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The Dove

The sky is dark,

the earth is burnt,

and the world is on the verge

of its own destruction.

But a dove casts

a light on the sky… 43 more words


Parvoque lacte pastus est

Feno iacere pertulit,
praesepe non abhorruit,
parvoque lacte pastus est
per quem nec ales esurit.

The manger and the straw he bore,
the cradle did he not abhor:

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The Dove

Orientation and the Vertical

In practical sense experience, the vertical field appears to be the field of the common world in which we find ourselves thrown together with objects. And the horizontal field, by way of contrast, appears to be the field of our experience in this world.

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The Dove

O Oriens

The first meaning of “orient” is tied to the verb oriri, that is, “to be born, rise.” The sun is the oriens in the proper sense, because it is the star that rises.

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The Dove

Why do apples fall?

All of us have had the experience of falling, and we fall just like apples.  We don’t have to speculate about how apples fall as though examining a specimen under a microscope, because we can see the event “falling” from the inside. 

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The Dove

"It seems that we were better in our childhood"

Born into this world, an infant inherits two essential needs. The first is for meat, drink and sleep. These are the requirements of the flesh, without which the body cannot be the house of the soul and will not grow in height and strength.

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The Dove