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Life is like a (wet) dream - A vague show summary of Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys and The Dead Milkmen

On Saturday, we went to see Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys along with The Dead Milkmen and I wanted to write this amazing post about it. 386 more words


MINOMB1: The Secret of Life (The Actual Best of The Dead Milkmen)


The column title “music is none of my business” is a Marge Simpson quote (from ‘Homerpalooza’) that Dillinger Four appropriated into a song title, thereby combining elements of two things I dearly love. 1,887 more words

Music Is None Of My Business

David Gates and Major Jackson on Beginnings and Endings

DAVID: You begin the first poem in your new collection, Roll Deep, with the words “My midlife journey”—not to brag, but I caught the allusion right away—and in the final poem you speak of planting “winter vegetables in July.” (I’m no gardener, so I don’t know when you’re actually supposed to plant parsnips up here in Zone 1, but I do know that July’s midway toward winter, or maybe a little past.) Not to start off on a grim note—I’m writing this literally in August (figuratively in, what, late October?)—but we both seem to have one ear cocked at time’s winged chariot. 3,272 more words

The Dead Milkmen are Still Dangerous.

Text by Beth Ann Downey. Images by Jared Gruenwald.

A young looking 19-year-old sits in the first row of the upper-floor auditorium in the Central Free Library of Philadelphia, enthralled by… 2,220 more words


The 5 Best Places To Meet Someone

Most of the single people I know aren’t looking for someone.  They are wrapped up in their jobs, school, life or they recently got out of a bad relationship and do NOT want anything to do with meeting someone right now.  248 more words


Rock ETC For January 2015

Crayon – Brick Factory – HHBTM

The reprint of the 1994 album (and the only album) by Crayon brings this obscure twee-punk gem back to the forefront of music.  521 more words