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The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Cats get a bad rap.

Not that they aren’t cherished. They’re probably more celebrated today than they ever were in Ancient Egypt. But there’s been (a really stupid) battle between owners of dogs and cats over the years about the superiority of their animal. 1,013 more words

The Problems with Dominance Theory

I have been lucky enough to be involved in training dogs since 2008. Way back then, almost ten years ago at this point, a mentor teased that if you put two dog trainers together, they only agree on one thing: What the third trainer is doing wrong. 992 more words


Writing lists and getting things done!

It’s amazing what writing a check list does for how much I actually achieve in a day. If I don’t write a list, a few things get done. 813 more words

General Life

What a bloody awful day it is outside. It is pouring. Of course there are far worse things happening in this world – the terrible losses of life in Manchester, London and Syria etc (where there are far more atrocities, but we never seem to hear about them…what’s that about?) – but I don’t want to dwell on those in this post. 1,211 more words

General Life

Power Struggles

Rough week here in Ryanville. One of our Cherubs truly believes she is maturing at a tremendous rate, such that she’s becoming more our peer… 699 more words


#26 of All the Things- Cesar Millan

This is our dog, Elsa. She is a goofball.  She’s sweet and adorable which bodes well for her life expectancy because she is also sometimes naughty. 669 more words

TV Shows

Dog Training Methods: Cesar Millan vs. Victoria Stilwell

There is an international dog training dispute going on that has been rumbling away in the background of the canine community for years. If you work in the canine industry or just really love dogs, there is a chance you watch some form of dog themed TV show, as more and more documentaries, welfare series and training reality shows hit our screens. 1,452 more words