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Doctor Who: 'Under The Lake' Review

Here we are, a super quick, mini review of the most recent Doctor Who episode 3 ‘Under The Lake’ series 9.


First I want to say that I really enjoyed this episode and I am so happy that it is another two parter. 366 more words


RECAP & REVIEW: Doctor Who - 'Under the Lake'

So what happened?

A team of military contractors found themselves under attack in their underwater base by a group of ‘spectre-ish’ entities, who ambushed and killed one of their crew, Moran, after they found and examined a space ship with unrecognisable markings. 1,354 more words

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A Leak in Time Puppet Series Episode 1

The Fourth Doctor series first episode is online now on youtube!

Under the Lake *Spoilers*

After the spectacular episode the week before, Under the Lake was always going to be under huge pressure, but the 3rd episode of the series delivers a solid first partner which is sure to keep millions tuning into the climax next week. 368 more words

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Becoming kind

One of the things that always strikes me when I have some sort of health crisis is the outpouring of kindness from people around me. It’s said that in general mental health disorders are treated differently from and less legitimately than physical health disorders, but that has not been my experience. 361 more words


Doctor Who Review: The Witch's Familiar

Wow, two episodes into the new series, and I’m already a blog post behind… AGAIN. This is what happens when I go to Conflux. Anyway, the follow up to… 1,085 more words

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