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My favourite movies of all time

These are my favourite ten movies. Feel free to contact me and inform me about other movies you think should be on the list. Make sure you watch these amazing movies. 40 more words


Gotham - Smile Like You Mean It Promo

We are Jerome

Tonights midseason return of Gotham ended with the reveal that Jerome’s followers (led by no other than The Dark Knight‘s David Dastmalchain) plan on bringing him back to life, and we now have our first look at the characters return in next week’s episode. 79 more words


Poll Monday

Which do you prefer?

A. Michael Keeton Batman

B. Christian Bale Batman

C. Ben Affleck Batman

D. Marlin Brando Batman


Lecture: ‘Why so serious?’: Battling the Comic in The Dark Knight (2008)

From 2011. 40 mins. Apologies that the slides are a bit minimal, and some of the audio lags a little; I’ll correct the latter when I get time. 34 more words


Revenge of the Sequel

Why is it that almost every time a new and groundbreaking film comes along that takes our breath away, it only takes a few months to pass and a sequel is produced? 1,297 more words


A look back at Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy

If you take a look at some of my earlier articles, you might get the impression that I dislike Christopher Nolan’s films because of my criticisms of… 2,246 more words

#45: Batman & Bond Films Ranked - Part 2


On this episode of The Batman vs James Bond Show, Brian is back to get you through this long, dull winter. Brian discusses reports that “The Batman” solo movie will be primarily shot in Los Angles; Arkham Asylum is highly likely to be featured in ‘Justice League’; Michael Keaton states why he wasn’t involved in ‘Batman Forever’; Brian continues his rankings of his least to more favorite Batman and James Bond movies; also, this week’s birthday’s, and much much more. 82 more words