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Why I like DC's superheroes more than Marvel's

As I admitted earlier this week, I am a self-professed non-fan of comic books. I’ve never read more than a handful of the big two. (The extent of my comic book collection, 99% of it mid-90s Image comics, sold for less than $10 in 2013.) So what I do know about Marvel and DC, their biggest draws, and their plotlines, comes mainly from what I could glean from pop culture and the occasional… 427 more words

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Holy Rankings Batman!

This year marks the 78th anniversary of Batman, who first appeared in comics back in May of 1939, a response to the popularity of Superman. Since then we’ve born witness to several different versions of the Caped Crusader, whether it’s in print, on the small screen in live action, on the small screen as a cartoon and on the big screen. 2,520 more words


StudioJake ep. 49: Dark Nights Metal REVIEWED Part 2

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue bringing us awesome comic books including Dark Nights Metal where a Dark Multiverse team of corrupted Batmen are coming to take over Gotham City and the whole Rebirth Multiverse as we know it. 269 more words


REVIEW: Batman: Arkham City

So, clarity straight off the bat (lol); this is the Return to Arkham version on the PS4. Though I also played the original on the PS3, my review is based on the version that’s on this current generation of consoles. 1,015 more words

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Best Batman Artists

A long while ago I wrote about the best writers in the comic book industry who have tackled the adventures of the Dark Knight (which can be read… 1,315 more words


The Philosophy of The Dark Knight Trilogy Part I: Fun and Games with Joker

Spoilers for The Dark Knight follow.

Game Theory and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: 1,707 more words


...Ends In Despair!

Two consecutive POPs ring out like blasts from a double barreled shotgun and Dick’s neck snaps to the entrance. Despite all of the anticipation for this very moment, he still finds himself feeling caught offguard. 2,151 more words

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