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What happened to New Zealand? When did anger and fear warp social policy into state sanctioned spite? — The Daily Blog

Something happened to NZ and I’m not sure when it happened. Somewhere along the line we stopped using empirical evidence to shape public policy and allowed fear and anger to warp it into state sanctioned spite.

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The 3 reasons why the 2018 Budget is so depressing for the Left — The Daily Blog

When the Leader of the Opposition can claim on TV that ‘trickle down’ works, you know we are a country still in the grip of neoliberal culture.

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The NZ Herald Troll Farm and their predictions of doom for the Left — The Daily Blog

So far the Troll Farm at the NZ Herald comprising of Hosking, du Plesses-Allan, Hawkesby & Soper have all breathlessly foretold the end of this Government, the death of the Green Party & demise of NZ First – all in just 6 months!

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“Convergence Des Luttes” – A Convergence Of Struggles — The Daily Blog

EMMANUEL MACRON will be hoping that Mark Twain was wrong about history. In the French President’s ears, the celebrated American novelist’s famous observation that although history does not repeat itself, it sometimes rhymes, can hardly be reassuring.

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Come on Phil Twyford – the government can do better than this! — The Daily Blog

On Friday the government announced it is spending $100 million to provide emergency housing for New Zealand tenants and families this winter with a staggering $37 million for motel accommodation.

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Cameron Slater just said WHAT regarding the Clarke Gayford smear??? — The Daily Blog

Ummmm, what? Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater denies involvement in Clarke Gayford allegations Appearing on his show on Thursday, Mr Slater says he had nothing to do with the “scurrilous rumours” being spread, arguing he’s “no friend of the National Party”, and “it’ll be a cold day in hell before I do anything to help…

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Dear Audrey – National MP ignorance doesn’t mean dirty politics isn’t happening — The Daily Blog

Audrey Young channels John Key Audrey Young from the NZ Herald is very quick to attack Jacinda for suggesting the online smear campaign against Clarke is ‘dirty politics‘… That makes her calculated reference to “dirty politics” in her statement unfair on National.

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