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Can You Vote Your Conscience?

More Biblical food for thought in this election season:

In any given situation, your conscience — properly speaking — will not lead you. It’s not your guide. 102 more words

The Daily Word


I cleaned it all today. Washed away the remnants of you with bleach and two pairs of gloves. I scrubbed at the tile, willing the love of you to be lifted from the cracks. 177 more words


Finding Warmth Over Love

Find someone who keeps you warm. Warm in the heart and warm in the soul. I say this more than just keeping your bed warm at night, I mean this in a way to keep you warm through every bone cold winter and sweat inducing summer. 293 more words


Northside Baptist Church Women's Renewal Weekend Registration

Join the ladies of Northside Baptist Church for a Renewal Weekend October 21 – October 22, 2016. This will be an exciting weekend for 6th grade girls to Senior Adult Ladies. 36 more words

The Daily Word

Words on Leaving

They never tell you how to leave. They always tell you how to stay, and to fight, and to continue on through the storm. But no one ever tells you how to leave. 281 more words


My Game of Chance

I let you happen to me,

The way that fall changes the color of leaves

And the way that water washes up upon the shore, 108 more words


Raging On

Admire people when they let their dreams dance through their eyes- when they let it roll off their tongues.

Let life happen to you.

Stop letting the world tell you that it is too much for you to be here. 34 more words