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My Wakeup Call

“Did you work on your dreams today?”

When I first saw this question, I was immediately overwhelmed with guilt because my answer was simply, “NO!” And for a few more months, I continued to feel that way. 277 more words

Warm Sunday blogging

I sit under a shaded tree in my backyard listening to the sounds of life, the birds, the wind and the daring wicked world around me. 54 more words



If you have been keeping tabs on the recent snowstorm on the East Coast, your going to love and like this video from NYC Vlogger Casey Neistat – “Snowboarding the streets of NYC!” 53 more words

The Daily Dish

New Year...New Beginning...

If you have seen my latest video above, then you know why I have been absent from my blog, as well as my channel. But for those of you who don’t feel like watching, let me fill you guys in! 508 more words

I'm a Barbie Girl! (or am I?)

Growing up, I didn’t have many friends. So the best way for me to cope with that was to play with my Barbie dolls. Luckily for me, there was a doll tat resembled me from m complexion to my long legs, even all the way down to my relaxed hair.  247 more words


One day I was with my mom at the doctor, and I noticed two teens that were so wrapped up in their phones that they didn’t care about anything going on around them. 186 more words

Disarrayed Affliction

For the past few months, my personal life has been in shambles… 280 more words