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Even you Naknek?

Nikolai, Alaska

The website Gawker has gone through the Ashley-Madison information dump, and they found that only three zip codes in the entire U.S. did not have any Ashley-Madison users on record. 34 more words


The Dark Web | Timothy Revell | Naked Scientists

The Dark Web | Timothy Revell | Naked Scientists.


Please click on link to read this fascinating and somewhat frightening tale of the Internet’s “Dark Side.” 356 more words

The Dark Web

What do you do if you want drugs, hitmen, weapons or fake passports? Search the internet of course! But a regular ol’ search engine isn’t going to be much help, especially as you’re probably being watched. 1,210 more words


THE DEPLORABLE ACT OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Our "enlightened" modern society remains as barbaric as ever.

The deplorable, dehumanizing human-trafficking enterprise and the language used in discussing its eradication makes my skin crawl. Discussing these women, brutally raped and beaten each day, as a “reusable commodity” as opposed to drug traffickers whose “commodity” (illegal drugs) is finite (one can only smoke a joint once) shows you how barbaric our “modern society” remains. 72 more words


The Dark Net By Jamie Bartlett

The internet is, for most of us a place where we shop, interact with other like-minded individuals via social media and pursue a variety of other activities. 166 more words

Silk Road 3.0 Reloaded emerges after Silk Road arrests

Silk Road 3.0 and the million-dollar drug trade hiding in the deep web

2 HOURS AGO NOVEMBER 09, 2014 2:33PM

Crime scene … the dark web boasts that none of its websites will appear in a Google search, creating a huge problem for law enforcement. 874 more words

The Dark Web

Recently I have been thinking more and more about the internet and what it is capable of. Is it amazing? Yes. Is it vast? Yes. Is it terrifying? 240 more words