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Debating Castro's legacy

There have been contrasting responses to the news of the death of Fidel Castro. A hero who stood up to the US, or a brutal dictator? 548 more words


My Placement 

It was never guaranteed but at the end of the six months with NJ More Field Guide College and you had done well, you had the chance of being placed placed at one of the More Lodges and other lodges as well. 347 more words

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Lilium Mackliniae

Shirui lily (Lilium mackliniae)

This rare lily has a pale mauve color and beautiful pale bluish-pink petals. Its beauty lies in its bell shape petals in bowing position like a modest girl. 23 more words

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I'm a Field Guide

I grew up in Australia as a child watching a TV series called Daktari. The TV show was all about a vet and his daughter and Clarence the one eyed lion and their day to day adventures in Africa. 170 more words

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The Daily Bloggers

The Daily Blog is unusual in how many bloggers/authors they have (most have one or a few).

They have just announced the addition of four more ‘bloggers’: 626 more words



Here are some more photos I haven’t had a chance to publish yet.

Each one of these photos I have taken has come with new feelings and  and experiences for me. 21 more words

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