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The Decision

“I haven’t done this kind of thing before. I mean girls from my background do sometimes. I know they do, but it’s not kind of a normal thing to do is it? 261 more words


Analysing the PR Coverage of the 2014 Free Agency and LeBron’s Return to Cleveland

The most effective PR coverage around LeBron James’ infamous return to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio was by King James himself. Just four years after his PR nightmare ‘the decision’ where he chose to unveil his new team on national television, James showed his PR savvy and maturity had come on leaps and bounds since that reputation shattering event. 354 more words

The Decision

This week’s personal blog is again focused my connection to the military as it concerns the University of South Alabama’s ROTC and the US Army Reserves. 174 more words

Go Cavs! (Until you suck, then do whatever.)

I’m going to a Cleveland Cavaliers game tonight, because I have been a dedicated fan since my youth, and have an old school Hot Rod Williams jersey and my senior thesis was on the importance of Eastern Bloc countries in the Cavs’ starting lineup. 392 more words

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The Decision (SPOILERS)

The writers of New Girl constantly shred gender stereotypes.  In “The Decision,” Cece and Schmidt looked for a venue for their wedding.  They were tight on funds, so Schmidt couldn’t have the extravagant wedding he always fantasized about.   212 more words


The Decision

The Decision

By Britta Bohler

Translated by Jeannette K. Ringold

Haus Publishing, 2015

ISBN: 9781910376133

Deploying a sonata-like structure (each day akin to a musical movement), this novel presents a snapshot of Thomas Mann at a crucial moment in his life. 380 more words

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