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Banned From War

The Time War was the greatest war the Universe had ever seen. It attracted the attention of many varied species including the race of clone warriors, the Sontarans. 62 more words

Invasion of the Dinosaurs - Redux

I may actually have to edit a couple more of the Invasion of the Dinosaurs screen caps, this one isnt too bad. Now there was a story crying out for a special edition….

Face The Enemy

A confrontation like no other.
At the heart of the Dalek city on Skaro the Doctor find himself in the presence of not just the Dalek Emperor but Davros himself….

Unseen Encounters

The Doctor faces down his ‘best enemy’ the Master who is accompanied by Cybermen.

Jon Pertwee never faced the Cybermen during his era, but he would eventually meet them in The Five Doctors…. 34 more words

Thal Rescue

Having been caught off guard by an Ogron the Doctor finds himself rescued by some unexpected friends…. the Thals

Peter Capaldi and the Rumours of Doom

I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way, Doctor Who fans are passionate in the extreme and this is a great and fantastic thing… we can also be accused of being moaning merchants of doom and there is something we need to discuss. 225 more words

The Madness of Marinus

The Tardis picks up a warning mid flight and detours to a familiar planet, with acid seas and glass beaches. The Doctor learns that the followers of Yartek have rebuilt the Conscience of Marinus, but it now scrambles the thoughts and brainwaves of the inhabitants of the planet….. 64 more words