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Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil by Terrance Dicks

The Third Doctor and his companion, Jo, visit Stangmoor prison where a Professor Kettering is using a device on criminals that, it is claimed, drains all evil and negative impulses from their minds.  521 more words

Science Fiction

The Doctor of Whoville

The Doctor of Whoville

by Paul S Edwards

On a cold winter’s night

in the small town of Whoville

a strange rhythmic sound

came from upon the hill. 917 more words

Wednesday Wonderings For 9/21/2016

Life can be weird sometimes…

  • Last year at some point, there was this bullshit video this woman put out about Obesity in this country.  I believe it was called, “Dear Fat People.”  Mostly it was just a series of bad jokes that missed a lot of points entirely.  
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Doctor Two

For many Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor is the definitive Doctor, and certainly the first Doctor to set the character template that is still recognisable today. … 399 more words

A Fan Story: Doctor Who

Hi Everyone! :)

So I was going through my computer and stumbled this Doctor Who Fan Story which I and fellow fans created on a Whovian fan group on Facebook. 1,588 more words

Savan Gandecha

Hell Bent: Facing the Consequences

OHILA: You have gone too far. You have broken every code you ever lived by.
DOCTOR: After all this time, after everything I’ve done, don’t you think the universe owes me this? 1,301 more words

Doctor Who

My personal definitive way of drawing iconic characters

   For me, the Doctor is always number 3, preferably in green.

A lot of the way I draw Jon Pertweek is based more on Frank Bellamy’s illustrations for the radio Times than on the actor’s actual features. 14 more words

Doctor Who