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K is for Kitchens of Distinction

Kitchens of Distinction absolutely HAS to rank as one of music’s all-time overlooked gems. Props to my sister Terry Mitchell for introducing me to this great band years ago after she saw them play in California. 301 more words


Desillusion x Woodiart - THE DEATH OF COOL cruiser

Inspired by Desillusion‘s world, THE DEATH OF COOL cruiser is a skateboard shaped entirely by the WOODIART hand, made with a mélange of different wood “Iroco-Chestnut-Ipe-Mahogany-pear”, fixed onto Gull Wing 150mm trucks and Polyurethane wheels 50mm (Abec 3 precision). 57 more words


Desillusion presents Hand in Glove Tattoo Studio by Romain Pareja

“Born of Independent roots, Romain Pareja’s Hand And Glove Tattoo studio embodies a real skate/punk spirit that I grew up with. All original artwork done by the best and delicately sewn into the skin. 24 more words


The Death of Cool

Would you look at that jackass. That’s recording artist person Soulja Boi Tell ‘Em, and not to be overly critical of a 20 year old, one of the worst things to happen to pop culture since ever. 382 more words


Not Just the Ticket -- #59, Kitchens of Distinction, Oct. 11 1992

Then-current album: The Death of Cool

Opening acts: Bleach, Kingmaker

Back of ticket ad: Fox Photo, eager for my developing business.

Back to a pretty faded set of tickets here for the next few ones, browning and almost flaking away. 1,591 more words