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Like Linus Van Pelt of Classic Peanuts Fame Orphaned Baby Elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Cherish Their "Security Blankets" Too

In much the same way that Linus Van Pelt , in the classic comic strip Peanuts by the late Charles Schulz, felt about his famous blue security blanket so do these sweet baby elephants of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust feel about their “ 606 more words


ROROGOI : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Growing Up Ele : Part 2

Growing Up Ele : Update on Rorogoi 

As with every orphaned elephant rescued by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust there comes a time, or graduation day, when a new stage is reached by an elephant that brings her ( or him) closer to her (or his ) eventual release back into the wild. 620 more words


ROROGOI : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Growing Up Ele : Part 1


Date of Birth: Friday 12 August 2012

Age on Arrival:  14 months old

Gender: Female

Orphaned Because of: Poaching

Where:  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust… 852 more words


Giraffes & Elephants

Hi, everyone, YES, that’s ME being BFF with all kinds of giraffes and baby elephants in Nairobi!!! Yes, it was as amazing as it looks! 106 more words


A Day in The Life: “Sometimes Naughty” Always Cute Orphaned Baby Elephants Enjoy Their Mud Baths in Their Sanctuary at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, Africa: American Travel Photographer Observes

What more could an elephant look forward to in life than a mud bath? And though there is a protective quality to the mud & volcanic dust, it shields them from the sun (cooling them down) & from the incessant bites of insects, most elephants extol its value more for the fun points it earns than as a beauty cream or salve. 599 more words


"Elephant Ivory & Rhino Horn Burn" Event Hosted By Kenya Government & Kenya Wildlife Service Set To Begin on 29 April 2016 in Africa With the Inaugural "Giants Club" Summit Sending Strong Message to Poachers : What Price Can One Put on the Life of an Elephant?

It may take longer than an afternoon of ceremony to burn an elephant tusk to a crisp (actually the process of destroying ivory involves many days of exposure to intense temperatures in furnaces designed to withstand such heat). 572 more words


A Baby Elephant So Hairy She Resembles a Woolly Mammoth : Watch Video of Adorable Indian Baby Elephant as She Playfully Explores a Girl’s Face With Her Trunk

If watching this video of an adorable woolly mammoth-like orphaned baby elephant doesn’t spur you on to help save these wonderful creatures then nothing can. 337 more words