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A Joker Origin Film Is Not a Good Idea

For almost 80 years, the famous comic book villain, Joker, has been shown in many different varieties  through many sorts of medium such as comic books, film, television, and video games; all portrayed in a different way by the artists and actors. 738 more words


But What’s Up With That Seal?

I could go into deep detail about my longtime love/hate relationship with the 1960s Batman television series … how the show’s camp nature seemed to forevermore stain the public psyche where the Dark Knight was concerned yet how much damn fun the whole mishigas was so it almost offsets my ire … 16 more words


Chicago Blues

Only three and half hours drive away, Chicago was neglected like a rotting flower which was never meant to be visited when whole lot of other places flashing their most beautiful visage to attract visitors like me till one weekend I reservedly complied to forceful request of my friend to accompany him in touring Chicago. 417 more words


Show Me the Way to Earth

Chicago, Summer 2007. The Dark Knight was still a year away, but that didn’t stop us from running all over the city at all hours of the night, hunting for film sets. 876 more words


Top 6 movies of all time- Doug

Trying to pick a top 10 is just to challenging for me to do. A top 6 is a lot easier! So here it is…in no order because, I flip flop when it comes to them. 18 more words