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Book Haul: Dark Net and Justice

Only two books this week, for three reasons:

  1. Buffy
  2. Scotland
  3. One of them was quite long
  4. 164 more words

Jamie Bartlett Quotes

My episode with Jamie Bartlett is out tomorrow. Here's a few quotes from his book, The Dark Net, to whet your appetite.

“The dark net is a world of power and freedom: of expression, of creativity, of information, of ideas. 186 more words

Looking for new music? You might as well be looking for a hit man or an Uzi.

(First sentence to be read, Julie Burchill-style, in a Bristol accent).

I went up to that London recently.

Weird that. Bristol is an almost straight line, west to east, pointing at London. 1,187 more words


Even you Naknek?

Nikolai, Alaska

The website Gawker has gone through the Ashley-Madison information dump, and they found that only three zip codes in the entire U.S. did not have any Ashley-Madison users on record. 34 more words


The Dark Web | Timothy Revell | Naked Scientists

The Dark Web | Timothy Revell | Naked Scientists.


Please click on link to read this fascinating and somewhat frightening tale of the Internet’s “Dark Side.” 356 more words

The Dark Web

What do you do if you want drugs, hitmen, weapons or fake passports? Search the internet of course! But a regular ol’ search engine isn’t going to be much help, especially as you’re probably being watched. 1,210 more words