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February Diary

Thursday February 1


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Hamer Hall at 7:30 pm

Here’s the first of the blockbusters in the sterling first trilogy from George Lucas, complete with everything we grew to love over the years since 1977  –  from the looming spaceship taking over the screen at the start to the Saturday afternoon matinee heroics of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, all seeming so much younger than their actual years, but practically amoebas when compared with their craggy re-appearances in… 2,798 more words

The Diary

Second week January


Tuần mới với thử thách mới, hnay tôi dạy sớm hơn mọi bữa 6h – năm trên giường nhưng vẫn muộn hơn so với chỉ tiêu 5h, quá muộn ấy… 245 more words

The Diary

Speak Life

Something I was once taught by a very cherished leader of mine – and most definitely something that needed to be re-learned. The power of words and speaking truth over your life. 109 more words

The Diary

Nhật Ký Tuần tháng 1

Thứ 4, của tuần được nghỉ trước khi vào học kỳ 2 năm 3, mùa đông lạnh quá, bản thân cũng lười cơ nên dậy muộn. 1,149 more words

The Diary

I am not a strong woman!

Yes. I am vulnerable. I am emotional and I do express them. I cry out loudly. I cannot stop laughing if I start. I feel shy at times. 227 more words


2017 in review

It seems most unlikely now that the paper for which I am an (increasingly) occasional contributor will be asking for a piece of reportage on what happened throughout last year on Melbourne’s serious music scene. 3,614 more words

The Diary

A Little Story of My Life (Bagian 1 - Verdict)

“Apa yang anda pikirkan jika divonis dokter akan lumpuh dan cacat seumur hidup?”

Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah 2003. Saya duduk di kursi roda, tak sanggup lagi melangkah, apalagi berjalan jauh… Dokter mengatakan, jika tidak operasi saat itu juga maka kaki saya akan lumpuh dan cacat seumur hidup. 408 more words