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Bonanza ~ The Decision

The beans tasted off and the coffee too bitter.  With a mostly empty and upset stomach, Joe continued to digest his father’s words.

“Please believe me.  87 more words


Why Move to Costa Rica?

Why Move to Costa Rica?  There are hundreds of good reasons.  Some of the most important to me are:

  1. It’s gorgeous.  This tiny Central American nation has more diversity of plants, wildlife, landscape, climates, things to do and great people.
  2. 563 more words
Costa Rica

What If Wednesday: If LeBron James Never Did 'The Decision'

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of one of the most talked about moments in sports called, ‘The Decision”. LeBron James decided to ‘take his talents to South Beach… 414 more words


My Car - Bring it or Not?

One of the things that is hard to decide is whether to bring my car or not.  There are several considerations to weighed in this decision. 223 more words

Costa Rica

Where to Live in Costa Rica???

I know that I’d like to see this every day.

And I’d like to walking here everyday.

And across here.

And I’d like to bathe here often. 58 more words

Costa Rica

First Findings

Within a few days I had learned the following about Costa Rica:

1)  Costa Rica is the most stable democracy in Central America.

2)  It also has the most stable economy. 128 more words

Costa Rica

Canadian Winter 2014

The winter of 2013/2014 was particularly rough on Canadians.  In Ontario, we had rain, sleet, ice and snow storm, after storm, after storm.  There was no where left in southern Ontario to put the snow.   510 more words

Costa Rica