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The Eight Days of the Keppoch Devil near #Glasgow. #History #Scotland

In October, 1670, a devil troubled a house at Keppoch, near Glasgow. At the same time, other strange reports were heard …

‘October 29, 1670, there was a suddane thunderclap by seven of the morning, that fell out at Glasgow, and lighted on the Blackfrier Kirk, the like whereof was not heard of in these parts; it rent the steeple of the said church fra top to bottom, and tirred the sclattes off it, and brake down the gavills in the two ends of it, and fyred it, but was quenched afterward by men. 305 more words


Dancing with the Devil of the Tarot

The first time I shuffled through a Tarot deck and saw this card, my immediate reaction was, “Nope, not this again.” For the first 18 years of my life, the church had attempted to sell me on the notion that the Devil is an actual entity capable of influencing my thoughts and actions toward evil. 822 more words


Did Darth Vader Go To Hell?

I’m used to having a sporting event on in the background on Sunday afternoons, but with the late start of today’s NFL playoff games, there was nothing to watch. 733 more words


Lucifer - o apariție mai umană, pe înțelesul nostru.

Probabil că de acum aproximativ 2 ani, de când a fost lansat trailer-ul de la ”Lucifer”  mulți dintre voi ați așteptat apariția serialului pe micile ecrane.Diavolul, Lucifer Morningstar, interpretat de către minunatul Tom Ellis cu o deosebită eleganță, un umor excepțional și o ironie dusă la cote maxime, te fac să urmărești acest serial cu… 486 more words


Answer Me This, Just for the Hell of It: Is Satan Real?

“Call me Nick,” the wizened old man in the open vehicle said.

His perch was a ridiculously outsized bucket seat in what looked like a big, rusted-out toy wagon.

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Cronatos Hybamper

IDW Entertainment Developing The Devil

 IDW Entertainment announced today it has put The Devil into development as a big event limited series with Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo’s Calamity Jane co-producing. 193 more words


The Devil in the Diner

The concept that The Devil is walking among us everyday has long been a source of legends. What better place for him to spend his time than in a greasy spoon diner later at night. 94 more words

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