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Starry Knight by Vartan Garnikyan

We were so blown away when we originally saw this via our Instagram timeline! This masterpiece blends Vincent Van Gogh‘s classic “The Starry Night… 76 more words


Star Wars: The Hype Awakens

I’m a pretty even-keel guy. I don’t like hype. I don’t like hyperbole. I don’t like anything too over the top.

Hell, I even get annoyed when audiences constantly applaud a presenter, musician or any type of entertainment during the act they are performing. 1,122 more words


Dark Knight Legacy

Christopher Nolan may have bowed out of directing a 4th installment in his Dark Knight movie saga, but he definitely left room open for a potential sequel at the end of Dark Knight Rises. 47 more words

Movie Podcast

5 Times Music Enhanced Our Emotions During an Epic Scene

Friends, this is my 100th article for Moviepilot. For those of you reading that following me, thank you so much for continuing to follow. For those who are new, thank you for taking the time to read. 424 more words

Batman is Now a Woman, Thanks to Frank Miller

In the highly anticipated new comic-book sequel to Miller’s beloved graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, Batman has apparently gone through some changes… 155 more words


The Dark Knight Rises

Three days ago, as I watched Batman Begins for the first time, an intriguing thought came to mind.
“This story has the potential to become an engaging tragedy”, I mused as I watched Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) drag a limping Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) across a burning mansion and into a secret entrance to the batcave. 53 more words