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Lara VS Batgirl (The Master Race)

Lara’s the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, while Carrie Kelley is Batman’s chosen successor. Hardly a fair fight between a Kryptonian-Amazon hybrid and a human. 20 more words


You are being watched, no joke

Someone ever there is watching you through your device, such as your phone and your laptop, then your chats, your emails, etc etc. They able to see you through your webcam and listen microphone, also your browser history, your location at the time, etc and etc. 328 more words


My review on The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


The third instalment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Bruce Wayne is in hiding after blaming himself for Harvey Dent’s murder, but by keeping himself hidden so the truth of Harvey Dent is not revealed. 599 more words

University Written/ Visual Work

Fan-Made Trailer: Batman V Superman: The Lost Cut

You guys must check out this fan-made trailer I found on YouTube. Created by Stryder HD, this trailer pits Batman vs Superman but not Ben Affleck vs Henry Cavill. 68 more words


Kiznaiver theme performers Boom Boom Satellites' Michiyuki Kawashima passes away

Michiyuki Kawashima, who made up one half of Boom Boom Satellites on vocals and guitar, passed away on Sunday, October 9th. He’d been living with partial paralysis after a fourth brain tumour relapse. 295 more words


Review: Stony Creek Black Water Pils

Review of Stony Creek Black Water Pils from Stony Creek Brewery in Branford, CT.

Beer Type: Black Pilsner  ABV: 5.2%  IBUs: 45  Tried from bottle. 289 more words