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Gay marriage federally legal at last!

Make no mistake about it, it is a cultural war. On the religious conservative side, traditional values, which mean in this cultural war, means the side that does not want stop shunning LBGTs, legally or culturally. 264 more words

The Decision to start traveling

As Long as I can remember I have always wanted to travel. Maybe it is from when I was a kid and every vacation was spent visiting the family in America or Italy. 974 more words

The Decision

'Time Heals All Wounds' For LeBron James And Cavaliers Fans, But Winning Does Too

July 8, 2010 brought out the worst aspects of sports fandom.

“The Decision” should not have been different from any other superstar player leaving his incumbent team for another in free agency. 525 more words


The Decision

The friends we surround ourselves with determine who we become. They either support us in making wise decisions, or lead us down a path of bad choices. 111 more words

Life Changing

The Adoption Process

Some may or may not understand the complete process of adoption so in a few blog posts I will summarize what the process is like. Adoption is made up of a few steps:  “The Decision”, Finding The Right Agency For You (“You’re just a fish in a pool of sharks” – Jay-Z), Home Study (which is broken down into several phases), Waiting for A Match (“I don’t know what to do with my hands” – Will Ferrell), Matching (Open/Closed Adoption and how will that relationship with the birth mother manifest itself), Delivery (we’re doing a newborn so any details after matching will be from that perspective), Finalizing The Adoption (So we have the baby but we can’t go home yet, gotcha!), Baby Bonding Time (please don’t come over yet!),  and Visitation (Let the endless parade of visiting commence!) As we go through this process and I gain understanding I will attempt to enlighten maybe even educate. 806 more words


Making that choice.

Most people don’t think about the consequences when they make decisions, but that might be the least. Relatively cause and effect is usually hard to predict, whereas people with wisdom on these experiences can tell first timers what might or might not happen depending on the situation. 342 more words


Novel Festival Winner: The Decision, Chapter 1 Reading and Interview by C P Munro

    Watch Chapter 1 reading of THE DECISION:

Novel performed by Jason Martorino

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer C.P. Munro:

Matthew: What is your NOVEL about?

C.P.: Romance, Suspense, Drama… 590 more words