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Happiness and the Common Good

Today I gave a lecture at the ITI in Trumau on happiness and the common good. It was a version of the talk that I gave in March at Notre Dame.

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Against Universalism

Someone sent me the following question via Curious Cat:

What is your view of David Bentley Hart’s argument for a form of universalism in his article…

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Dave Graney, Clare Moore & Friends

What a brilliant night. The most stylish cats around, Dave Graney and Clare Moore (The Moodists – Coral Snakes – mistlY) joined by Malcolm Ross (Josef K, Orange Juice) and Georgio ‘The Dove’ Valentino played a storming show at O’Riley’s Hull as part of their 2017 European tour. 152 more words


The Eighth Degree of Pride: "I meant well."

There are many ways in which defence is made for sin. A man either says ‘I did it not’ or ‘I no doubt did it, but I acted rightly in so doing’, or ‘I may have acted wrongly but not to a serious extent,’ or, ‘If I was seriously wrong, …

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