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Mechanic: Resurrection: Assassin city

It was quite hard to suppress a grin as the names of sponsors flashed before the screening of Mechanic: Resurrection. Viva Fitness, Barbarian Power Gym… For those in the theatre who hadn’t seen the original that released in 2011, this was enough indication that they were in for a standard Statham affair. 775 more words

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"The Dark Knight" Voted Favorite Among Chicago-Made Films

CHICAGO (CBS) – They asked and Chicago voted. ‘The Dark Knight’ has been voted as the favorite Chicago-made film among 19 others, including “Blues Brothers” and “Home Alone”. 203 more words


Every hero needs a challenge

I absolutely love Dark Knight and Heath Ledger’s performance of Joker. I haven’t watched Suicide Squad yet (thanks to all those negative reviews, but it is on my to-watch list anyways) but I can never think of any other actor doing the role of Joker. 92 more words


It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight (the Dark Knight, 2008)

The recasting of Rachel Dawes with Maggie Gyllenhaal might have been the biggest casting controversy if not for the announcement of Heath Ledger as the Joker.  320 more words

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Are Marvel Films Good...?

Fun fact for the day, did you know that the last year a Superhero movie did not come out, was all the way back in 2001. 1,502 more words

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The Dark Knight - Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

That is a wonderful breakdown of the Joker in what is still the best superhero movie I’ve ever watched. Marvel has some great films that equal or even supersede… 74 more words