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Those Permanent Solutions....

Whenever “authority” is questioned it seeks to resolve its challenges in orthodox ways…it has done so since time immemorial…..

The Darkness

Force and Darkness

The self of doing belongs to Force, whose power is extension, whence the pre-existent activities issued; rage and all the changes of the mind that cause sorrow are ever its results. 120 more words


Being Open, Ouvert, Overt

Take a look at this image. Do you find it glamorous, powerful, intriguing or creepy? What does it hint at for you?

Many find the shadows a place of safety, they are anything but. 297 more words

Self Discovery

~520,000 words

As I have said before this is a 2 + 0 +1 + 6 = 9 year.

It might manifest as completion 9 or lack of completion, utter mess , or -9. 197 more words

Self Discovery

Is Corruption Reasonable?

Well yes, or so it seems, there is always a reason and a justification for corruption. And very often it wears a snazzy suit….

If you must join the ranks of the Dark Adepts, then by all means do so…for there needs to be friction between darkness and light, at least for now… 58 more words

The Darkness

The Spiral of Corruption

Once you start out into corruption, you very quickly get onto the spiral of corruption. This leads ever deeper into the murk. If for example you start out in corruption because you are insecure, or not good enough, so as to get the “edge”; do you think that corruption increases your insecurity or decreases it? 297 more words

The Darkness

Are You Corrupt?

Deep down everyone knows when they have done something which is corrupt. Don’t they? It need not involve the direct transfer of funds, someone can “see you right” in other ways or coerce you into corruption. 157 more words

Self Discovery