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Donald Trump's Pop-Culture Presidency Enters Its Thriller Phase (Opinion)

Ever since Donald Trump appeared on the horizon of presidential politics, he has mirrored the pop culture of the past. That’s because Trump, in one way or another, has… 960 more words


Its Aladeen

Hi boys and girls.

The last slice of pizza here.

Some movies are made with sheer hard work, absolute dedication, best script, without a single flaw detectable and reflect sheer talent of the actors and directors. 249 more words


Designing Tagline

Pada sebuah pemahaman sederhana, desain adalah sebuah istilah yang memiliki elitismenya sendiri di masyarakat, sebuah ruang di mana mereka adalah bagian dari gelombang sektor industri yang berpengaruh pada masa kini. 1,382 more words

The Dictator **1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Dictator” is the latest comedy vehicle from Sacha Baron Cohen and although it has some shocking moments it doesn’t have really any of the great humor that “Borat” or “Bruno” had.

The Dictator

My Photographs: Top 5 Plaza de España, Seville.

Plaza de España, March 2017. I’ve been living and traveling around the world for over fifteen years now, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the incredible… 417 more words

The Donald Trump Era Has Begun to Look Like a Sacha Baron Cohen Movie

Donald Trump’s run for the presidency has always cried out for showbiz metaphors. That’s because, from the kickoff, it has been an act of showbiz, all emanating from a man who would probably never have come close to winning the office had he not been a reality-TV star. 927 more words


The dictator

Laughed my ass off. Very “politically incorrect”…

Me partí el orto de la risa. Muy politicamente incorrecta…