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Monster in the Dark

A story of depression and hope in real time.

So there they are—anxiety, grief, apathy, and futility. Anxiety raises questions about my future, grief casts a shadow over my past, and apathy and futility drape a fog over me in the present. 46 more words

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Letter to a Teen Unboxing Their First Smartphone

No sooner did God create man and give him this worldwide mission than man fell into sin. Adam and Eve determined they would disobey God, and when they did that, they brought sin into this world. 99 more words

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The local church: love it or leave it?

Where the local church is not fulfilling a persons perceived need, the temptation to “look for God elsewhere” is understandable. But is it the best solution? 321 more words

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What are the benefits of church membership?

  1. It commits you, the Christian. It’s good to commit yourself to love and serve others. You will grow as a Christian as you commit to encourage, build up, strengthen, serve, rebuke, and pray for other Christians.
  2. 285 more words
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Desire + Temptaion + Opportunity = Sin

Temptation is a common theme in the Bible, but I wonder how often you actually think about the nature of temptation. What does it mean to be tempted? 488 more words

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Finals Week Begins, Gotham S1 Ends and I'm going home soon

Its been a terribly long time since I’ve been able to even at my blog, let alone write. A lot of things have happened and have set in motion. 375 more words

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Happy Mother's Day

The significance of motherhood cannot be understated.  The universal appeal of the attributes of a mother are so well understood that the Apostle Paul could use it as an example of how we should treat others: 209 more words

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