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Aurora Theater Shooting, 3 Years Later: When Moviegoers Became Superheroes

WARNING: Graphic details/images follow. Three years ago, on July 20th, moviegoers piled into the Cinemark Century 16 in Aurora, CO for a midnight screening of Warner Bros.’ … 3,900 more words



No villain is ever without their henchmen. The Mr Bigglesworth to Dr Evil, the Pinky to the Brain, the Wormtail to Voldemort. These characters can provide a number of different emotional releases for audiences. 596 more words

Themes On Screens

Film: 50/50 Review – Should have been great

Film: 50/50 Review – Should have been great

I may be a little late to the cancerous party on this particular title but as they say – better late than never. 263 more words


On June 19 "Batman Returns" was released...

On June 19, 1992 “Batman Returns” was released.

The film, directed by Tim Burton, starred Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Danny DeVito as the Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, as well as Christopher Walken as Max Shreck . 454 more words


My review of "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Dear Lord, Charlize Theron is a fantastic actress.  It’s amazing what she can communicate with just her facial expressions and line delivery, even when her dialogue is sparing and simplistic.   522 more words

London's Very Own Batman Is Running Around Saving People From Being Mugged

I found the Dark Knight Rises to be inspirational, but maybe not quite this inspirational.

A man is running around the city of London, dressed in a Batman-esque mask with combat trousers and a muscle shirt, saving people from being mugged. 419 more words

Mad Max Fury Road - A Movie Review

At the end of Mad Max Fury Road, I looked over at Stretch and HJ jr as the closing credits crawled. What caught my eye and the observation I had to share with them was the credit given to the movie’s writers. 665 more words