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The bearer of all of life.
World’s encompassed by womb.
Cycle aligned with the moon.

Her cloak heavy, of worries and woes. Yours as well as her own. 255 more words


The Divine Feminine

“If the black woman wasn’t made, she would have to be invented.”

-Nikki Giovanni

Black women are saged. There is no way around that or to explain it.

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Desire Bursts Free in Graceland

My body is a Rumi poem.  Aflame as lusty divine longing.  Blazing, sleepless passion.  I did my best to suppress my Desire…. and I hate to admit how successful I was.  1,080 more words


Women Rising Rooted: Brigid's Festival

If we surrendered
to Earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted,
like trees.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

At the end of a frigid Canadian January, I have come to Ireland for Brigid’s Festival of Imbolc, the day that welcomes Spring. 730 more words

Sacred Feminine

9. Dostoejewsky - Someone Who Saw the Trend : The Destruction of Divine Femininity

Joseph Frank investigated the last 10years of Dostojevski’s life in his book ‘The mantle of the Prophet’. The title couldn’t be more appropriate – as Dostojevski’s gloomy predication are more relevant then ever before. 386 more words

2. Concept : The Destruction of Divine Femininity

Simon Rosenthal ( Germany) is looking at a society which denounced church and later kingship … the directional hand on right bow of ship inspired by Michelangelo’s Fresko painting ‘ The creation of Adam ‘ … 325 more words

The Divine Feminine

Frolicking in Linguistic Fields Forever

Two year old sleeping

Do not wait for perfection

Fingers speak my heart

Grin!  That was my “piercing the thick skin of the moment” haiku!  It’s four thirty six am and Lord on High knows how many grains of delicious stillness remain in this hourglass of ISness.   804 more words