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A Typical Day

A typical day in the life of a Trainiee Field Guide is the duty team gets up at 5:30am and gets the coffee and rusks ready, for those of you who don’t know what a rusk is as I didn’t when I first got here, it is like stale cake and you dip it in your coffee. 294 more words

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More on the Morgan poll

Apparently continued silence by Martyn Bradbury on the latest Roy Morgan poll which came out a week after he posted BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: UMR SECRET POLL – National 41% Labour/Greens 45% 1,075 more words


The Fight For Freedom

I hadn’t planned on doing any sightseeing while I was in Johannesburg this trip just a bit of last minute shopping before heading bush. As it turned out I was finished by 10am so I decided to ring Solly, who had picked me up from the airport, to see if he could organise something for me and I’m glad I did. 396 more words

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Is anyone terrified by MANA?

Anger. Fury. Fear. Bomber talks up a terror campaign at The Daily Blog:

It’s MANA that the elites fear turning populist anger against them

Bryce Edwards covers off the anger that is simmering in the electorate…

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Bomber promotes war, fear and terror in NZ

Fear, terror, hate, evil, war.

Don’t worry, what this Bomber promotes is unlikely to be felt by anyone. He is as lethal as a water bomb using a hundred year old balloon. 226 more words



Home is where everyone belongs, be it a poor man or a rich man. It is like a deck of
playing cards where sorrows and happiness are shuffled together and it is what you pick and make use of it, that counts. 39 more words

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Filling the Fairfax/NZME gap

Talk of a merger between Fairfax and NZME has prompted discussion about opportunities to fill the gap left by an expected further contraction of MSM news and analysis. 812 more words