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The Archetypes of Meaning: Depth

Meaning is aesthetic. It comes to us as a feeling, and it follows one of eight styles or archetypes. Today I explore the archetype of depth. 490 more words

Society- the conscious mind's attempt to develop the subconscious?

Our unconscious urges and imagination are the driving forces of our overall nature, but when we confront them, they can seem completely strange to us. The unmitigated primal quality behind the social self seems uncivilised and uncultivated. 1,341 more words


Saturday May 5, 2018

“The Door in the Wall,” a phrase in The Doors of Perception that Aldous Huxley admits to have borrowed from an H.G. Wells story of that name, suddenly opens for me as I read the gloss of it in acid communist Mark Fisher’s final book, … 254 more words

Face in the mirror

We are not what we identify with. I identify with what I see in the mirror, but the image isn’t me. Narcissus failed to make this distinction.

Keith Ashford


I’ve always prided myself that I’m not prone to be hypnotised. I thought of this as a positive trait. I’ve now been shown another side to the matter by (of course) a hypnotist). 177 more words


Quotation of the month - every man is an island

When selecting quotations for this blog, I tend to select quotations about books and reading. It gives me a vague sense of purpose; a theme with which to constrain myself. 225 more words


Thursday March 15, 2018

We live in the time of the last, tiniest bit of light. So it seems, this moment in history. Exhaustion conspires with hunger. Together, they guide me through an exchange with a robot, navigate me into position for receipt of a hovel-shaped sign on the table of a booth in a McDonalds: “Archways to opportunity.” Is an archway to opportunity an example of a Door in the Wall? 80 more words