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"Christopher Nolan's highly impacting, yet polarizing work"

I am a huge admirer of Christopher Nolan’s direction, Inception and Interstellar were some movies that I have rewatched many times, and every time I do, I watch it much amazement, which is a rare thing these days in cinema. 320 more words

Schindler's List et The Dark Knight, ou l'art du regard // Frame By Frame

Avant toute chose : spoiler alert. Si vous n’avez pas encore vu ces deux films, je vous les conseille vivement, ils sont selon moi des piliers de leurs genres respectifs. 3,230 more words

Frame By Frame

Review: Dunkirk

Cinematic visionary Christopher Nolan is known for his gripping sci- fi films (and resurrecting Batman). His latest, Dunkirk, is a departure from his usual box office blockbusters.   498 more words


Christopher Nolan's Movies Ranked From Really Good To Amazing

Welcome to The Church of Christopher Nolan. Please hang up your coats and take off your shoes before entering.

Christopher Nolan is easily one of the 10 best directors on Planet Earth and I’m actually doing a disservice to him by saying he’s Top 10. 1,031 more words


Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked (and Updated)

Back in 2014, upon the release of Christopher Nolan’s ninth film Interstellar, we decided to stack up his ouevre to date and, as we who write about movies on the Internet are wont to do, … 1,126 more words


Ranking Christopher Nolan’s Movies (Including Dunkirk)

With the release of Christopher Nolan’s latest movie, Dunkirk, this weekend, let’s take a look at his entire filmography, and rank ’em from top to bottom. 875 more words


Dunkirk's Christopher Nolan aims for 'an intimate epic' of a war movie

LOS ANGELES — Re-inventing Batman with The Dark Knight trilogy tested Christopher Nolan’s resolve. Redoing the iconic British evacuation of desperate troops at Dunkirk was something more challenging and more personal. 735 more words