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Top 10: Christopher Nolan Movie Moments

Christopher Nolan is, to my mind, the best director working today, and the best of this generation.  I’ve written before about the power of his ending scenes… 89 more words


TOP 10: Christopher Nolan Films

Welcome back to Film Discursion’s weekly series of Top 10 lists! Click here to check out all of our Top 10 and ranking lists. This week is the Top 10 Nolan films, which is a bit of a cheat, since there are only 10 Nolan films to choose from. 1,286 more words

2017 Film Favourites - #5 DUNKIRK (and Ranking Christopher Nolan)

Nolan is never scared of telling stories the way he wants to and it’s refreshing. Dunkirk was no different. My first experience of Nolan in IMAX and what a way to do it. 939 more words


Top Ten: Massive Plot Holes in Otherwise Great Movies

I’m not really one for chasing plot holes and, honestly, I am not really one to nit-pick; usually, I can watch a film and be perfectly satisfied with it even if there are a few questions or plot conveniences being employed to tie everything together. 2,254 more words


Dunkirk: Worst Batman Movie Ever

Dunkirk, a very well crafted period piece by the visionary director Christopher Nolan, may possibly be the worst Batman movie ever. During my viewing of the movie, the real life story of the battle and evacuation of Dunkirk, I was disappointed to find that Batman has less screen time than he had in  348 more words


Christopher Nolan on ‘Dunkirk,’ State of Movies and TV, Spielberg

Brent Lang writes: There have been extensive doom-and-gloom scenarios about the demise of movies lately, but writer-director Christopher Nolan isn’t among those sounding the death knell. 786 more words