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Gotham Review: 'The Last Laugh'

I’m relatively new to Gotham. I caught up in July in anticipation of season two, subtitled ‘Rise of the Villains’. The show took a while to build but eventually sucked me in with an incredibly strong cast of characters and its distinctive noir sensibilities. 619 more words

Blast From the Past: 2008. Review of Step Brothers and why Will Ferrell and John C Riley should make more movies with each other.

Hey everyone, this is my first Blast from the Past movie review where I discuss movies from the past. The movie I will be reviewing is… 363 more words

Check Out The Variant Covers For The Dark Knight III: Master Race

In 1986, critically acclaimed comic book writer, Frank Miller introduced the world to his vision of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns.

The Dark Knight Returns tells the story of Bruce Wayne, who comes out of retirement at 55 years old to don the cape and cowl once more. 391 more words


Supreme Scenes: The Dark Knight

No movie in recent memory has had as much as a cultural impact than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  The following scene represents The Dark Knight Trilogy… 719 more words

Supreme Scenes

Christopher Nolan: Thương hiệu đắt giá của Hollywood

Giữa tháng 9/2015 vừa qua, Hollywood “dậy sóng” khi hãng Warner Bros tuyên bố, sản phẩm điện ảnh tiếp theo của đạo diễn Christopher Nolan sẽ công chiếu vào ngày 21/7/2017. 2,629 more words


MTE Movie Podcast #16- Ranking the Live-Action Batman Movies, Actors Who've Played Batman and the Villains!

On episode number 16 of our MTE movie podcast we rank all of the live-action Batman movies from worst to best! We also rank the actors to have played Batman in a movie, the Batman villains and talk about our expectations for Ben Affleck’s Batman. 57 more words

DC Cinematic Universe


A hero is never defined by his physical abilities but his ability to protect the innocent and destroy the corrupt. We all wish we could have such a strong moral code strapped onto our utility belts, but we all fall victim to one cruel reality: we are only human, but Batman isn’t an alien or robot, he too is only human. 382 more words