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The Drop – By Dennis Lehane

Bob and Cousin Marv run a bar on the south side of Boston. Despite being called “Cousin Marv’s” it’s actually owned by the local Chechen gangsters. 394 more words


The Drop Review

The Drop. The title of new crime drama from director Michaël R. Roskam, is referring to a “drop bar” – a bar where illegal money discreetly changes hands. 339 more words


The Drop ***(Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Drop” is a good character thriller about low level hoods and gangsters. It has to very good performances from Tom Hardy and the late James Gandolfini.


Harvard’s Martin Karplus looks back on path to Nobel Prize

Life stories from Steven Pinker, Helen Vendler, E.O. Wilson, and many more, in the Experience series.

Martin Karplus ’51 is Harvard’s Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, … 6,992 more words

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I Haven't Seen: The Drop (2014) 

Holy. Crap.

I LOVED The Drop.

I think I found a movie to add to my top movies ever. It’s a crime that I’ve never seen it and a tragedy that this didn’t get more attention. 354 more words


Review - The Drop

There’s something weirdly poignant about seeing an actor who is no longer with us performing onscreen. It’s testament to the power of film; as a means of immortality, almost, but certainly of establishing a legacy. 882 more words


Question: Who Will Play the Next Wolverine?

This week’s Movie Question is in honor of last week’s incredible film, Loganwhich marked the end of Hugh Jackman‘s career as the Clawed Crusader. 857 more words

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