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50 Songs About The Weather - 19

Warm and Sunny Days – The Dears

The wedding took place roughly ten months after she told me about it.  My entire family went to it, we drove about in a hired minibus like those weird families you see in supermarkets, all piling out en masse, shouting at each other. 415 more words

The Dears

SLCR #309: The Dears (March 17, 2018)

In a way, this concert has been a long time coming. The Dears have been one of Mika’s favourite bands for a long time, but despite that, I’d never managed to see them until now. 1,002 more words

Music Reviews: 1996-present

The 'emo-ish' Dears bringing their postmodern romance to the Aviary

This struck me a couple years ago while walking up to the till at the record store — I feel zero hesitation buying any new album by the Dears, sound unheard. 1,310 more words


Favorite Tune of the Day 

The Dears – Never destroy us

Think about it. How great is it when there’s that one person or that one group that you’re with and you feel as if nothing can break what you have. 14 more words


180 Days: Day 72–Don’t Lose the Plot

Writing with a clear main idea…what we English teachers preach for kids to do daily. But today I quit preaching and started showing and writing examples of clear thesis statements with them. 313 more words

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@AUGUSTSLIST • 1/22-1/27, 2018, #449 • Please donate $10 (or more) to the DLC Nurse & Learn in Jax FL. DLC: an after-school facility for kids with significant impairments. 79 more words

Music videos made like short films or in artistic ways are always lovely to watch, take this one by Molly for example. It’s truly something special. 

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