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VIDEO: 40oz Van Rap Radar Interview

If you consider yourself to be an aspiring entrepreneur, check out this 40oz Van interview with Rap Radar that took place in 2013. Nothing but gems dropped. Enjoy.


The Top 10 Happiest Countries to Live in?

Though not being a goal for everyone, it is for the most part a goal to be happy. Happiness is an excellent indicator of the country’s well-being. 355 more words


365 Grateful: 09.02.2014

Humanity. Tonight it tries my patience. From negative news to negative neighbors, I’m having trouble climbing out of the miasma, and gratitude seems tamped down. Yet a posting on Facebook teases my awareness. 88 more words


ALOHA and The Daily Good (Plus a Special Discount!)

I wasn’t always the biggest fan of “green juice.”  Although it’s been a recent trend in healthy eating, I never wanted to waste the time or money trying to track down a place near me that sold all natural juices without any chemical or unhealthy additives.   260 more words


Start Your Weekend with The Daily Good

Happy Friday!

I’d thought I’d end this week on a positive note.  I got a little irked this morning and had originally written a long rant about this and that.  68 more words


What would you?

What would you do with your life if money were not an issue?

The cartoon strip below originally appeared on 

Zen Pencils and is shared from the  172 more words

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365 Days of Goodness and Light day 45

I have a confession to make, I’m one of those few people who really doesn’t care for Valentine’s Day. To me it’s a very commercial day filled with unattainable expectations, and I’m not a fan of most things commercial or of expectations.    29 more words

365 Days Of Goodness And Light