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The Left's handling of Key's hair pulling

Labour and the Greens have had a bit to say about John Key’s hair pulling but this is a look at how left wing blogs have handled the hair story. 1,563 more words

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Writing about Family

I’m writing a personal essay about a person I’ve never met: my uncle, who disappeared twelve years before I was born. The number of living family members who knew him is dwindling: only three brothers and one son remain. 319 more words

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Why #Ponytailgate is serious business

As broken by The Daily Blog today and corroborated by the Prime Minister’s office:

The Prime Minister has apologised to a waitress who accused him of repeatedly pulling her hair at an Auckland cafe.

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New Search: Query Letter

Write a query letter. A good query letter. — That’s my homework assignment for this week. So…. what’s a query letter? A letter to an editor that says, … 234 more words

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16 going on 18

My boyfriend owes me 16 succulents. Next week it’ll be 18. Let me explain…

I’ve developed a thing for succulents. I more than like them. I like like them. 234 more words

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My Prized Possession

I’ve been wearing the same necklace now since October. I found it at an antique flea market and it’s been my prized possession ever since. It’s a pendent made of two silver pieces welded together. 205 more words

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Ben & Jerry's Making Beer

Despite Bing’s stunning photography, they rarely show headlines worth clicking. Today, however, was different. Today, I saw two names I recognized: Ben & Jerry. I clicked. 242 more words

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