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the devil, killing snakes and some poop in the grass...

There’s 45 different ways I’ve thought to begin this one – possibly more for ‘the book’ but feeling compelled to purge nonetheless….

It may be valuable to generalize the two trains of thought that normally chug through my mind. 1,787 more words


The World Hates Love, Diseases of Mankind Part 1

Hello everyone, blessings and welcome back to my blog! Bless Up posts have been suspended for a bit (but not for much longer). Today’s post is a bit somber, but I promise it has a good intention. 810 more words

Hot As Hell (Not!)

O how I abhor it,

When foolish mortals,

A species who wasted

The gift of Free Will,

And is on the verge

Of destroying the planet… 513 more words


The Devil Went Down to Georgia

In this song, the devil challenges a hillbilly to a fiddling contest, but he doesn’t have anyone judge the contest and just sort of admits defeat at the end and goes back to hell after giving the hillbilly a solid gold violin. 24 more words


Who is the Devil?

Every day I pull three Tarot cards for myself from an app that I really like. It gives me my daily horoscope and a past, present and future card. 588 more words

Natural Peace Life Coaching

2 horns & a tail

Sunrise. 21st June 2018, some people celebrate the Summer solstice. Honour the old ways, and their ancestors, toast the second half of the year. Not me. 465 more words

The Devil

The last 3 witches of Bideford

They say the last 3 witches of England were hung on a sunny June day in 1682, in the little town of Bideford. They were wrong. 361 more words