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Boring entertainment

It sounds pretty counterintuitive.

“Boring entertainment.”

To be entertained, by definition, is to be in a state of enjoyment. How then can one be bored by entertainment? 400 more words


Carla's Week In Review 1/7-13/18

It’s my blog day. I’m going to try and blog on Saturdays, do a kind of “week in review” thing. I’m not feeling especially bloggy today, but that doesn’t matter. 967 more words

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Thought for the Day...

Struck by the sun I beat along the path,

Love of the heart is my light backpack,

The song of the girl with the white hands…

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Thought for the Day (from Paris)...

“Those opposed to the humanity of a commander towards his corps are the real enemy.”

Getting through middle school without hearing the old adage ‘I lead by example’ or even ‘be the change you seek’ would have been hard at best.

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There Are No Pictures!

The temperature has risen. It has risen indeed! I’ve been stuck inside for YEARS, I tell you, YEARS!! Today was the first day in over a week that we reached and held double-digits. 2,365 more words

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Travel Guide For The Girl With Too Many Things

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by a 50lb bag weight restriction at the airport. *raises hand*

Traveling can be a bit stressful – especially the preparation part – and even more so as a girl with a sense of style and too many things. 1,138 more words


Thought for the Day...

‘Where there remains no more to be given, there is the limit; for it is not liberality to procure by base means what you can give away.’ To me this seems wittily said; for if you get the means of giving foully you become miserly in order to be generous.

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