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Writing naked raspberry satire

 This morning, I woke up naked. Not a soul on the other side of the bed was nearby – not even the ghost of the dog, who’s been gone for almost three years next month. 632 more words

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Cyperspace ate my work!

So this morning I sit at my desk with a hot cup of coffee at hand, I tap in my WordPress account and pull up my working blog draft from yesterday that was to be finished with editing and polishing, only to find out – cyberspace, ate an entire day’s work, that now has me starting from, “scratch,” once again! 499 more words


Blogging is like naked writing

Today’s blog seems like a strange turn of events – yes, I said, “a strange turn of events, well sort of.” I started looking at the computer screen, only to notice, it had been blank since six am in morning with nothing written on it until now. 533 more words


Today's Second Disappointment

Last weekend, I wrote about my email exchange with Talking Points Memo.  The Editor of that site and I ended up having a longer email exchange that got more polite and constructive.  535 more words

4 Awesome Ways to Beat the Winter Blues as a Family

The holidays were the easy part, with their flying reindeer and tolling bells. Now there’s the rest of winter to get through…frownie face-free. It’s a good thing we live around the District! 579 more words

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The Rebirth Of Catholicism

I am, I must confess, still reeling from Pope Francis’ new, lengthy and remarkable interview. I can barely believe that these words – so redolent of Jesus’ – are coming from the new Bishop of Rome, after so long an absence. 1,828 more words

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I Believe

Some final thoughts after so many years of so many thoughts. Marriage is not a political act; it’s a human one. It is based on love, before it is rooted in law. 375 more words

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I will re-read this from Sully a thousand times. Because it is sooo easy to get demoralized living in the South. But...