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My Mirror, With Gratitude

The people we crave in the moment is a mirror of the kind of person we ourselves have become. We are all comprised of every person we have ever had the good fortune of meeting. 389 more words


Get Busy Living | An Ode to Summer

Three months can change you. And I know that it is just a quarter of a year, and seasons don’t even pass in that time. But three months can do some healing that years never had the possibility of ever achieving. 285 more words


"The Word" of the Diem: The Most Recent of My Daily Diary Entries

Topical Outline:
-1 Corinthians 13
-Patience as a greater asset than my own selfish wants or misguided desires
-Emergence from God’s crucible, by clinging solely to His Love, “caritas” 22,408 more words


Making a morally good choice, with a clear conscious. Trump vs. Clinton

Best two articles I have read on thinking Biblically about the upcoming election.  Again, this is not an endorsement for either view.  This is just more food for thought to help you make a God honoring decision with your vote. 135 more words

The Daily Word

Spiritual Diary for August

God is my Fulcrum⚖

Humility from mistakes and failures is just an opportunity to discover new ways in which to work Steps 2 and 3, as We seek progress both laterally and vertically. 75,462 more words


Spiritual Diary for July

“This too shall pass.”
If nothing else, I can hang onto the idea of and conversation with God and Jesus, knowing that no matter how defiant, melancholy, depressed, or childish I feel and/or act, They will never give up on me and will stay with me until I am willing to accept Their help. 11,831 more words


Spiritual Diary for June

“Let go and let God”
“Wearing life like a loose garment” allows the Grace of God to step in and do for me what I cannot do for myself.  7,135 more words