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Doctor Who - S9E11 - Heaven Sent review


Wow. That was the best episode of Doctor Who in a long while. From the opening seconds Heaven Sent had a completely different feel from every episode this season, and for its running time it kept the same feel whilst building on its mystery to a big finish. 294 more words


Doctor Who review: Heaven Sent

Season 9. Episode 11: Heaven Sent

Plot: While still mourning the death of Clara, The Doctor finds himself in a castle that is part maze, part haunted house, part nightmare and all trap. 800 more words


Series Issues: Doctor Who 9x11 - Heaven Sent (I)

Spoilers might show up again and again.

Step out of the comfort zone and into the unknown with this week’s Doctor Who 9×11: Heaven Sent (I) 820 more words

Series Issues

Sonic Screw Driver Wii remote

On 12 March 2010, it was first reported that Nintendo had signed a £10 million contract with the BBC to bring Doctor Who to the Wii and DS consoles. 187 more words


Doctor Who : Heaven Sent

Yeah I missed Face the Raven but I also really couldn’t say I liked the episode either.

Onto Heaven Sent!

-Obviously there are spoilers ahead as it is hard to talk about this episode WITHOUT spoiling parts of it!- 497 more words


New Sonic Screwdriver for Capaldi?

An image has been “leaked” on the ‘Net that has piqued people’s interest in what may be forthcoming for the current Doctor.

The image – first seen on… 375 more words

Doctor Who

Face the Raven *Spoilers*

Well, well, well. Absolutely brilliant! I honestly was a bit worried about this episode, the idea of a raven being a villain seemed silly and knowing that Clara was leaving I thought everything might end up being too rushed. 265 more words

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