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Poem by KG Newman


Last Recapitulation

Blame the bread riots,
Mozart said from his straw cot,
for why Symphony No. 3
never sold.

But I’ll never confess
to theft—Clementi’s… 216 more words


How container gardens can convert your balcony or patio into an oasis

Container gardens yield many benefits — not the least of which are lovely, low-maintenance landscapes and fresh veggies bursting from small spaces.

“The biggest benefit is that container gardening is great for people without soil to grow in, whether they live in small spaces or have balconies, or HOAs that don’t allow changes to landscaping,” said Brien Darby, manager of urban food programs at Denver Botanic Gardens. 11 more words

Colleen Smith

Create an outdoor room with a pergola

To add classic garden architecture and define an outdoor space, a pergola nails it. For homes or commercial spaces, pergolas deliver both form and function. Whether attached to a building or as a stand-alone structure, a pergola can provide privacy, shade, a ceiling of sorts to an outdoor room, a focal point and a support for vines. 18 more words

Colleen Smith

A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 65

The resignation of the Executive Vice President of Digital First Media, who also served as the CEO/President of THE DENVER POST, Mac Tully, comes as no surprise to those who approach daily living with common sense, which Mr. 7 more words


Flowering plants make lasting gifts of life

Whenever you’re wondering what to give that person who seemingly has everything, the teacher who’s shown so much patience, the elderly person with limited space, the hostess with the mostest, the birthday girl or boy, the anniversary couple, the person to whom you want to show gratitude, consider a flowering plant. 122 more words

Friday Jones Publishing

Scandinavian ice candles warm up winter

When the forecast calls for the mercury to drop to zero degrees Fahrenheit or even sub-zero, the frigid weather is perfect for at least one thing: making Scandinavian ice candles. 58 more words

Friday Jones Publishing

What’s the difference between a menorah and a chanukiah?

Chanukah begins tomorrow, December 12, 2017, in the Gregorian calendar. Researching my article on Chanukah lights for The Denver Post, I interviewed a rabbi and a professor of Jewish studies. 205 more words

Friday Jones Publishing