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The Delianator, February 1923.

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The Delineator July 1902.

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Threshold Girl Comes Along

My Delineator. I have no idea how to use Corel Photoshop.. which drives me crazy. But I cleaned up my Delineator. I haven’t seen this pic on the web. 344 more words

The Delineator

Delineator Discovery!

I found my Delineator! The the 1910 era women were depicted wearing flowers or sniffing them….

The irony, it is from August 1909, only a month earlier than my new acquisition. 255 more words

1910 Women

My 1909 September Delineator Meets "The Girls:

My new Delineator Cover between “The Girls”… Coincidentally, this cover, which I almost ruined by dropping two sided tape on it, goes PERFECTLY with my Thomas Forester Vases, especially since the fake flowers I have in them match the flowers in the model’s hats. 31 more words

The Delineator

Female fashion flashback: Spring in the 1890s

Here’s what trendy urban ladies on the cusp of the 20th century were frolicking around in.

Butterick was a leading dress pattern company; The Delineator… 19 more words

Music, Art, Theater

Hags and Whores and Fashion Mores

Footwear 1909, from the Delineator, an article on the technique of the proper walk. Luckily, women had corsets to hold them up in those days, morally and physically, just don’t try running for the streetcar! 420 more words

Women And Work 1910