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Who Review: Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor Who

After a year of intermittently binge watching Doctor Who, I have successfully caught up and watched all the episodes of the most reason reboot (8 seasons). 256 more words


This one's not depressing! YAY!

How much do we all just want to watch a show where Liz Ten runs around double-fisting guns and generally swashing her buckle?  SO MUCH.  Ooh, wait, and Captain Jack Harkness,  They should team up.   15 more words

And everything needs a little more editing, obviously. Dumb page edges still showing up.

And then the dust ninjas attack me and I cry and cry and cry.  Goddamnit, me.  This is unhelpful.

Brace yourselves, the Doctor is coming.

Or rather his companions and associates, since I’m sticking with ladies.  And once again, I seem to be trying to fill my sketchbook WITH PAIN.  I swear I’m also planning a sassy saucy Donna, probably surrounded by Adipose babies, but sad does seem to be my wheelhouse. 23 more words

Post Number One: My Motivation

Well, it all has to start somewhere, so telling you why I started this project and what I plan to do with it seems to be a good place. 245 more words