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Powers of the Universe: Emergence

Emergence: the universe flares forth out of darkness, creating, over billions of years, through trial and error and trying again, astounding newness: carbon for life in the middle of a star…. 1,242 more words

Jean Houston

The Divine Feminine: Mother's Day

The Divine Feminine: Mother’s Day

Whether born as man or woman we all have both attributes of the feminine and masculine within. But if you were born as female you embody naturally more of the attributes of the feminine.  479 more words


A Moment of Recogniton For Mother's Day

In this time and on this planet, the collective focus is geared towards logic and compressed finite concepts which leads to a lack of understanding, and ultimately to fear. 573 more words

Self Healing

Two Months Late, But

I love Tarot. I love being able to communicate with my higher self in such a visually beautiful format. I have the Goddess deck illustrated by the über-talented Kris Waldherr… 424 more words


The Power of Blazing Our Own Trails: A Deep HOWL to the Moon!

“Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.”

I’ve been dreaming of wolves since I was a little girl. 1,591 more words

The Divine Feminine

A Journey to My Inner Earth: Becoming Friends with My Womb and Finding Sustenance

‘Making friends’ with my cervix was like an Initiation into Women’s Mysteries. I had just had an abortion. I didn’t take the drugs. I wanted to be present for the whole experience. 1,933 more words


What Would Happen if We All Committed to Actually Feeling Our Unwanted Feelings??

I had a dream a month or so back. I was with a friend. We were apparently on the road and had reached the place we were going to sleep at for the night. 1,655 more words