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The Creation Power that resides within Headdresses and Crowns: Mystery School Teachings

Stepping into the High Priestesses

During my walk with the Goddess I was guided by spirit (and my very persistent guides) to make a Head Lei (Haku) with the local Ferns and Flowers. 1,539 more words


Sophia: Beloved Travelling Companion

What was your favourite story when you were a child? Have you reflected on how that story may have influenced your adult life, shaping your longings, your choices, in ways of which you were unaware? 885 more words

Biblical Wisdom Literature

the gift of wildly fluctuating hormones

I want to talk about anxiety. And depression.

Do they always go together?

I’m new at this. Not new at experiencing them. But new at knowing I’m experiencing them. 720 more words


The Roles We Are Vs. The Ones We "Play"

The other day I was in the drug store when I heard a girl who couldn’t have been a day over nine years old say in a sharp voice to her younger sibling, “You need to stop running around and get here in line with me, right now!” I did a double take. 1,039 more words


You have long forgotten me,

and only come when all is chaos

expecting answers, to be fed a warm dreamy broth and welcomed home.

But you can not truly look at me and each month I beckon you, 83 more words


Poem: Feverflesh and The Milk of Silence


What a wretch

I take solace in orange pieces

Tiny severed vaginas

Which irrigate

The desert of my throat

I don’t mean to moan; 50 more words


She who is Nameless

The feminine blooms the most when she knows she is the very orbit of the earth.

So won’t you spiral with her?

Let her swallow you whole into the magma of her blazing body. 64 more words

The Divine Feminine