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Filler Video: Walter Peck And Other Straw Men

Walter Peck, from the first Ghostbusters movie, is rather famous for being a character that exists only to be a pain without any real logic. From what I’ve heard Dan Akroyd wanted to take a pop shot at government bureaucrats. 177 more words

Movie Spotlight

Rising Hope

Kurt Warwick was always bright for his age; 1,109 more words

Top 10: Airplane Crashes in Movies

WatchMojo is back with another great film list, this time putting their back into making sure you never feel safe on an airplane ever again.  It’s a safe bet you’ll never be seeing any of these as your in-flight film.  155 more words


The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Review

Originally Posted July 2nd, 2017

The Dark Knight was an absolute masterpiece and is widely considered to be the greatest comic book movie of all time. 956 more words


Opinion - The Dark Knight Rises (Beyond the Fictional)

Since the beginning of Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot, I have been a huge fan of both him and his work; and though I have loved Batman as a character ever since I was an odd excuse for a child, this fresh, revamped and more realistic concept of The Bat gave me more of a reason to return to the character at an older age. 668 more words

Well, Warner Brothers Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for its Joker Movie


When the news first broke last week that Warner Brothers is doing a Joker origin movie separate from the DC Extended Universe (DECU) with Martin Scorsese possibly producing, it was very surprising to say the least. 261 more words


The Black Cat That I Appreciate...Today and Every Day!

August 17, 2017- In honour of Black Cat Appreciation Day, here are some photos of my very special black cat, Seabass! We love you Seabass, not just today but always:) XO… 23 more words