totally meaningless

In his latest rant against our intelligence agencies Martyn Bradbury has bombed with a mass of misfires.

The headline: Why the ‘protections’ in new spy bill are totally meaningless… 437 more words


'Waatea 5th Estate' alternative

Martyn Bradbury has announced details of the launch of a media alternative, Waatea 5th Estate. Curiously, as massive media diversification continues, Bradbury has chosen a single programme streaming format going head to head with Seven Sharp on TV One and Story on TV3. 706 more words