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So when bought all the books in my July book haul, my boyfriend got Frank Miller’s Batman': The Dark Knight Returns..(sorry for the shoddy phone camera picture) 77 more words

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The Last Movie

Recently I was asked, if you were about to be put to death (let’s just say that in my case it’d likely be for thoughtcrime), what is the last movie you’d request to watch? 674 more words

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Ian Crow's Film Masterclass - The Dark Knight (2008) #4

People talk about the re-invention of the superhero genre; Marvel have been behind around 90% of the comic-book films that have made their way on screen. 533 more words


Top Movies of the 2000's

They may not have been around long enough to be considered classics, but there is still no denying the importance and stature of these modern works of brilliance.   500 more words

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Before Bronchitis Bat-Voice There Was One Man...And His Name Was Trevor: The Machinist

The Machinist is a dark thriller from 2004, directed by Brad Anderson and starring about 2/3 of Christian Bale. Watch the trailer here and you’ll see why I say that. 575 more words

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Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Written By: Tyler Oldfield
Reviewed on PlayStation 4

Rocksteady delivers their most ambitious Batman title to date. The climactic ending to The Dark Knight’s story is going out in a bang, with a few speed bumps along the way. 684 more words