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When will the Human Rights Commission shut down Shakespeare Pop-Up Globe? — The Daily Blog

One would have thought the Human Rights Commission had bigger fish to fry, like, oh I don’t know, finding the funding so they can actually hold the Police to account, but apparently not… Pak ‘n Save’s responsible drinking video ‘discriminatory and harmful’, Human Rights Commission says A Pak ‘n Save ad featuring men dressed as…

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TV REVIEW: Q+A – Jacinda under omnishambles pressure + the madness of the Greens — The Daily Blog

Q+A remain the only political show worth watching in the morning on the weekends and they showed their importance today. The pressure Jacinda is now under with her omnishambles of a week was painfully obvious.

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Colin Craig vs Jordan Williams Court of Appeal decision — The Daily Blog

The Court of Appeal has come out with their verdict… …as a witness in this case, it was apparent to me that the Judy didn’t seem to have any comprehension whatsoever of defamation law.

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An unmarried pregnant Prime Minister whose partner will be the stay at home dad… — The Daily Blog

An unmarried pregnant Prime Minister whose partner will be the stay at home dad – the Right in NZ are literally rolling in their graves…

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Why are Fairfax pimping for climate deniers? — The Daily Blog

What the hell do Fairfax think they are doing by allowing a climate denial pimp like Doug Edmeades a platform? The line up of cherry picked ‘fact’s Edmeades vomits up are all the usual bullshit and bluster climate deniers use.

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Have we started the year off ugly and angry?

Politics seems to have kicked off early this year, largely because of the attention being given to Donald Trump (New Zealand politics is only slowly emerging from holiday time). 1,154 more words


2017 rewind: Unity: a poem inspired by Martyn Bradbury

I’m still proud of this one, even if it did ruffle some feathers among people who can’t read a disclaimer properly. Once again for the folks at the back: I didn’t write this. 982 more words