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The dark web

The dark web or the “invisible web” is the world wide web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks which use the public Internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. 314 more words


The beginning of the end of the 'first' internet

The internet revolution changed the world. But is it almost over? The world may be about to get ‘cold feet’ for two main and still evolving concerns: safety, and privacy. 621 more words

The Danger Of The Dark Web

By Sharyl Attkisson ~

The latest WikiLeaks revelations—purportedly revealing CIA hacking tools and techniques—are a reminder of just how vital cybersecurity is. A big area of concern … the so-called Dark Web, a largely hidden online world where some of the most serious crimes are committed. 1,038 more words

Public Opinion

Sugar Daddy

There are men out there who are searching for women to treat well. All they need from you? Nothing! Just be there!

I can connect you to such men, if you are looking. 26 more words

Banking fraud rises by 13% as criminals continue to wreak havoc

Crime figures just issued by the Office for National Statistics show that banking and credit fraud has risen by 13% in the year ending June 2016. 390 more words


The Dark net - where can you find snipers?

Please note that this is purely an educational post that does not condone any type of crime.

Hypothetically speaking though, I searched for a list of sites that claim to have snipers for hire. 70 more words