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Lung Berry

What I coughed up quivered like a wad of raspberry jelly. If I looked close enough, which I wouldn’t, I’d probably see little black specks as well, though they were far from seeds. 1,079 more words

Pen Of The Damned

Book list updated. Squeeze in The Damned

If I had some damned (maybe in a jar?) I would need somewhere to put it. I am about to get hold of some in the form of a book. 98 more words

Great Nyctaeus

The Number Forty-Nine lurches as it pulls away from the curb. Hydraulics hiss, and through the settling fog Max makes out brake lights, blinking indifferently in the drizzle. 1,818 more words

Pen Of The Damned

Top 10 Love Songs

1. Love Song The Cure

2. Love Song The Damned

3. Love Song Bongwater 

4. Love Song Utah Saints

5. Love Song Ten Foot Pole… 22 more words


The Damned-Smash it up

Here is a shirt for the Damned that says “Smash it up” which was a single from their 1979 album “Machine Gun Etiquette”.  The shirt features a collage of different band pictures framed by green on a white shirt. 28 more words

A tweak and a sneak - Twitter and The Damned.

The Tweak

I have been having a bit of an issue with the time I divide between Twitter and this blog. I seem to spend a lot of time tweeting and reading tweets when I really want to  write more and read things of more than 140 characters. 393 more words