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Burning incense....

Roman authorities seized Ignatius of Antioch in AD 107. They carried him to the Coliseum where soldiers fed him to wild beasts. His crime? Ignatius refused to turn his back on Christ and burn incense to the emperor. 233 more words

The Daily Word

Back to life stuff

Today, I thought it would be okay if I switched from my recent trend of writing academic level stuff back to the good old daily life stuff upon which the title of this blog was initially based (Yes! 246 more words

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Sunday School primer: Fellowship

In our Christian circles, the word fellowship has come to mean little more than Christian social activity.  However, the first occurrence of fellowship in the New Testament is at the day of Pentecost at the beginning of the church. 173 more words

The Daily Word

Sonnet 55, The Apocalyptic, & The Walking Dead

Today, I had the most interesting conversation with my English professor. Of course, by interesting, I mean highly intellectual-y stuff that would most likely be construed as boring. 623 more words

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The Rise of the Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain

Entertainment today is truly fascinating, specifically television. Television is the only sector in the big three (Film, Television and Music) where actually good, original content is what is most popular and successful. 1,183 more words

The DAILY Word

What we often call “its just who I am,” John Owen called “indwelling sin.”

As believers, we lament with the apostle Paul:

“I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. 455 more words

The Daily Word