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The Darkness (2016)

Early summer’s kind of a weird time of the year to release a goofy, low-rent horror. The Darkness might’ve been more at home among the year’s earlier horror cheapies like… 645 more words

Brandon Ledet

The Darkness: Review by Holly Bareham

Okay, I am so late for a ton of reviews I need to write but I seem to have writers block at the moment… Hopefully since I just watched this film it’ll stay fresh in my mind and I can finish this review! 539 more words

OHMYGOD! They Killed Chuck

Supernatural season eleven final episode. It’s the story to end all stories God is dead. Last episode God/Chuck, the Winchester’s, Crowley, Castiel/Lucifer, the Angelic Host, the Hordes of Hell and Rowena and through her a powerful witches coven tried to destroy Amara, the sister of God and for a time it looked like they were going to succeed until Amara/The Darkness killed God/Chuck. 640 more words


Box Office Predictions: 'X-Men' To Break The 'Looking Glass'

Despite the reviews, X-Men Apocalypse will still open big. 52% on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t awful. It won’t be hurt too much by the poor reviews up front, but it might translate into shitty word of mouth, which will affect the later weeks. 176 more words

Box Office

Steelhouse Festival 2016 Preview - Part 1

Andy welcomes Matt and Mikey from the Steelhouse Festival team into the studio for the first of two preview shows before this years Welsh International Classic Rock Festival. 8 more words

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Nowhere Bitch

There is no light.
Only darkness, demons, and whatever is left of whomever I used to be.
Gnawed to the bone. The blood is gone. 23 more words


The Ride

Runaway brain.
Heart full steam.
Blood racing.
Comfort fading.
All consuming.
Aching. Breaking.
End approaching.
Pausing. Loathing.
Aberration theme.
Chain of pain.